Best Draconic Ninja Cards In Uprising

You can live the dream of being a powerful, fiery ninja in Flesh and Blood: Uprising. The new expansion is bringing a lot of interesting draconic ninja cards to the table, including some that will no doubt have an impact on the metagame. There are a number of cards in the new archetype that are more than worth highlighting, including some spectacular, phoenix-driven build arounds.

Fai, Rising Rebellion

Fai, Rising Rebellion // Fai

We can’t talk about the Draconic Ninja archetype without looking at the newest heroic ninja, Fai. This hero gives you a very clear line of play, wanting you to combine Phoenix Flames with a large Draconic chain link. Fai represents a serious payoff for this play style, which is exactly what we’re looking for when it comes to a hero. 

Phoenix Form

Phoenix Form (Regular)

Speaking of spectacular build around cards, Phoenix form is a truly terrifying payoff for playing Phoenix Flames. It starts out as a simple, aggressive card, but it can snowball into some crazy damage that can even generate some killer card advantage. If you’re playing with Fai, you’ll definitely want to play with this fire too.

Rise From the Ashes

Rise from the Ashes (Red) (Regular)

Another piece for the Phoenix Flame package, and arguably one of the most important. Guaranteeing that you have the flame at the ready when you need it is key, and this helps you maintain your aggression while you’re reclaiming the flame. In addition, the art on this card is just awesome, making it one of the cards that I’m intent on collecting the rainbow variant of to include in my Fai deck.

Dust Runner Outlaw

Dust Runner Outlaw (Red) (Regular)

The Draconic Ninja archetype is clearly defined in part by its aggression, and this efficient beater is a clear representation of that design. The aggressive stat line at an efficient cost, all packed with the very relevant “Go Again” text, makes this a card that you’ll almost certainly want to include in your Draconic Ninja deck. This card could be a large piece of stomping your opponent before they have a chance to set up their late game threats. 

Rising Resentment

Rising Resentment (Red) (Regular)

While we’re talking about efficient threats, Rising Resentment is all about peak efficiency. The attack itself dishes out a solid chunk of damage, but it allows you to banish and play another attack at a reduced cost. Cost reduction effects are something to always keep an eye on, and they rarely come packaged with quite this much aggressive capability. 

Soaring Strike

Soaring Strike (Red) (Regular)

Lastly, Soaring Strike is a more front loaded effect that’s similar to Rising Resentment. It doesn’t come with the added cost reduction, but helping you chain together attacks is worth consideration in and of itself. The fact that it also adds “Go Again” to the played card can potentially be game breaking, letting you push through burst damage that many opponents just will not be prepared for.

Burn it All Down

If you have even the slightest of aggressive slant to how you like to play the game, the newest Draconic Ninja cards are practically designed to appeal to your sensibilities. If you want to bring the beats while also having some interesting, recursive threats, the Phoenix Flame is waiting (because Fai already put it into your graveyard).

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