Akora Card Rarities

You should always know what you’re getting when it comes to cracking packs and building up your collection. Understanding just how rare your Akora pulls are is important when investing in this new TCG, and I want to help guide you through the many stellar rarities and special treatments that can be found in Akora. Thankfully, the Codex for the game makes things very clear– you don’t have to stress about the crazily complicated rarities that we’ve begun to see in many TCGs, as Akora has kept its rarities and special treatments to-the-point:

First, we have three rarities without any additional frills. The crescent moon shows a card is common, the star uncommon, and a blazing sun staring up from your card tells you that you have a powerful rare on your hands. These symbols can all clearly be seen in the lower right or lower middle of a given card, depending on the kind of card.

The Rarest of Rare

In addition to the rarities themselves, rare cards can come in a variety of special treatments, as seen above. They can be holographic rares, full art pieces, special signature serialized pieces, and beautiful ancient cards. Holographic rares offer up the shine that you expect, but the other treatments offer something truly unique. Each treatment is worth highlighting, though one in particular is of great interest to me.

I am personally quite fond of the full art treatment, as it gives the opportunity for the unique and often stunning art of Akora to really pop. Akai-Hane looks cool enough on his own, but the (comparatively) tiny art box does only so much to show how wicked the draconic Akora looks. Giving him the opportunity to (literally) spread his wings and break the borders of the card itself is really something to behold, and something that I want to see more of.

Promotional Pieces

In addition to these many treatments, you should keep an eye out for other special promos that will be coming with time. Take, for example, the special promo of my favorite Akora, Suriza. The full art version of Suriza above was a convention exclusive for the Miami TCG convention, and she’s truly an exceptional prize. The special treatments and unique effects that can be applied to exclusive, promotional pieces like this is limitless, and we can expect to see more beautiful variants popping up at events and tournaments. 

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