According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #16

Pack 1 pick 1:


Contagion Clasp is one of the top uncommons in the set and none of the other cards come close to competing with it in terms of usefulness. Clasp is amazing in infect where it will finish a lot of games by itself. In other decks, Clasp is a colorless removal spell that keeps you open, contributes to metalcraft, and has synergy with many other cards (because of proliferate). Clasp is arguably best in infect and unfortunately we’re passing a Plague Stinger/Blight Mamba which will cause problems for us in pack two if we end up going with infect as well.

My pick: Contagion Clasp

Pack 1 pick 2:


Tumble Magnet is the safe choice because it is doesn’t commit us to a color, though it does mean we won’t be in infect. After passing back-to-back packs with multiple two-drops (including Plague Stinger) it’s unlikely that we’ll get anything good in pack two. Tumble Magnet has synergy with Clasp and points us towards a white/x metalcraft deck because Glint Hawk is really good with both of the artifacts and Tumble Magnet is better in an aggressive deck than a controlling one. Trigon of Thought and Plague Stinger are the other two options. All three cards require restricting the type of deck that you’re drafting (Tumble Magnet: non-infect aggro, Trigon of Thought: control, and Plague Stinger: infect). infect is arguably the most restrictive because we’ve passed a few good cards already (it won’t be 100% open in pack two) and it’s unclear whether it will be open in this pack. However, the archetype that takes advantage of Contagion Clasp the best is infect and Plague Stinger is one of its best creatures.

My pick: Plague Stinger

Pack 1 pick 3:


Untamed Might tends to be overrated because people attribute it to winning the game as opposed to the gamestate of having lots of creatures on the Battlefield that lets them take advantage of the card in the first place. Untamed Might is good but too many is not great whereas it’s not really possible to have too many infect creatures (as long as their not all terrible). Cutting infect-specific cards is important especially in pack one (to reduce the number of drafters). Ichor Rats is a better choice than Contagious Nim because there are a lot of cards that overlap with the Nim because it’s just a vanilla 2/2 whereas the effect that Ichor Rats has (finishing an opponent off outside of combat) is much harder to duplicate.

My pick: Ichor Rats

Pack 1 pick 4:


Bellowing Tanglewurm doesn’t usually make the cut unless you’ve also got a lot of Tel-Jilad Fallen and a Tainted Strike or two. Mana Myr aren’t as useful as they are in other decks because you want to curve out with infect creatures. Thrummingbird is the best pick because it’s one of the cards central to blue infect. If we end up playing blue as a splash or a main color, Thrummingbird is one of the cards that we’ll want to play.

My pick: Thrummingbird

Pack 1 pick 5:


As I mentioned in the last pick, mana Myr are overrated. In the vast majority of hands I’ve played with a mana Myr in it, it was one of the last cards in my hand because every other card was a better play. Myr Propagator is another mediocre card that’s out of place in the deck. Sure, it can win the game alone eventually, but it sure isn’t a Myr Battlesphere, Wurmcoil Engine, or Geth. Fume Spitter is the best choice.

My pick: Fume Spitter

Pack 1 pick 6:


Genesis Wave isn’t really an option because it requires too much mana for it to be worthwhile. Golem Foundry is the best option in case we end up moving out of infect and into just a blue/black deck. Golem Foundry is usually too inconsistent but with two proliferate effects already it will be acceptable.

My pick: Golem Foundry

Pack 1 pick 7:


Silver Myr is a weak pick here because it would only go into the deck with Golem Foundry whereas Fume Spitter would go into that deck in addition to infect.

My pick: Fume Spitter

Pack 1 pick 8:


Most infect decks won’t have enough artifacts to support Throne of Geth whereas Contagious Nim is always useful.

My pick: Contagious Nim

Pack 1 pick 9:


Necrogen Censer works well with our proliferate cards, but that deck isn’t what we’re focusing on primarily. The other option is Disperse which usually isn’t great because it’s a low-powered utility spell. Disperse gets a lot better when it’s bouncing Contagion Clasp, which makes it slightly useful.

