Alchemy’s Jeskai Hinata Combo is the Real Deal!

Alchemy Jeskai Hinata by Tian Fa Mun




Hinata, Dawn-Crowned is the new hot tech of both Standard and Alchemy. It’s a perfectly fine threat 4/4 flyer for four mana that will discount all your removal and counterspells while making your opponent’s interaction more expensive. However, it doesn’t stop there – its main strength is the sick combo with Magma Opus!

Hinata, Dawn-CrownedMagma OpusDivide by Zero

With Magma Opus you can have up to six targets: 

  • Tapping two of your opponent’s permanents.
  • Dealing one damage to four different targets, and don’t forget that those could also be yourself and Hinata, Dawn-Crowned.

Therefore, you only need the opponent to have a creature in play in order for Magma Opus to only cost two mana whenever paired with Hinata!

But the deck isn’t simply a combo deck – it’s a control deck with really good interaction such as Abrade and Divide by Zero, which is still legal in Alchemy. It also has excellent card advantage like Expressive Iteration, Discover the Formula and the old combo of Galvanic Iteration and Unexpected Windfall.

This deck was piloted up to the #7 place on the ladder by my friend Tian Fa Mun, who streamed the deck on twitch.tv/upumpa89.

This isn’t just a cute combo and it’s already dominating the high ladder places on MTG Arena. It’s definitely here to stay!


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