Best Decks in Historic – Historic Power Rankings – 11/2/21

One Historic Arena Qualifier is behind us and there’s another one this weekend, so let’s take a look at the best decks in Historic in this week’s Historic Power Rankings!




1. Izzet Phoenix


The biggest takeaway I have for you from playing Historic this past two weekends is that playing with Unholy Heat and Dragon’s Rage Channeler feels more like playing Modern than Historic.  Izzet Phoenix takes best advantage of them and throws in Expressive Iteration for good measure, which is another extremely powerful card, especially when combined with so many cheap spells.


2. Selesnya Humans


One of the most popular decks on ladder keeps delivering the results. In my opinion, the light splash for Collected Company is definitely worth the loss of Faceless Haven. Green also gives you access to Yasharn, Implacable Earth, which is amazing against Jund and Dromoka’s Command, which pleasantly surprised me when I played the deck. 


3. Jund Food


If Jund wasn’t a deck we’ve all played with and against a million times, I think it would be even more popular and possibly terrorizing Historic a lot more. There’s currently a lot of creature decks and very little control and combo, which is exactly the kind of metagame where Jund thrives. If you’re playing the Arena Qualifier this weekend, Jund would be at the top of my list of decks to recommend you to play. As JS2 showed us, this deck could also work as straight Golgari, something I want to investigate a little bit deeper in a deck guide later this week. Jund Citadel is also a good version of this archetype at the moment.


4. Jeskai Opus Control

Teferi, Hero of DominariaMagma OpusMizzix's Mastery


Almost all the Jeskai lists I’ve seen do well lately have incorporated the Magma Opus, Mizzix’s Mastery and Torrential Gearhulk combo, so I’ll use that as default. This deck is possibly the best deck in the format, but it will take some time before it becomes fully polished. I do expect this deck to take the #1 ranking after the Set Championship, which happens about five weeks from now. 


5. Rakdos Arcanist


Rakdos Arcanist is my pick for the most underrated deck in the format. Unholy Heat replacing fringe removal like Spark Harvest or Bedevil, and Dragon’s Rage Channeler are both huge upgrades for this deck. If you can figure out how to beat the busted graveyard hate cards like Rest in Peace and Leyline of the Void post-board, then this could easily be the best deck in the format. 


6. Mono-Red Delirium


Yet another deck using Unholy Heat and Dragon’s Rage Channeler, this time a little bit more aggressive than both Izzet and Rakdos, but less consistent and less disruptive without the blue and black cards. This is the version of the deck you can pick up without really knowing much about the format, as you mostly just focus on doing your own thing rather than trying to figure out when exactly you should hold the blue spells or when the best time for your discard or black removal is.


7. Jeskai Creativity

Indomitable CreativityHard EvidenceSerra's Emissary


Another Jeskai deck, but instead of using Teferi, Hero of Dominaria as a finisher, you close out games quickly with Indomitable Creativity for Serra’s Emissary. This deck is great against most creature decks, though lately even decks like White Weenie can use cards like Giant Killer (Chop Down) to get rid of the protection creature.


8. Auras

Sram, Senior EdificerKor SpiritdancerAll That Glitters


My second pick for the most underrated deck in the format. Gabriel Nassif recently posted an interesting Abzan list and I think I have to agree with playing black over blue, as there are currently a lot of white decks with cards like Skyclave Apparition and Brutal Cathar, something that you can take out of their hand with Thoughtseize but can’t prevent with Selfless Savior or indestructibility on Adanto Vanguard


9. Selesnya Enchantress


Huey recently covered this deck in a deck guide. The biggest draw to it is the Nine Lives and Solemnity combo, something that’s usually very hard to deal with for all the creature decks in the format. 


10. Five-Color Niv


This deck is fairly popular according to Untapped.gg, though I haven’t really seen it do as well as I would expect. Still, this is also one of the decks that’s extremely hard to tune, so we’re probably just waiting for someone to come up with the perfect updated list. 



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