My pick: Disperse

Pack 1 pick 10:


My pick: Lumengrid Drake

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Twisted Image

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Soliton

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Plated Seastrider

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Forest

Pack 1 pick 15:


The first pack wasn’t great mainly because infect wasn’t as open as we needed it to be. There was black throughout the entire pack, but there were very few picks with infect creatures in them. It’s unclear how much pack two will provide because of what we passed initially, but we can still audible into a controlling black/blue proliferate deck if we find that infect isn’t any better than it was here.

Pack 2 pick 1:


This pick is actually pretty interesting. Nim Deathmantle is at it best in infect because instead of trying to piece together random creatures with sacrifice abilities or ETB triggers all that’s required is attacking with your creatures with mana open. Trading ends up being a losing proposition for the opponent. The main problem with the Deathmantle is that it’s really slow and takes a long time to fully grind out the game. We already have two Fume Spitters which is good for the Deathmantle, but if we pass too many infect creatures in this pack, we won’t see many in pack three. The other two options are Cystbearer and Corpse Cur. Normally the Cystbearer would be an easy pick but it’s not as clear cut after considering how little green we saw in pack one. Corpse Cur is a safer pick if we think we’re being cut because it doesn’t force us to establish a green base.

My pick: Corpse Cur

Pack 2 pick 2:


We could go into green for Sylvok Replica and splash Thrummingbird (or pass out on it altogether) or take Heavy Arbalest and keep our options open. Both cards would be good in the deck, but Heavy Arbalest is better with what we have at the moment and doesn’t require us to make any additional changes. Given what we saw in pack one, going into green isn’t a good idea.

My pick: Heavy Arbalest

Pack 2 pick 3:


Leaden Myr isn’t very useful in our deck because we’re not accelerating into big spells and don’t care about metalcraft. Fume Spitter is the only other card that we’d play.

My pick: Fume Spitter

Pack 2 pick 4:


Blackcleave Goblin, Thrummingbird, and Inexorable Tide are the cards we’re interested in because they fit the deck’s theme whereas Moriok Replica and Myr Galvanizer are just filler. blackcleave Goblin is the weakest because it’s slow and fragile. Inexorable Tide can be very powerful because being able to proliferate multiple times a turn can turn cards like Fume Spitter and Ichor Rats into substantial threats. The Tide is much harder to deal with than a Thrummingbird because it’s an enchantment, but it makes you play out your hand in a more staggered manner. That is to say that the Tide makes you want to hold spells in your hand which is the opposite of how this deck is playing out.

My pick: Thrummingbird

Pack 2 pick 5:


Tangle Angler is much better than any of the other cards but we’ve committed ourselves into blue/black which means we’ll have to choose between Soliton and Trigon of Corruption. Soliton is only good with Heavy Arbalest as the rest of our deck is focused on infect. Trigon of Infestation is the best choice because we have multiple proliferate cards to charge it with in addition to providing a source of infect creatures.

My pick: Trigon of Infestation

Pack 2 pick 6:


Seeing this much infect this late in pack two in unexpected. Plague Stinger is the easy choice.

My pick: Plague Stinger

Pack 2 pick 7:


Trinket Mage has the potential to be good if we can pick up some Flight Spellbombs or a Sylvok Lifestaff/Darksteel Axe. Steady Progress is fine for this deck but we’ll be able to pick them up much later with ease.

My pick: Trinket Mage

Pack 2 pick 8:


My pick: Contagious Nim

Pack 2 pick 9:


My pick: Instill infection

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Vector Asp

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Ezuris Archers

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Vault Skyward

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Steady Progress

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Turn Aside

Pack 2 pick 15:

Steady Progress 

The second pack was above average. Despite passing a moderate amount of infect in the first few picks of pack one, there was still a lot to pick up in the second pack. We need black to remain open in the third pack to have a shot at completing the deck and can only hope that the green infect cards that we passed in the second pack don’t impact our card selection much.

Pack 3 pick 1:


Darkslick Drake is good but it’s not synergetic with the deck. Inexorable Tide is the only card that the deck needs. It’s possible that the Tide will wheel, but the value of each of the other cards is too low to justify taking over it.

