According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #15

Pack 1 pick 1:


The options are few and mediocre for a first pick. Untamed Might, Wall of Tanglecord, Neurok Replica, Myr Galvanizer, and Inexorable Tide are the best cards. Inexorable Tide is powerful in an infect deck but has the downside of requiring many specific cards to function properly. The Wall and Replica tend to be more reliable than Myr Galvanizer in terms of how much they affect the Battlefield, but they are not awesome. Untamed Might is the other option, and while it’s narrower than the other options (because it’s generally for infect only), it plays a more important role in the archetype. Missing out on one of the artifacts isn’t going to be the end of the world whereas with infect it’s more important to cut it as hard as possible in pack one to ensure that the number of people drafting it is at a minimum.

My pick: Untamed Might

Pack 1 pick 2:


Here’s another mediocre pick that doesn’t point blatantly in any direction. Genesis Wave is mediocre because it’s too slow and not worth playing for less than five. Wall of Tanglecord, Tel-Jilad Fallen, and Fume Spitter are the best cards. Until it’s proven that infect isn’t open there’s little risk to keep taking cards for the deck because the potential for pack two is so high (since we’ve passed nothing). Fume Spitter is a good option for aggressive versions of the deck but it’s more important to take cards specific for the archetype to reduce the number of people drafting it.

My pick: Tel-Jilad Fallen

Pack 1 pick 3:


Seeing three infect cards is a good sign that we’re not in trouble. Plague Stinger is much better than Blight Mamba and Contagious Nim (because it flies and isn’t vulnerable to artifact removal) and the easy pick here.

My pick: Plague Stinger

Pack 1 pick 4:


Instill infection is decent though a bit expensive for its effect. The other two options are Necrogen Scudder and Livewire Lash. The Scudder is out of place the most because it doesn’t have infect but is still fine in the mirror because it blocks multiple Plague Stingers and is very good with Tainted Strike. Livewire Lash is the best option (especially with lots of two-drops) because it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent by giving so much value to all of your creatures. Livewire Lash also adds a bit of value to the random utility spells the deck plays (Untamed Might, Withstand Death, etc).

My pick: Livewire Lash

Pack 1 pick 5:


Sylvok Lifestaff isn’t great except with tons of two-drops and against decks that can actually race you with damage. Blackcleave Goblin is the best option because 1. We’ll play it almost for sure, and 2. It sticks with the plan of cutting of infect cards.

My pick: blackcleave Goblin

Pack 1 pick 6:


Trigon of Infestation is hit or miss because it’s so slow. If your deck is built to take advantage of a long grinding game then the Trigon is going to help put you over the top. Also, if you have Proliferate effects then the value of the tokens also goes up. There’s really nothing else for us to take. Dross Hopper, Nihil Spellbomb, and Alpha Tyrranax are all out of place.

My pick: Trigon of Infestation

Pack 1 pick 7:


Moriok Reaver is a good sideboard option for the mirror. There’s more potential to gain with the Copperline Gorge because it opens us up to being able to splash a good red card.

My pick: Copperline Gorge

Pack 1 pick 8:


Gauging from the infect cards we’ve seen throughout the draft so far, it seems reasonable to say we’re on the right track.

My pick: Ichor Rats

Pack 1 pick 9:


Accorder’s Shield is weak even in the mirror because gaining power is more important than toughness (coupled with a higher number of creatures). Blistergrub isn’t going to do anything for us while it’s possible (but unlikely) that Liquimetal Coating might if we pick up a lot of artifact removal and five more Tel-Jilad Fallen.

My pick: Liquimetal Coating

Pack 1 pick 10:


Vector Asp is nearly unplayable (because it’s too small) whereas Ezuri’s Archers is a real sideboard option if the opponent has five Plague Stingers.

My pick: Ezuris Archers

Pack 1 pick 11:


We don’t want any of these spells are care if they’re in our opponent’s deck so we should pass them all.

My pick: Mountain

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Steady Progress

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Blunt the Assault

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Island

Pack 1 pick 15:
whitesuns Passage

Pack one started off poorly because the card quality was low, but our gambit of cutting infect paid off because we got passed cards for the deck constantly throughout the pack. The second pack should be more plentiful because of how well we cut off the deck.

Pack 2 pick 1:


As much as people love to disagree with me regarding Heavy Arbalest, there’s actually nothing else here. And that is!

My pick: Heavy Arbalest

Pack 2 pick 2:


Carrion Call is okay and especially good for setting up a lethal Untamed Might. Rust Tick is a better option because it’s an excellent removal creature. Ask yourself this, “Would you pass Blinding Mage in favor of Join the Ranks?” I didn’t think so either.

