Beat Mono-Red in Standard with Gruul! – Deck Highlight


Standard Gruul by Martin Juza


Since I wrote my Deck Guide for Mono-Red last Wednesday, I’ve been playing against a lot more Mono-Red decks on the Arena ladder. I’ve seen a lot of popular streamers and players post about red being very well positioned and it seems like a lot of players jumped on the mono-red train. So what do you play if you want to beat Mono-Red in Standard? 


Edgewall InnkeeperLovestruck Beast // Heart's DesireBonecrusher Giant // Stomp

The answer is the Adventure package. Edgewall Innkeeper, Lovestruck Beast and Bonecrusher Giant are the best way to beat red. I prefer straight up Gruul over Naya or Temur because I also want to have a better matchup against Sultai, thanks to the haste creatures like Brushfire Elemental and Questing Beast.

Esika’s Chariot is another card that is very good against red because it gives you three creatures for the price of one card, which is often too hard for them to get through. 

I think this deck is pretty well positioned now if the red decks manage to push the Yorion decks out of the meta, as you also have a pretty decent matchup against Rogues thanks to the Ox of Agonas and Scorching Dragonfire in the sideboard. 

If you wanted to be better in the Adventure mirrors, then you can add white for Giant Killer, but at this time I would really recommend just straight up Standard Gruul to get the extra percentage points against Sultai. 


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