My pick: Inexorable Tide

Pack 3 pick 2:


Most people would slam the Grasp of Darkness and be done with the pick, but it’s not so simple. Necropede has the potential to have an even greater impact on a game than Grasp will for a few reasons: 1. The high amount of proliferate in the deck turns Necropede into a two-for-one (though it’s not proactive like Grasp). 2. The deck will have problems attacking on the ground because the three-drops are small and that the opponent will be racing Thrummingbird/Plague Stinger (and being forced to attack into Necropede aggressively).

My pick: Necropede

Pack 3 pick 3:


This pack is a whiff. Stoic Rebuttal is fine, though not desirable because it’s not helping us poison the opponent and favors a drawn out game which isn’t where our deck has a lot of strength. Steady Progress is fine but will wheel. Copper Myr is the best choice because it could allow us to splash green if we pick up something good like Untamed Might or Sylvok Replica.

My pick: Copper Myr

Pack 3 pick 4:


Untamed Might is good especially with two Plague Stingers but it would require weakening the manabase. Volition Rein is a better choice because it’s a powerful on-color card that doesn’t have as many requirements to be good. Untamed Might needs a Plague Stinger or surplus of infect creatures on the Battlefield whereas Volition Reins only requires three Islands and something desirable to steal.

My pick: Volition Reins

Pack 3 pick 5:


Horizon Spellbomb is a possibility but it’s a weak card when green isn’t a main color. The Spellbomb would be a better choice if we weren’t in the third pack and had a good card to splash. Throne of Geth is the only other choice and will be good if we can pick up another Corpse Cur in the next two picks.

My pick: Throne of Geth

Pack 3 pick 6:


(I didn’t consider how difficult attacking on the ground when I made this pick and took the Soliton over the Accorder’s Shield. The Soliton would combo with the Heavy Arbalest, but wouldn’t do much else in the deck except block which made it rather mediocre. Soliton’s role was more secondary than central. Accorder’s Shield on the other hand would make it much easier to attack with the Contagious Nim/Ichor Rats freely. Accorder’s Shield would also make the Trinket Mage playable instead of just a Gray Ogre. Going back on the pick, I’d take the Shield.)

My pick: Soliton

Pack 3 pick 7:


Turn Aside is a sideboard card with some merit but not very useful most of the time (except against removal-heavy decks). It’s very unlikely that we’d sideboard a second one in. Exsanguinate isn’t useful at all, but it is better that we don’t have to play around it.

My pick: Exsanguinate

Pack 3 pick 8:


Ichor Rats does a much better job than Contagious Nim at making the two Thrummingbirds good because the Nim is required to successfully deal damage to the opponent whereas the Rats only needs to enter the battlefield.

My pick: Ichor Rats

Pack 3 pick 9:


We already have two Steady Progress which is more than enough. Lumengrid Drake isn’t going to do anything in a deck with seven artifacts. Glint Hawk is going to prove troublesome because it effectively stops our flyers and is a more efficient threat than the Drake itself.

My pick: Glint Hawk

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Necrogen Censer

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Corrupted Harvester

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Blistergrub

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Relic Putrescence

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Scoria Elemental

Pack 3 pick 15:


The third pack was quite poor and can be blamed mostly because we had to pass to much infect in the second pack. As a result our deck will be fairly mediocre and struggle to win games.

The cards (19) that are definitely going into the deck are:


The remaining cards of interest include:


The Trinket Mage is bad in the deck because the only card that it can get is one Vector Asp. The Asp isn’t even good because it’s too small and the Trinket Mage is also useless because it doesn’t have infect or help proliferate. Copper Myr is fine, but the deck already has a very low curve and can’t use the extra mana very well. Soliton is good with Heavy Arbalest and moderately useful for defending against ground attackers but that’s it. Twisted Image would be okay if we had a bunch of Tangle Anglers to turn into deadly 5/1 creatures, but we’ve got nothing of the sort. As a cycler, it’s a cute trick but not something to hold in hand for most games. Disperse only has synergy with Contagion Clasp, Volition Reins, Trigon of Infestation, Corpse Cur, and Ichor Rats which isn’t terrible but not very amazing. Throne of Geth doesn’t have many artifacts to work with (six including itself). Steady Progress is fine because it works in tandem with what the deck is trying to do.

