Ben Seck Brings It Back in Standard Reanimator!


Standard Reanimator by Ben Seck




For today’s deck highlight, I chose this Standard Reanimator brewed by old school pro player and game designer Ben Seck who used it to reach Mythic after not playing the format in a long time. 

The goal is simple: use a looting spell to put one of the big monsters into the graveyard and reanimate it. 

Prismari CommandVelomachus LoreholdReturn Upon the Tide

Your ideal draw is casting Prismari Command to draw two, discard two (preferably Velomachus Lorehold and another big creature) and make a Treasure, then use Invoke Justice on Velomachus Lorehold on turn four to bring it back to play. Then attack, reveal another reanimation spell with the Velomachus trigger, bring back the other monster. Your turn!

Ben says the biggest challenge is making the mana work. I was thinking of trying to squeeze in a few additional ways to fix it, mainly The Celestus and Unexpected Windfall, which could even let you cast some of the big creatures from your hand without too much trouble. 

This deck is probably a few cards away from being Tier 1 for tournament play, but it could do some serious work against unexpecting opponents on the Arena ladder! Good luck getting your turn four Velomachus!


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