According to Webster – Worldwake Draft #1


Worldwake Draft #1

Pack 1 pick 1:


There aren’t many cards that compare to Trusty Machete in Limited; none of them are here. Surrakar Marauder and Kor Sanctifiers are the next best cards which don’t come close to being as good as the Machete.

My pick: Trusty Machete

Pack 1 pick 2:


It’s good that Plated Geopede and Inferno Trap are in the pack with Vampire Nighthawk assuming that black remains open. The red cards will help make pack two better for black. The rare is missing, so there is still a possibility that black might get cut; it is important to keep that possibility in mind when looking at the next few picks.

My pick: Vampire Nighthawk

Pack 1 pick 3:


If you’re familiar with print runs, then it’s apparent that a Burst Lightning was in the pack. It would appear that black is safe to be in for the time being. Disfigure is the best card because it’s efficient removal. There isn’t much that indicates what second color would be the best to start taking. For now, we’ll have to be content with black cards.

My pick: Disfigure

Pack 1 pick 4:


Green seems to be the other open color which is unfortunate because the best green cards (Nissa’s Chosen and Timbermaw Larva) are very color-intensive; the same is true for black. Heartstabber Mosquito is fine; it’s on-color, albeit slow. Ideally, blue opens up because it’s not as color-intensive as white and green.

My pick: Heartstabber Mosquito

Pack 1 pick 5:


Seeing Mark of Mutiny and Shatterskull Giant in the pack indicates a few possibilities: 1. The assessment about red being cut is wrong. 2. The first point is incorrect and this pack had a lot of good red cards in it. 3. The person feeding us jumped out of red for some reason. The last three packs suggest that red was being taken which makes it harder to believe the first point. The uncertainty about the first point makes taking the Shatterskull Giant more difficult. However, Shatterskull Giant is the best card in the pack by a fair margin. Mark of Mutiny, Vampire’s Bite, and Nimbus Wings are the next best cards. The print runs don’t help much either; they suggest that Into the Roil and Grazing Gladehart are missing along with the rare and another common. The best option would be to take Shatterskull Giant or Vampire’s Bite because those are the two best cards in the pack (off-color and on-color respectively). I’d rather wait one more pack to make sure this one isn’t a fluke.

My pick: Vampire’s Bite

Pack 1 pick 6:


There’s still some red here, though not as good as last pack. Spire Barrage isn’t unfair in a 50/50 red/X deck compared to Shatterskull Giant which always slightly above average. There’s still nothing great to take in non-black which leaves Bog Tatters and Vampire’s Bite. One Vampire’s Bite is enough. Bog Tatters isn’t great, but is still playable.

My pick: Bog Tatters

Pack 1 pick 7:


Soul Stair Expedition’s value rests manly on the quality of a deck’s creatures. A match-up also plays a minor role also. The Expedition is going to be good in a red/black mirror with equal-sized creatures and a lot of removal. Getting back creatures like Vampire Nighthawk and Heartstabber Mosquito makes it worth having the enchantment. The other option is Hagra Crocodile which is just another filler creature. The curve of the deck is high enough already to not want it.

My pick: Soul Stair Expedition

Pack 1 pick 8:


There’s not much to work with here. The enchantments are fine, but unexciting at the moment because we don’t have any cards in their colors. Preemptively taking a Desecrated Earth would be fine in case there’s a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in the draft. Teetering Peaks is the only card that a mono-black deck would play maindeck.

My pick: Teetering Peaks

Pack 1 pick 9:


Mindless Null isn’t very good, but it still attacks for four with a [card]Trusty Machete[/card].

My pick: Mindless Null

Pack 1 pick 10:


My pick: Soaring Seacliff

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Pillarfield Ox

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Bold Defense

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Bold Defense

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Relic Crush

Pack 1 pick 15:

Overall, pack one was below average beyond the first few picks. The signals for secondary colors weren’t enticing enough to commit; Timbermaw Larva, Shatterskull Giant, and Spire Barrage don’t work out well when splashing them. Fortunately, black should be open in pack two unless there were good cards opened to our left. The only black cards that got through us were Surrakar Marauder, Heartstabber Mosquito, Guul Draz Vampire, Hagra Crocodile, and Vampire’s Bite.

