Best Draconic Illusionist Cards in Uprising

Flesh and Blood: Uprising is bringing a lot of exciting new cards into the meta, and I’m most excited for the many Draconic Illusionist cards that the set is bringing into the game. The reason for this excitements is probably painfully obvious: dragons. The many illusory dragons that can be summoned from the ashes are all about as cool as can be, and many of them are perfectly playable.

Dromai, Ash Artist

Dromai, Ash Artist // Dromai

The clear “best” draconic illusionist card in the expansion is, without question, the card that enables the entire archetype. You can’t play the deck without a hero to match, and Dromai, Ash Artist generates the much-needed ashes with ease. Pitching a red card is an expected cost, and being able to further increase the aggression of your powerhouse dragons is just exceptional.

Dracona Optimai

Invoke Dracona Optimai // Dracona Optimai (Regular)

Dracona Optimai is perhaps the most optimal dragon available in Dromai’s roster. Optimai is a huge threat even without looking at his ability, but being able to throw around massive chunks of burn damage is downright terrifying. Few cards can deliver the beatdown quite as efficiently as optimai, and with a bit of luck he can obliterate the opposing hero all on his own. They made his invocation legendary with good reason!


Invoke Tomeltai // Tomeltai (Regular)

Only a little smaller than Dracona Optimai, Tomeltai is another game ending threat all on his own. Pure damage aside, Tomeltai may well be the “better” card, as his ability to shred opposing equipment is something that can break a game wide open. If your opponent’s deck even remotely relies on their gear, Tomeltai is the last thing that they want to see staring them down from the other side of the table.


Invoke Kyloria // Kyloria (Regular)

If a card says “draw a card,” you should always consider it. Kyloria says far more, giving the option of looting powerful items from your opponent if you they have something worht stealing. If they don’t, Kyloria still represents a steady form of card advantage that can quickly take over a game. It’s a pure win-win scenario for you, and all bad for the opposition. 


Invoke Nekria // Nekria (Regular)

Nekria is my favorite of the new Draconic Illusionist cards, as I like any card that generates resources Being able to reliably get ashes on the board is extremely important for the archetype, and Nekria is an ash engine that is worth building around if your goal is to invoke as many powerful, draconic illusions as you can. Nekria has the defensive stats you need to keep building an ashen board state, so don’t sleep on this dragon.

Rake the Embers

Rake the Embers (Red) (Regular)

Finally, Rake the Embers is another simple-yet-effective build around to keep on your radar- especially if you’re building around Nekria above. Generating more ash and then creating a miniature army in one go is potentially powerful, making this a great piece to consider if you want to try an aggressive version of an ashen archetype. You don’t need to rake through draft chaff when this card is waiting to set your game on fire.

No Illusions

You should have no illusions about the power that Draconic Illusionist cards are bringing to the table. If you want to swing at your opponent with some of of the most impressive, draconic threats yet printed, you need look no further than to the ashes offered up by Dromai.

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