It’s easy to eliminate Vector Asp, Trinket Mage, Copper Myr, Twisted Image, and the second Soliton. The two Steady Progress are good enough to play because they advance the deck’s game. One Soliton is fine because we’ll probably be on the defense on the ground and are lacking large creatures; it obviously also combos with Heavy Arbalest. With one slot left the best option is Disperse because it has fine synergy with a number of cards (see above) whereas the next best card (Throne of Geth) has very few artifacts for it to be useful.


Good and Evil

Round 1: red (splash black/blue/green)

Game 1: We had to mulligan and Evil started off with Goblin Gaveleer along with a Sylvok Lifestaff. The Goblin hit us for four before stopping after we summoned a Contagious Nim. Evil answered back with a Snapsail Glider to which we countered with a Fume Spitter because we were stuck on two Islands and a Swamp with Corpse Cur, Instill infection, and two Ichor Rats in hand. Livewire Lash made the Glider a 4/2 flyer and we were forced to use the Fume Spitter to kill the Gaveleer. We summoned a Thrummingbird but couldn’t do anything to stop the Bloodshot Trainee that Evil summoned a turn later.

Game 2 & 3: These two replays were lost. Needless to say we won the second game and I’m a bit fuzzy on the details. The third game is a bit clearer. We had a Thrummingbird into Ichor Rats to start the infect beats and used Contagion Clasp and Steady Progress to kill a Snapsail Glider that stood in the way. We rebought the Clasp with Disperse to get more value out of it, but Evil stopped our air beats with a Horde-Smelter Dragon while on nine poison. We began to draw only lands and died before drawing one of many outs.


While the deck was lacking depth, it underperformed in the one match that it played. One of the problems is that the deck couldn’t attack very well with the exception of the two Thrummingbirds/Plague Stingers. Bladed Pinions would have made winning games a lot easier because it would have allowed us to attack with the Contagious Nim/Ichor Rats.

Thrummingbird was quite good because we always had early poison damage to turn it into a super Plague Stinger.

Steady Progress was also fine because it cycled while adding a bit of utility with the proliferate effect.

Disperse was also fine despite being a normally weak utility card because we had the Contagion Clasp.

The proliferate theme usually doesn’t work out because you can’t accumulate enough cards that work together (especially sources of proliferate), however we found enough to make it work.

Happy Drafting.

25 thoughts on “According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #16”

  1. Cool deck. Very nice picks (apart from the mentioned Soliton over Shield). Too bad it didn’t do well.

  2. Yeah, after the first pack i went to the bottom to see if i was right. Turns out game 1 out.

    I think you forced infect to much and the mix and match poli blue cards just didnt make sense to me.

  3. Man I was so excited to see those picks, 2x Thrummingbird, 2x Ichorclaw Rats, with a clasp. As mentioned above, a shame it didnt work out

  4. Nice try to draft the blue proliferate

    In hindsight that accord shield looks like a game changing pick…since you can tutor it via trinket mage…
    should be easy to draw either one…

    Wish more different approach on draft video on SoM!

  5. Sry, but you took out what you shoulda put in, the Trinket Mage, Vector Asp, Throne of Geth and Copper Myr. The throne could be useful with the infect and if you added the asp and the myr you woulda had fodder. Trinket mage could have grabbed you another spell for the tide ability, an infect creature to get proliferate goin and fodder for throne. The Myr coulda been fodder for the throne (as previously mentioned) and coulda helped with the playing the Corpse Cur and the Violition Reins. You know?

  6. I drafted this kind of deck recently, and I must say you quite undervalued the defensive side of things.

    This kind of deck is controlish, with the first poison counters given by your early infect drops or your rats, and then simply trading your infect monsters at your opponents and proliferating for the win.

    The Plated Seastriders are actually very good in this kind of deck. And 3 toughness flyers, like the school, may not inflict poison but will eventually force a trade with opponents flyers, giving your thrummingbirds and plague stingers the chance to really shine.