Pack 2 pick 1:


Opening a pack with so much black is unfortunate. It would be better to open just one good card. In the end, this pack may come back to bite us for pack three. Gatekeeper of Malakir is better than Disfigure. Gatekeeper is a two-for-one most of the time; Disfigure isn’t (though it’s an instant). Gatekeeper also makes the Soul Stair Expedition much more consistent at being awesome.

My pick: Gatekeeper of Malakir

Pack 2 pick 2:


There’s not much to compare Hideous End to. Sphinx of Lost Truths is good, but there was no indication that blue was open in pack one which makes taking the Sphinx a bad move considering the mana requirements.

My pick: Hideous End

Pack 2 pick 3:


Here’s an opportunity to branch to a second color. Black doesn’t offer much except for a second Bog Tatters. Gomazoa isn’t an option because we’ll get cut from blue in pack three. Greenweaver Druid and Torch Slinger are more likely to see play because of how pack one flowed. Greenweaver Druid is going to play out better than Torch Slinger would. The Druid will help accelerate the deck’s slower cards like Heartstabber Mosquito, Bog Tatters, and whatever green monsters we pick up. Additionally, the Druid would help fix the green mana for more intensive cards like Oran-Rief Recluse. However, there aren’t many green-intensive cards in Worldwake besides Leatherback Baloth and Bestial Menace which makes Greenweaver Druid less important. Torch Slinger shares the same problem with Shatterskull Giant. It’s hard to play.

My pick: Bog Tatters

Pack 2 pick 4:


Feast of Blood isn’t easy to cast at the moment with only two vampires. However, we can remedy the deficiency with later picks.

My pick: Feast of Blood

Pack 2 pick 5:


Surrakar Marauder is an easy choice. There’s nothing else for us.

My pick: Surrakar Marauder

Pack 2 pick 6:


Crypt Ripper is best in our mono-black deck.

My pick: Crypt Ripper

Pack 2 pick 7:


Hedron Scrabbler isn’t very good. However, it’s still playable and will help fill out the lower end of the deck’s curve which is lacking presence at the moment.

My pick: Hedron Scrabbler

Pack 2 pick 8:


Explorer’s Scope is similar to Soul Stair Expedition. Its value varies based on the composition of a deck’s creatures. It’s best in decks with a low curve and lots of landfall abilities. Our deck isn’t that; it’s on the slower side and doesn’t benefit much from the equipment.

My pick: Soul Stair Expedition

Pack 2 pick 9:


My pick: Reckless Scholar

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Pillarfield Ox

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Seismic Shudder

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Desecrated Earth

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Lullmage Mentor

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: [card]Piranha Marsh[/card]

Pack 2 pick 15:
[draft]Quest for the Holy Relic[/draft]

Pack two was similar to pack one; after the first few picks, the card quality lowered significantly. Blue was open, but by the time the blue cards were better than the black ones it was too late to jump into the color. The deck is okay, but needs help in pack three with its curve (which is too high at the moment).

Pack 3 pick 1:


Caustic Crawler is good, though on the slow side. Vapor Snare is excellent, but would probably be one of the few blue cards we’d end up with if we take it. Jagwasp Swarm is also slightly above average, but not as good as Caustic Crawler because it lacks the utility that the Crawler has.

My pick: Caustic Crawler

Pack 3 pick 2:


This pick is rather simple. Urge to Feed is excellent removal. Ideally the Quag Vampire’s wheels which would make playing Feast of Blood more of an option.

My pick: Urge to Feed

Pack 3 pick 3:


Tomb Hex is another easy pick.

My pick: Tomb Hex

Pack 3 pick 4:


Seer’s Sundial is good, but slows this deck down much more than one with an average mana curve. Quag Vampires is going to be a better option because we’re low on creatures; it’s also a vampire for Feast of Blood.

My pick: Quag Vampires

Pack 3 pick 5:


Bojuka Brigand and Hedron Rover are the options. There aren’t any other Allies in the deck; that makes the Brigand less attractive. However, the Hedron Rover makes the curve even more awkward. Neither creature blocks very well. The Rover attacks better than the Brigand. Ultimately, the Brigand is a better choice because it engages the opponent sooner. The deck is going to get draws with multiple removal spells our opening hand which makes having creatures in play sooner more beneficial. Being able to attack sooner creates the possibility of the opponent being unable to attack which would allow for the slower portion of our deck to get rolling instead of getting rolled over.

