Arne Huschenbeth wins the Kaldheim Championship

In 2015 Arne Huschenbeth was a spectator at the Pro Tour and decided that he wanted to make it to the big stage one day. On Sunday, that dream became a reality as the Challenger won the Kaldheim Championship. Piloting Dimir Rogues in Standard and Orzhov Auras in Historic, Huschenbeth made the Top 8 as the number 3 seed. A Challenger – meaning he had to qualify for the event rather than get invited from League standing – Huschenbeth had to dispatch Javier Dominguez and Grzegorz Kowalski (twice) on his way to the trophy. After only dropping one game to Kowalski in the Upper Bracket, Huschenbeth dispatched the Rivals League member in four in the Grand Finals.

The Top 8 was stacked with talent, featuring Magic Pro League members Andrew Cuneo (whose Top 8 finish takes him out of relegation to Rivals for the time being), Javier Dominguez, Shahar Shenhar, and Shota Yasooka. Joining them were Rivals League members Grzegorz Kowalski and Riku Kumagai and Challengers Huschenbeth and Noriyuki Mori.

The Top 8 did feature one major snag. In the Lower Bracket, an issue cause the game between Kowalski and Shenhar to crash. Upon restart, it was determined that there had been a sideboarding error, which led to another restart. Arena has not been a program without issues and this is an example of the platform showing a crack in a high visibility moment.

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