My pick: Rust Tick

Pack 2 pick 3:


Mana Myr are typically not what you’re trying to curve with unless your deck is all four-drops. Unfortunately there’s no infect two-drop and only a Tel-Jilad Fallen.

My pick: Tel-Jilad Fallen

Pack 2 pick 4:


Infiltration Lens is an option and better for this deck than others because the default opposing strategy is to block whenever possible. I’ve found the Lens to be a bit overrated because it’s not good in the early game and really dependant on curving aggressively. Horizon Spellbomb is the only other choice for the maindeck, and while it’s not exciting, it does mean that we’ll be able to splash red easily.

My pick: Horizon Spellbomb

Pack 2 pick 5:


Apparently the one pick from last pack that had three infect cards is having a very negative impact on us. Grafted Exoskeleton and Bladed Pinions are the two options and neither is great. Grafted Exoskeleton is only useful when you have a lot of non-infect creatures in your deck and need a way to make to increase its consistency. Bladed Pinions is fine if you’ve got a lot of Contagious Nim because they’re frail in combat.

My pick: Bladed Pinions

Pack 2 pick 6:


Ichorclaw Myr is easily better than Tel-Jilad Fallen because it’s a bit harder for most decks to kill than the Fallen. It’s also important to have a low curve.

My pick: Ichorclaw Myr

Pack 2 pick 7:


Nothing has changed since last pick regarding Ichorclaw Myr and Tel-Jilad Fallen even with the acquisition of the first one.

My pick: Ichorclaw Myr

Pack 2 pick 8:


Myr Reservoir would be useful in the mirror and against decks with a lot of removal that doesn’t also kill artifacts, although it wouldn’t be very consistent at this point with only two Myr. Strider Harness is the only other option and will be more consistent than the Reservoir.

My pick:

Strider Harness 

Pack 2 pick 9:


My pick: Kuldotha Rebirth

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Abuna Acolyte

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Corrupted Harvester

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Steady Progress

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Oxidda Daredevil

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Relic Putrescence

Pack 2 pick 15:


The second pack was terrible for us. Besides the two Ichorclaw Myr, Rust Tick, and Heavy Arbalest we got nothing. Despite the two late Myr it felt like we were being cut off but should still be okay if the last pack is amazing. We only passed a few Tel-Jilad Fallen which shouldn’t be a problem. In the next pack we need to prioritize creatures because we have too few.

Pack 3 pick 1:


Throne of Geth is okay. Most infect decks end up with not quite enough artifacts to support it which makes it a weak first pick. Our deck has nine other artifacts at the moment which is enough for the Throne to work, although it’s unclear how many will make the final cut (Bladed Pinions/Strider Harness). Arc Trail is the other option and an excellent removal spell. Our deck is perfectly set up to splash the Arc Trail (Copperline Gorge/Horizon Spellbomb) that we can’t really pass it up.

My pick: Arc Trail

Pack 3 pick 2:


Sylvok Replica is good but it doesn’t compare to Cystbearer. It’s generally better to have creatures instead of removal because infect is so much faster than non-infect that you can often ignore most real threats that removal spells are traditionally saved for.

My pick: Cystbearer

Pack 3 pick 3:


Nothing comes close to comparing with Grasp of Darkness.

My pick: Grasp of Darkness

Pack 3 pick 4:


Bloodshot Trainee is an option but would only work with the one Livewire Lash; it would be too inconsistent. The other option is to take a mana Myr and we’ve got quite a few to choose from: Palladium, Copper, and Iron. Iron/Copper Myr is going to be more beneficial because they fix a color and accelerate us to a potential four-mana spell on turn three while we don’t have anything to accelerate into with Palladium Myr. Copper Myr is a better option because we don’t the opponent to kill it. Once the opponent knows we’re splashing red, they’ll be more likely to kill our Myr if it’s Iron instead of Copper. If accelerating to four weren’t so important then Iron Myr would be a better choice because it makes Arc Trail easier to cast. The best option is to take Copper Myr and run an additional red source through lands (if desired).

My pick: Copper Myr

Pack 3 pick 5:


Iron Myr is the only card for us.

My pick: Iron Myr

Pack 3 pick 6:


Moriok Reaver as a sideboard option isn’t great. We need cards to play in the maindeck and Leaden Myr is the only one.

My pick: Leaden Myr

Pack 3 pick 7:


Untamed Might would be a better option if we had a reasonable number of infect creatures. We’re too low on creatures and that makes Blight Mamba the best option.

My pick: Blight Mamba

Pack 3 pick 8:


We didn’t see any Tainted Strikes which eliminates Molder Beast as an option. Flesh Allergy isn’t typically played but it is an answer to bombs which are going to make an appearance against our slow deck.