My pick: Bojuka Brigand

Pack 3 pick 6:


Mire’s Toll is decent. On turn four/five it will be able to get their best card in hand. Quicksand is another good card, though somewhat awkward in this deck because of the high curve. It’s more likely that Mire’s Toll will be an option later on than Quicksand because it’s not good in decks without lots of Swamps.

My pick: Quicksand

Pack 3 pick 7:


Nemesis Trap is powerful. However, it’s slow and will be quite hindering to leave up mana to cast it when there are other creatures to summon. If the opponent knows about the Trap, then he can simply play out all his creatures and get so far ahead on the board that we’d be forced to tap down to keep up.

My pick: Hedron Rover

Pack 3 pick 8:


My pick: Lightkeeper of Emeria

Pack 3 pick 9:


My pick: Mire’s Toll

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Quag Vampires

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Ricochet Trap

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Arbor Elf

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Ricochet Trap

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Smoldering Spires

Pack 3 pick 15:

Overall the draft ended up being okay. There’s a lot of filler in this deck, but our first few picks in each pack counteract the deck’s mediocrity.

Round 1:

Game 1:

We win the roll and keep our hand of seven (2 Swamp, Quicksand, Surrakar Marauder, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Mire’s Toll, and Tomb Hex). Evil keeps his hand as well, although it’s probably not as gruesome as ours. We play a Swamp while Evil plays a Mountain. [d: Swamp] We take the opportunity to summon the Surrakar Marauder and begin bashing Evil’s face in with the intimidating bear. Evil doesn’t appear to be concerned with our Surrakar as he simply plays a Swamp and a Zektar Shrine Expedition. The Shrine won’t be much of a concern to us because we have the Quicksand.

[d: Quag Vampires] We play our third Swamp, send the Surrakar to the Opening Ceremony of the Beatdown Olympics [E: 18], and summon a 2/2 Quag Vampires to quicken Evil’s demise. Evil plays a Swamp (Zektar: 1 counter) and summons a Stonework Puma. The keen-eyed Cat Ally won’t have much trouble blocking our Surrakar if given the chance. However, we’re prepared with the Gatekeeper of Malakir. [d: Bojuka Brigand] We summon the Gatekeeper, kicked and ravenous, who feeds on the Stonework Puma and clears a path for our Surrakar and Quag Vampires to continue the beatdown [E: 14]. Afterwards, we play a Quicksand and pass. Evil plays a Lavaclaw Reaches (Zektar: 2 counters) and passes.

[d: Swamp] Evil’s lack of plays is troubling. He has five cards in hand which makes him able to hide one card from Mire’s Toll if we play the Swamp that we drew for the turn. We could summon the Bojuka Brigand, but we’d get wrecked by Marsh Casualties if he has it. Playing the Swamp doesn’t make much sense here because we waste the landfall effect of the Marauder and Tomb Hex. Playing conservatively and reactive to what Evil plays is the best option at this point so we simply attack with our three creatures [E: 8] and pass.

Evil plays a Mountain (Zektar: 3 counters) and summons a kicked Torch Slinger. The goblin pyromancer hurls fiery death at the Quag Vampires. [d: Hedron Rover] We play the Swamp and Mire’s Toll at Evil. His hand is Grim Discovery and three lands; Grim Discovery gets discarded. We attack with the Surrakar [E: 6] and summon the Hedron Rover. Evil plays a land and passes. [d: Swamp] We play the Swamp and attack with everything. Evil sacrifices his Zektar Shrine Expedition to make an Elemental token and activates his Lavaclaw Reaches. Before he’s able to block, we play Tomb Hex to kill his Elemental. The Torch Slinger and Lavaclaw Reaches trade with our Gatekeeper of Malakir and Hedron Rover after Evil pumps the reaches [E: 4]. Then we summon the Bojuka Brigand and pass.

Evil summons a 3/3 Skitter of Lizards and passes [d: Soul Stair Expedition] while we do nothing. Evil’s life total is too low for him to attack with the Skitter so he just plays a land and passes. [d: Swamp] We play the Soul Stair Expedition and the Swamp to let our Gold Medalist Surrakar attack [E: 2]. Evil plays another land and passes. [d: Caustic Crawler] We think Evil has nothing and attack for lethal. Evil concedes.

