Archmage’s Charm in the New Modern Merfolk

Modern Merfolk by Tulio_Jaudy



Modern Merfolk is an underrepresented archetype at the moment. The deck got a lot of support from Modern Horizons 2 and has a surprising amount of flexibility when deckbuilding.


Archmage's CharmSubtlety

A great example of this deck building is list that got second place in this last weekend’s showcase challenge in the hands of MTGO user Tulio_Jaudy. This innovative list is running a full playset of both Archmage’s Charm and Subtlety. Both of these cards are versatile and effective answers in the format at the moment, and give the deck a lot of flexibility in the way it deploys its game plan. It’s important to note that playing a card like Archmage’s Charm in Merfolk does cause you to lose Mutavault, which is a difficult price to pay. 

I do however believe that this is the best Aether Vial deck in Modern at the moment, and recommend the deck if you enjoy these strategies.


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