My pick:

Flesh Allergy 

Pack 3 pick 9:


My pick: Nihil Spellbomb

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Memoricide

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Withstand Death

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Alpha Tyrranax

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Copperhorn Scout

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Copperhorn Scout

Pack 3 pick 15:


The first pack of the draft went much better than the last two (which were horrendous). As a result of the last two packs our deck is quite bad because it has very few creatures along with a mix of infect/non-infect. Most games are going to go longer than desired and we’ve got very little removal/late-game power to control them. This deck is likely going to 1-2 or 2-1 a live event.

This deck is going to have problems because of a low threat density. We have a lot of mana-producing spells (Copper/Iron/Leaden Myr and Horizon Spellbomb) in addition to a curve low enough to make the Myr unwarranted. If we include all of them then it’s likely we’ll end up flooding which suggests that sixteen lands is going to be optimal. The Myr are going to function poorly in our deck because an Infest creature is going to get priority over them in almost every situation which puts the Myr in the middle/end of the curve (greatly reducing their value as a utility creature).

There are a lot of non-infect creatures, including some heavy hitters, but we don’t have any Tainted Strikes to make them useful. Corrupted Harvester and Alpha Tyrranax would be good with so much acceleration but are completely out of place.

Flesh Allergy, Withstand Death, and Liquimetal Coating are options and it’s likely that both will have their uses. Both cards help Tel-Jilad Fallen punch through boards which is a likely avenue to victory. Flesh Allergy is rather weak without a mana Myr to sacrifice to it though. Liquimetal Coating is the last option and much more narrow in its applications because it’s only good with Rust Tick and the two Tel-Jilad Fallen. The upside to Coating is that it is reusable.

Good and Evil

Round 1: red/green

Game 1: We started off with Plague Stinger but couldn’t find a third land for Cystbearer and had to settle for Leaden Myr while Evil was playing Horizon Spellbomb and two Sylvok Replicas. One Replica blocked a Cystbearer and blew up our Myr but we had summoned Rust Tick before combat. Turn to Slag killed the Cystbearer and we started to draw lands. Evil had a Koth of the Hammer but we ignored it because we had Tel-Jilad Fallen and outraced it with Untamed Might after Grasp of Darkness killed a Vulshok Heartstoker.

Game 2: We started off with only a Leaden Myr for black mana which got Shattered after we summoned a Plague Stinger. We drew our two other mana Myr but only had an Ichorclaw Myr for infect creatures. Evil had one of his ten Sylvok Replicas and a Vulshok Heartstoker to defend the Koth he played, but he overcommitted with everything and lost Koth on his next turn as a result. We drew a second Swamp so we could play Harvester which gave us enough time to win in the air with the Plague Stinger and Ichor Rats a few turns later.


Round 2: black/white (splash red)

Game 1: We had a good start with Ichorclaw Myr into Cystbearer but couldn’t follow it up with either of the Tel-Jilad Fallen in our hand; we had to settle for an Ichor Rats instead. Meanwhile Evil had summoned a Leaden Myr and Moriok Reaver (which traded for the Cystbearer). Later on he followed up with a Myrsmith and went off with Copper Myr and Darksteel Myr. Unfortunately for Evil we had drawn a Forest for our Fallen and killed his Myrsmith with Grasp of Darkness to let the Fallen through; he had no answer to the Fallen and conceded.

Game 2: We both had slower starts this game. We began with Horizon Spellbomb and Blight Mamba which got stopped my Arrest. Tel-Jilad Fallen got killed with Grasp of Darkness and Evil summoned a Darksteel Juggernaut. However we had our other Fallen and ate the Juggernaut when it was forced to attack. Evil summoned Geth and we played out a Plague Stinger and Blackcleave Goblin but couldn’t attack. Evil was still at zero poison. Evil used Geth on his turn to bring back a Fallen (tapped) and we attacked with Plague Stinger and our Tel-Jilad Fallen. Geth blocked and we finished him off with Heavy Arbalest via the Blackcleave Goblin. Evil began attacking with the Fallen and made a Prototype Portal (Auriok Replica) and a Leaden Myr. We began using the Arbalest and killed the Fallen before moving it to the Arrested Blight Mamba. The Portal wasn’t going to be a problem until Evil played Tempered Steel which sped up his gameplan, but we had Trigon of Infestation to maintain parity and Grasp of Darkness to stop his first token which slowed him down significantly. We were both on no cards but we had ten lands, Arbalest, and Trigon of Infestation and got him high enough with poison that he couldn’t keep up.