Sideboard: nothing.

Game 2:

Evil chooses to play first and keeps his hand. We keep as well, but our keep a dangerous one that might backfire (Swamp, Quag Vampires, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Mindless Null, Bog Tatters, Mire’s Toll, and Urge to Feed). Evil plays a Swamp and passes while [d: Quag Vampires] we follow suit but summon a 1/1 Quag Vampires in the process. Evil plays a Mountain and summons a Bojuka Brigand. [d: Swamp] Quag Vampires opts to not attack. It gets ravenous when we play the Swamp and Urge to Feed, killing the Bojuka Brigand.

Evil plays a Mountain and summons a Blood Seeker [d: Soul Stair Expedition] while we attack with the Quag Vampires [E: 18]. Then we summon another 1/1 Quag Vampires [G: 19] and cast the Soul Stair Expedition. Evil plays a Swamp and attacks with the Blood Seeker. We don’t block [G: 18], though in hindsight, blocking would have been better because we have the Gatekeeper in hand and empty Soul Stair Expedition in play. Evil summons a Bladetusk Boar afterwards. [d: Swamp] We attack with the two Quag Vampires [E: 15]. Then we play the Swamp (Soul Stair: 1 counter), summon the Gatekeeper of Malakir unkicked (misclick :() [G: 17], and play Mire’s Toll. Evil’s hand is Tomb Hex, Surrakar Marauder, and Inferno Trap. We make Evil discard the Inferno Trap.

Evil attacks with the Bladetusk Boar [G: 14] and summons both Surrakar Marauder and Guul Draz Vampire afterwards. [d: Hideous End] We attack with the 2/2 Quag Vampires [E: 13] and pass the turn. Evil attacks alone with the Bladetusk Boar, but we’re ready to destroy it with the Hideous End [E: 11]. [d: Swamp] We attack with both Quag Vampires [E: 8], then play the Swamp (Soul Stair: 2 counters) and summon the Mindless Null [G: 13]. Evil still has the Tomb Hex but is waiting for something more problematic; he passes the turn again without doing anything.

[d: Bojuka Brigand] We attack with the two Quag Vampires. Evil kills the bigger one with the Tomb Hex [E: 7]. Afterwards we summon the Bojuka Brigand [G: 12]. Evil plays a Zektar Shrine Expedition (1 counter) and an Akoum Refuge [E: 8] on his turn. [d: Quicksand] We attack with everything. Surrakar Marauder blocks the Bojuka Brigand and takes the rest [E: 3]. Then we play the Quicksand (Soul Stair: 3 counters) and summon the Bog Tatters [G: 11]. Evil plays a Swamp (Zektar Shrine: 2 counters) and attacks with his Guul Draz Vampire. We block with Bog Tatters and Evil has a kicked Vampire’s Bite to kill it [E: 7]. [d: Swamp] We attack with everything [E: 2], play the Swamp, sacrifice Soul Stair Expedition to get back Bog Tatters and Quag Vampires, and summon a 3/3 Quag Vampires [G: 10]. Evil concedes.

Round 2:

Game 1:

We lose the roll while Evil chooses to play first; he keeps his hand. Our hand is good enough to keep as well (2 Swamp, [card]Vampire Nighthawk[/card], Crypt Ripper, Bog Tatters, Disfigure, and Mire’s Toll). Evil plays a Forest and summons an [card]Arbor Elf[/card] [d: Caustic Crawler] while we play a Swamp and kill the Elf with Disfigure. We could ignore the Elf, but our hand is slow and would benefit from a longer game. The only creature worth saving a Disfigure for would be Timbermaw Larva. Most other threatening green creatures are larger.

