Alternative Historic Niv – Deck Highlight


Historic Niv-Mizzet by Charizard James

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I recently made a video with Autumn’s version of Niv from the Strixhaven Championship (where Time Warp was legal) and I didn’t love how it played out. 

As much as it makes sense to play a lot of cheap one-for-one effects in a deck where Niv-Mizzet Reborn can get you big card advantage later, discard is just very poorly positioned in a format dominated by Brainstorm.


Niv-Mizzet RebornMemory LapseMystical DisputeAether Gust

In addition to that, I felt like I only had Niv and one Hydroid Krasis as big cards and if I didn’t draw them or if they kept getting countered by my opponent’s cheap permission spells like Memory Lapse, Mystical Dispute or Aether Gust, I wasn’t really doing much.

I mentioned that I wanted to take a closer look at the deck, cut the discard, add Growth Spiral and more cards that can draw me some cards and just rebuild the deck.


Growth SpiralPrismari Command

Before I even got to do that, I came across this list from Charizard James which looks very close to what I wanted to do. Growth Spiral should help you double-spell faster and Prismari Command is another card that lets you play Niv on turn four thanks to a Treasure!


Hydroid Krasis

I still want to have more copies of Hydroid Krasis in the 75 though because Niv is just so easy to counter, whereas Hydroid’s ability will always get you the extra cards and if they keep Memory Lapsing or Gusting it, you’ll always come out ahead.

I can recommend trying this list out and going in a similar direction. It just seems to me to make more sense in this Brainstorm format dominated by Steam Vents decks.


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