Round 3: Split.


Liquimetal Coating was bad most of the time. IIRC we only drew it once and never had a Rust Tick/Tel-Jilad Fallen to abuse it with.

Against the red/green deck we sideboarded out the Bladed Pinions/Strider Harness because he had a Turn to Slag in addition to the multiple Sylvok Replicas; the Corrupted Harvester and Alpha Tyrranax came in and were fine in the game that we drew them simply as a road block when we had Plague Stinger.

Bladed Pinions was only mediocre because we didn’t have a lot of two-power creatures and only one Untamed Might. The Strider Harness and Livewire Lash were both fine and the Heavy Arbalest was good as expected.

Happy Drafting.

28 thoughts on “According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #15”

  1. i too saw first pick infect card and scrolled right to the bottom.. slowly, reading the article on the way

  2. Eric (not Levine)

    the first pick infect actually kept me interested because it’s something i didn’t expect from him. nice article.

  3. I can’t fault the split. That deck was terrible, and Web does carry indicators of humanity (sarcasm, hyperbole, desire to win…I don’t think robots have advanced that far yet, though I could be wrong…). I would’ve preferred to read about Web losing gloriously than exiting stage left at first opportunity, but whatever.

    That said,

    Web, next time you’re going to split, at least fill in the blanks with another awesome beer story. Those are always a good way to kill time :).

  4. p3p8: “we didn’t see any tainted strikes”

    p3p7: tainted strike?

    meh, still better than a kastle draft

  5. The split is only normal. I kept thinking it’s going to be a 1-2 deck reading the draft portion.

    But thumbs up on beer story filler, something like the time you got drunk and drafted red white infect lol

  6. from the article: “Vector Asp is nearly unplayable (because it’s too small) whereas Ezuri’s Archers is a real sideboard option if the opponent has five Plague Stingers.”

    You should so watch Conleys vid from Kansas City. There’s nothing better than Vector asp in bad infect decks.

  7. @xChaospherex You should know from watching Futurama that consuming vast quantities of alcohol is totally in line with typical robot behavior.

  8. I liked the pick one infect card. Seemed like a good way to mise when you open a pack with nothing. And it worked. Go Web.

  9. Even a terrible infect deck can steal wins. Trigon helps to put bodies on the ground, and all it takes is for one to be unblocked to get in with Might.

  10. I really appreciate the frequency in which you are posting these drafts. Your content lately has been quite in depth and highly enjoyable. Thanks for the effort and the excellent work!

  11. i know you are a very good player but that looks like even a mediocre infect deck wins, i imagine when mirrodin besieged comes out eveyybody will try to draft infect

  12. P3P5: I think Panic Spellbomb can make a valuable contribution to most poison decks, particularly ones that are scraping for playables. Especially with Tel-Jilad Fallen and Ichorclaw Myr making up the base of your offense, taking a single blocker out of the action on turn 5 or 6 is often enough to sew up a game.

  13. Regarding the split: screw the article, take the packs and run, lol. My impression is that he does articles on interesting drafts, not drafts for interesting articles. This one was definitely worthy of publishing IMO, some tricky decisions for an infect deck, and the obv 2-0 split brag.

  14. Think you got a bit too frisky. Vector Asp + Throne of Geth seems a better approach than developing/supporting a red splash. Other than that, very good draft.

  15. “Plague Stinger is much better than Blight Mamba and Contagious Nim (because it flies and isn’t vulnerable to artifact removal)”

    Since when are Mamba and Nim vulnerable to artifact removal? ^^

    Didnt read the rest of the draft, infect is terribly boring and pretty much every pick and play is completely obvious. But I cant fault you for forcing it, faced with those terrible packs. I wouldve liked to see you go the Inexorable Tide route tho, that wouldve been much more interesting imo.

  16. Game two Match two Evil taps down to resurrect a creature on his turn and then blocks with Geth when at zero poison…Wow, must be nice to play against such tough competition, eh?

  17. I dont know what the hell these guys are talking about. You used to do amazing drafts with epic storytelling that was fun to read. Now you just blabber for 2 seconds about each game and we are done. Its like making amazing love to a woman. You marry her and then you get quick hand jobs? What happened web? DUDE!? FIX IT…NOW!

  18. Wheel_of_Armageddon

    I’m with Yub Yub here, it feels like you are mailing in the game report half of the draft recap. Not a fan of that, much preferred the play-by-play style (Evil was so much easier to hate then).

    Anyway, interesting read on the picks. Forcing Infect after a first pack Untamed Might takes a pair of big, shiny ones.

  19. I love how your terrible drafts win and your awesome drafts die horribly. Magic is such a strange game.

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