  7. The Tumble Magnet wouldn’t fit into aggro infect because aggro infect would not be open because he’d be passing the second Plague Stinger. He could have made that pick and still been lining up for infect if the Plague Stinger hadn’t been there to muck up signaling. Yes, he is a pro.

  8. i was laughing as i’m reading this article since i drafted this deck last night. i saw the first inexorable tide and was like “oooh i hope web can wheel it” but then you got it anyway.
    i had 2 tides in my deck and they were pretty solid. i also had 4 corpse curs, mimic vat, strata scythe, 2 trigon of corruption, so that all helps… i actually wheeled my first corpse cur p1p9 when there were no other infect cards in the pack to begin with.
    overall, a very fun deck to play when you can get it. i ended up 3-0ing, but i think my deck had a lot more synergy than this one… steady progress is a sweet combat trick when your opponent has some infected dudes.

  9. The Accorder’s Shield and Grasp probably would have helped. Plague Stinger is probably the best poison dude, but he’s so fragile that he needs backup or removal. I agree with your picks overall, too bad it didn’t get there.

  10. Without even looking at the rest of the draft, I would have snap picked Tumble Magnet P1P2. Given that Plague Stinger is by far the next best card after Clasp in the first pack, it’s likely you’re putting your neighbor into infect. P1P2 has both Stinger AND Ichorclaw Myr, the other desirable infect two drop. Taking Stinger leaves the Myr which probably cements the other guy into infect which is bad news for you in pack 2. Tumble Magnet will always make the cut no matter what deck you end up drafting, whereas Stinger is useless outside of infect and commits you to the strategy.

  11. I love this deck. I’m def slamming the stinger p1p2 too. Don’t think it’s even close after first picking the clasp(which I realize is good with magnet too).

  12. You said “The main problem with the Deathmantle is that it’s really slow and takes a long time to fully grind out the game.” The very next pick, you choose arbalest. What gives? At this point you didn’t have a soliton yet, and so you picked ‘just as slow’ removal? Granted, the arb is cheaper to equip, but it doesn’t let you run your stinger into his guy, bringing it back as a 3/3 either. Cur was a good choice, but I can’t agree with your dislike of mantle. Mantle on infect is just sickening!

    Then you said “Copper Myr is the best choice because it could allow us to splash green if we pick up something good like Untamed Might or Sylvok Replica.”. The very NEXT pick “Untamed Might is good especially with two Plague Stingers but it would require weakening the manabase.” So let me get this straight – pickup the myr so you can have green mana in case you get an untamed might, which you get immediately, dismissing it because it would screw the mana base that you just picked the myr for this exact situation? Sometimes reading your articles I’d swear that different picks were written by different authors… or one with multiple personalities. 😛

    Otherwise, good draft and too bad you got mana screwed G1.

  13. Woof,

    I think he meant that if he was able to score an untamed might later when there are not more powerful cards lying about.

  14. I was agreeing with your picks 100% up until you didn’t take the Nim Deathmantle. I mean, Corpse Cur is good and all, but the Deathmantle is almost like a Cur that you can play immediately whenever any of your guys die. (Okay, it’s not quite that good, but still.) The +2/+2 bonus is quite good on infect dudes, and the evasion is frequently relevant.

  15. From my experience i have found that soul parry is very good against infect though i never see you cut it. Don’t you think that it is good against the infect archetype even if it doesnt include putrefax?

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  17. One of the many drawbacks of not having full match transcripts is not knowing whether a pick worked out in that particular instance…

    You mentioned you folded to a Hoard S dragon… did you ever draw your necropede that game? Was there a clasp / fume spitter around?

    If so, the necropede over grasp pick cost you that game.

    Now, obviously, this doesn’t mean it was a mispick. Maybe over a bigger sample size (10 games) the necropede wins more games than grasp would have… but who knows?


  18. I was pretty hopeful when I saw double thrumming+clasp. Was a cool deck, makes me sad to see it flop round 1. Still hope someone can take one home with a proliferate foundry.dec, though I doubt it’ll happen :p.

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