Evil plays an Island and passes [d: Swamp] while we play a Swamp and do the same. Evil plays a second Island and still has no plays [d: Surrakar Marauder] while we play our last Swamp and summon the Vampire Nighthawk. Evil plays a Forest and summons a Mold Shambler. [d: Bojuka Brigand] We attack with the Vampire Nighthawk [E: 18, G: 22] and summon the Surrakar Marauder. Evil attacks with the Mold Shambler [G: 19], plays a Forest, and passes. [d: Swamp] We play the Swamp and attack. Evil has no plays and takes a bunch of damage [E: 14, G: 21]. Afterwards, we play Mire’s Toll to see what plans Evil is brewing. Evil reveals his entire hand with Whiplash Trap, Vastwood Zendikon, Oran-Rief Recluse, and Vines of Vastwood. We have Bog Tatters, Crypt Ripper, and Caustic Crawler to trade with the Zendikon. We’re too far ahead for Whiplash Trap and Vines of Vastwood to be devastating. Oran-Rief Recluse is the card that matters the most. After forcing Evil to discard the Recluse, we summon the Bojuka Brigand. Evil responds by playing the Whiplash Trap to return the Vampire Nighthawk and Surrakar Marauder to our hand.

Evil attacks with the Mold Shambler [G: 18] and puts the Vastwood Zendikon on one of his two Islands. [d: Soul Stair Expedition] We attack with the Bojuka Brigand [E: 12], play the Soul Stair Expedition, and summon the Vampire Nighthawk. Evil attacks with the Mold Shambler [G: 15] and passes. [d: Urge to Feed] We attack back with the Nighthawk [E: 10, G: 17] and summon the Crypt Ripper. Evil plays Harrow at the end of our turn to get two more Forests. He plays a Forest and attacks with the Shambler and Zendikon; we block with our face [G: 8]. Then Evil summons Oran-Rief Recluse with kicker to slaughter our Vampire Nighthawk. He has one card left in hand: Vines of Vastwood.

[d: Swamp] We play the Swamp (Soul Stair: 1 counter) and attack with the Crypt Ripper and Bojuka Brigand. The Recluse blocks the Brigand while we pump the Crypt Ripper once [E: 7]. Then we summon the Surrakar Marauder with mana up to cast Urge to Feed. Evil can attack with everything next turn “for the win” if he uses Vines of Vastwood, but will lose to the Urge if he doesn’t have a creature to block when we counter-attack. Instead, he just attacks with the Vastwood Zendikon. We block with Surrakar Marauder. We use Urge to Feed to kill the Zendikon at the end of the turn, but Evil saves it with the Vines.

[d: Swamp] We attack with the Crypt Ripper and Bojuka Brigand. Evil blocks with the Recluse and Shambler respectively. Then we summon Caustic Crawler and play the Swamp (Soul Stair: 2 counters) which lets the Crawler kill the Mold Shambler. Evil attacks with the Zendikon and it trades with the Caustic Crawler. [d: Swamp] The Oran-Rief Recluse gets run over by the Crypt Ripper. Then we play the Swamp, sacrifice the Soul Stair Expedition, and summon the Vampire Nighthawk and Surrakar Marauder that it gets back. Evil concedes.

Sideboard: nothing.

Game 2:

Evil mulligans while we keep our hand (5 Swamp, Gatekeeper of Malakir, and Soul Stair Expedition). Evil mulligans to five before keeping his hand. Evil plays a Forest [d: Surrakar Marauder] while we play a Swamp and the Soul Stair Expedition. Evil plays an Island and passes while [d: Swamp] we play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 1 counter) and summon the Surrakar Marauder. Evil plays an Island and passes [d: Vampire Nighthawk] while we play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 2 counters), attack with the Surrakar [E: 18], and summon the Vampire Nighthawk. Evil plays a Forest and summons a Mold Shambler. [d: Mindless Null] We play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 3 counters) and summon Gatekeeper of Malakir, kicked. Our disgusting curve along with his mulligan to five is enough for Evil to concede.

Round 3:

Game 1:

Evil wins the roll and decides to play first. We both keep our hands (3 Swamps, Surrakar Marauder, Bojuka Brigand, Hedron Rover, and Heartstabber Mosquito). Evil plays a Plains while [d: Urge to Feed] we play a Swamp. Evil plays an Island and summons a Welkin Tern while [d: Vampire Nighthawk] we play a Swamp and summon the Surrakar Marauder. Evil kicks off the damage race when he attacks us with the Welkin Tern [G: 18]. Afterwards, he plays a Plains and passes. During our upkeep, he plays Twitch on our Swamp. We tap it in response and he chooses “yes” to untap it. [d: Bog Tatters] We play our last Swamp and attack with the Marauder to match pace with Evil [E: 18]. Then we summon the Vampire Nighthawk.

