Adding Cultivator Colossus to Modern Amulet Titan


Modern Cultivator Titan by PuntThenWhine



Crimson Vow hasn’t brought huge shakeups to Modern, but there have been a few upgrades to a handful of decks. One of the biggest upgrades is the addition of Cultivator Colossus to Amulet Titan.

This is a list by MTGO user PuntThenWhine, which took 11th place in a Modern Challenge this weekend, featuring two copies of the Colossus. For those who are wondering what Cultivator Colossus brings to the table, it mainly accomplishes the following two things:

  1. Cards like Unholy Heat and Solitude have made Amulet Titan much more vulnerable to removal spells than they were in the past. Colossus can come down and draw a ton of cards to ensure that the deck is more resilient to removal.
  2. One really nice thing about Colossus’s ETB effect is the fact that after it resolves, you’ll be left with all spells in hand. This ensures nothing but powerful turns going forward (unless you hit all Arboreal Grazers)

While most Titan pilots agree that Cultivator Colossus is worth including in the deck, they’re unsure what the right number of copies is. I think that the number of Colossus you play will be determined by how grindy the metagame is, or perhaps it’ll come down to personal preference by the pilot. I hope Titan pilots enjoy their new tool, and for any blue players struggling to beat the card, I recommend registering a couple of copies of Dress Down. 


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