An Old Modern Favorite is Back! – Modern Humans Returns


Modern Humans by Treeborn



After a very long hiatus from the MTGO Challenges Top 8s, Modern Humans finally returned with a decent result this Monday thanks to Treeborn. Despite Prismatic Ending and Fury looming, the Aether Vial and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben strategy is still viable in Modern.


Imperial RecruiterGrist, the Hunger TideAdeline, Resplendent Cathar

There’s a few new cards worth highlighting in this list. First is Grist, the Hunger Tide, which counts as a 1/1 Insect creature both in hand and in the deck so you’re able to tutor it up with Imperial Recruiter and put it into play with Aether Vial or cast it with Ancient Ziggurat.

Adeline, Resplendent Cathar is the newest addition. It works wonder with Champion of the Parish and Thalia’s Lieutenant as the token you’re getting for free is a Human and pumps both of your threats. However, Adeline’s Power isn’t zero, so whether or not you can fetch it with Imperial Recruiter depends whether you have more or less than two creatures.

The sideboard is a toolbox of cool creatures that you can pick up in the right matchup with Imperial Recruiter, the exception being Sanctifier en-Vec, which is simply outstanding against Lurrus decks as well as graveyard strategies.


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