Evil plays a third Plains and plays Day of Judgment. [d: Disfigure] We summon the Bojuka Brigand and pass the turn. Evil misses on land also, but summons a Cliff Threader and Sejiri Merfolk. We kill the Merfolk at the end of the turn with the Disfigure. [d: Swamp] Evil isn’t willing to trade his Cliff Threader for our Brigand when we attack [E: 16]. Then we play our Swamp and summon the Hedron Rover. Evil counter-attacks with the Cliff Threader [G: 16], plays an Island, and summons a Sphinx of Lost Truths. The Sphinx filters Evil’s as he discards Hada Freeblade, Snapping Creeper, and Kor Aeronaut.

[d: Swamp] We attack first without playing a land. Evil doesn’t block with his Sphinx [E: 12]. Then we play the Swamp and summon the Bog Tatters. The reason why we didn’t play the Swamp first is somewhat counter-intuitive. Evil’s board position rests solely on keeping the Sphinx in play; this makes him not want to block. The best case for attacking is us playing a land and him not blocking. We have to consider how much damage he’s willing to take before he considers himself obliged to block. If we play a land before attacking, then he may think we’re trying to get a free attack in with the Hedron Rover and block it. If we don’t play a land first, then we send the signal that we have something (which is actually the case, but not necessarily important keeping it a secret). If he thinks we have something, then he is unlikely to block. The decision that we want him to make is going to be influenced by what we have to play this turn. If we had another creature to play along with Urge to Feed, then playing the land before attacking is best. However, we only have Bog Tatters and Heartstabber Mosquito so not playing a Swamp is correct.

Evil plays an Explorer’s Scope and attacks with the Sphinx [G: 13]. He summons a Merfolk Seastalkers afterwards. [d: Swamp] We play the Swamp and cast Urge to Feed destroying Evil’s Merfolk Seastalkers. Then we attack with everything. The Cliff Threader trades with the Bog Tatters [E: 6]. Evil summons a 3/3 Apex Hawks and passes. [d: Swamp] We play the Swamp and summon the Heartstabber Mosquito, kicked. The Mosquito’s venomous sting is enough to fell the Sphinx. The Hedron Rover attacks through the Apex Hawks [E: 2] and Evil concedes on his turn.

Sideboard: nothing.

Game 2:

We both keep our hands as Evil chooses to play first again (3 Swamps, Hedron Scrabbler, Mindless Null, Vampire Nighthawk, and Soul Stair Expedition). Evil plays a Plains and passes while [d: Tomb Hex] we play a Swamp and cast a Soul Stair Expedition. Evil plays an Island and summons his Sejiri Merfolk while [d: Crypt Ripper] we play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 1 counter) and summon the Hedron Scrabbler. Evil plays a Plains and attacks with the Sejiri Merfolk [E: 22; G: 18]. Then he summons a Marsh Threader.

[d: Swamp] We play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 2 counters), attack with the Hedron Scrabbler [E: 20], and summon the Vampire Nighthawk. Evil plays an Island, attacks with the Marsh Threader [G: 16], and summons Merfolk Seastalkers. [d: Quag Vampires] We play the last Swamp in our hand (Soul Stair: 3 counters) and summon the Crypt Ripper. We can’t race with the Nighthawk yet and pass the turn. Evil plays a Plains and exiles Vampire Nighthawk with Iona’s Judgment. Then he attacks with the Sejiri Merfolk and Marsh Threader. We double-block the Merfolk as it trades for our Crypt Ripper [E: 22, G: 14].

[d: Caustic Crawler] We attack with the Hedron Scrabbler [E: 21]. Then we summon Mindless Null and a 1/1 Quag Vampires. Evil plays Celestial Mantle on his Marsh Threader and attacks [E: 42, G: 9]. [d: Swamp] We play the Swamp and kill the Marsh Threader with Tomb Hex. We don’t have any good attacks and have to pass the turn. Evil summons a Cliff Threader on his turn and passes back. [d: Swamp] Evil taps our Mindless Null when we go to attack. After not attacking with anything, we summon the Caustic Crawler and play the Swamp which kills the Cliff Threader.

Evil cycles Twitch to tap the Caustic Crawler. He attacks with the Merfolk Seastalkers but we block with the Quag Vampires. Then he plays Treasure Hunt for one card which he plays: Kor Aeronaut. [d: Heartstabber Mosquito] We start by attacking with the Caustic Crawler [E: 38] and then summon a 3/3 Quag Vampires. Evil attacks with the Aeronaut [G: 7] and summons a Kor Outfitter. [d: Mire’s Toll] We summon the Crypt Ripper and go to attack. Evil taps the Caustic Crawler before we’re able to. We don’t attack with anything because we won’t be able to block well enough if we do so. Evil plays an Island and attacks again with the Aeronaut [G: 5].

[d: Swamp] Evil taps our Crypt Ripper and Caustic Crawler before we can attack. This time we attack him with the Quag Vampires [E: 35]. Afterwards we play the Swamp and summon the Heartstabber Mosquito with kicker to kill the Merfolk Seastalkers. We should have done this before combat to get two extra damage in with the Hedron Scrabbler. Evil summons Sphinx of Lost Truths kicked, and draws three cards. Then he plays a Sejiri Refuge [E: 36] and trades his Aeronaut with our Mosquito. [d: Bog Tatters] We make Evil discard a Welkin Tern with [card mires toll]Mire’s Toll[/card]. Then we attack with Crypt Ripper for eight [E: 28]. Evil attacks with the Sphinx [G: 2] and plays an Everflowing Chalice for four. We draw a Swamp and concede.

Sideboard: nothing.

Game 3:

We are on the play for the final game of the final match and keep our hand (4 Swamps, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Trusty Machete, and Soul Stair Expedition). Evil keeps his hand as well. We play a Swamp and cast the Soul Stair Expedition. Evil plays a Plains and casts an Explorer’s Scope. [d: Disfigure] We play another Swamp (Soul Stair: 1 counter) and cast the Trusty Machete. Evil plays a second Plains and summons a Marsh Threader. [d: Swamp] We play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 2 counters) and summon the Gatekeeper of Malakir, kicked. The vampire feeds on the Marsh Threader when it comes into play.

Evil plays a Plains and summons an Apex Hawks. [d: Vampire’s Bite] We play a Swamp (Soul Stair: 3 counters), equip the Trusty Machete to the Gatekeeper, and attack with it [E: 16]. Evil equips the Explorer’s Scope to the Hawks, but we kill it with Disfigure before it can attack. Then Evil plays Treasure Hunt which reveals Graypelt Refuge and Celestial Mantle. [d: Soul Stair Expedition] We attack with the Gatekeeper [E: 12] and play the second Soul Stair Expedition.

Evil plays a Plains and exiles the Gatekeeper with [card ionas judgment]Iona’s Judgment[/card]. [d: Swamp] We play a Swamp (Soul Stair #2: one counter) and pass the turn. Evil plays the Graypelt Refuge [E: 13] and summons a Hada Freeblade and a Cliff Threader. The Threader also gets equipped with the Explorer’s Scope. [d: Swamp] We play another Swamp (Soul Stair #2: 2 counters) and pass again. Evil plays the Celestial Mantle on his Cliff Threader and attacks with it along with the Freeblade. The Explorer’s Scope misses [E: 26, G: 14]. [d: Urge to Feed] We pass the turn.

Evil attacks again. The Scope misses for a second time [E: 52, G: 8]. Evil plays an Everflowing Chalice for one and then summons a Sejiri Merfolk. [d: Bojuka Brigand] We summon the Brigand and equip the Machete to it. Evil plays a Kor Hookmaster, tapping the Brigand. We lose.

Happy Drafting.

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  1. Nice article. I really like your draft style in this format and your success in Zendikar drafting makes me want to learn to adopt it.

  2. Oh wow, I never thought of doing something like that on MODO for Twitch effects. That’s pretty hilarious.

  3. Your decklist appears to be 41 cards – if you have a bunch of filler cards, should you have cut something?

  4. Good Article. Obviously these write-ups are generally a good draft or a draft that has something that shows a specific strategy or a lesson to learn. I’d put this is the “good draft” category. Getting a pretty decent mono-black pool in 8-4 is always going to be strong and should win a good portion of games.

    The key I notice in your draft is the ability to hit turn 3 Nighthawk very often. When that happens you have the magic gods on your side and should draft a lot that day. How does this draft change if everytime you drew Nighthawk you instead had draw Mindless Null or Hedron Scrabbler? Probably more mulligans for one, and maybe 0-1 out. So this article does show how often a good draft ends well on consistantly drawing decent openers and less chaff cards.

    That’s what I got out of this article. Happens a lot in limited events which is important to keep in mind for newer limited players. If you get gatekeeper and nighthawk less often these games are very different.

  5. Nice plays! Though that Trusty Machete wasn’t that trusty
    anyhow: drawn it only once. 🙂

    It’s still better than what happened to me at one draft,
    when I had 3 Hookmaster in the deck, drawing none during
    the first 4 match and loosing all 4. (was a swiss)

    Keep up these great draft reports! They’re informative
    and the explanations are good.

  6. I would really like to read an article about print runs and how to get hold of them without opening tons of packs.

  7. Well the machete might not have been trusty, but the nighthawk sure was! Came out to play alot. I love soul stair expedition, esp when you get back a nice filthy rare, but some games it really underperforms (such as the last game).

    You’re still the best draft walkthrough ever… if only other ppl would document the game draw by draw like you do…

  8. I like how the last opponent puts Celestial Mantle on Cliff Threader g3 despite having Hada Freeblade in play and knowing that you have Tomb Hex in your deck. Coulda Hada Freeblade with 5 important toughness …

  9. I agree with zyklopf, I am not familiar with print runs but I figure that insight would greatly improve my drafting. Perhaps you could fill us in on that

  10. pack 3, pick 7.

    Are you all kidding?!
    I’m the only one who would pick the incredible-1-2-trade-Nemesis-Trap?

  11. Agreed, I would also like more information about print runs… Really good walkthrough, as usual 🙂

  12. meh, i dont like a few of the picks in this draft, but the article was very detailed and well written which i respect. this may be the first time in history that ochoa posts a draft walkthrough that he didnt win. i like the honesty and ability to admit misplays and correct yourself. looking forward to more articles in the future. thanks for taking the time to write it all.

  13. I’m still astonished that you didn’t pick vapor snare.
    I think the amount of consistency would be sacrificing is negligible. Crypt ripper and gatekeeper lose very little value and the rest of your deck simply doesn’t care. I think the power difference between the snare and the crawler is too big too ignore.

  14. Another fine article. Some comments though:
    – You’re clearly not playing an aggro deck, but still you don’t even consider the Sacrament p2p7 in your monoblack deck. Do you deem possibly exiling bombs from your opponent’s deck by turn three that wortless?
    – P3P5 you still seem not too pleased by your curve and don’t even consider the Chalice? I think picking that may have made that Nemesis Trap p3p7 playable.

  15. Sacrament is worthless unless it’s kicked and your opponent has like 20 cards left… and you’re ahead on the board. Cards like that won’t make an impact on the board or give you card advantage really aren’t worth it for most decks.

    For those of you that are interested in print runs, the only way to establish these with any amount of certainty is access to heaps of packs. I put together my own lists and Zendikar took me roughly 170 packs, but you can do it with less.

    Here’s a little excerpt from print run a (the presence of both of the cards listed under the card indicates that it is missing or there is an error in the pack):

    Run A-
    Hideous End =
    Grazing Gladehart+Into the Roil
    Explorer’s Scope+Vastwood Gorger

    Burst Lightning* =
    Pillarfield Ox+Explorer’s Scope
    Cliff Threader+Adventuring Gear

    Disfigure* =
    Explorer’s Scope+Timbermaw Larva
    Kabira Crossroads+Mold Shambler

    Journey to Nowhere* =
    Sky Ruin Drake+Highland Berserker
    Shatterskull Giant+Giant Scorpion

    So for example, you can see in pack 1 pick 3 that Pillarfield Ox and Explorer’s Scope means that a Burst Lightning is missing.

  16. “…tapping the Brigand. We lose

    Happy drafting.”

    I love how black and white the writing style is. Also love the line “I block with my face.”

  17. [email protected] Murdoch. You should have read his drafts back in M10.

    So why again was Ruin Ghost available P3P8? There should be at least one deck on the table that card would be insane in. Maybe I should get on MTGO teach people some lessons.

    As always, thanks for the draft recap!

  18. Evil didn’t need the Hookmaster to tap the Brigand to win, since it can’t block anyways. :p

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