According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #13

Pack 1 pick 1:


The colored spells are rather powerful (Sky-Eel School, Revoke Existence, and Tangle Angler) but it’s difficult to choose one of those because you don’t want to get cut off from a color; if one of the spells were vastly superior then the rest it would be a different story. You could cut off Infect by starting with the Tangle Angler but the risk is even higher because you’d be effectively cut from two colors. If the pack were weak then the Infect pick would be more justifiable, but there are a few good alternatives. Nim Deathmantle is okay but hard to use and not very good against Red decks because of Turn to Slag. The Deathmantle takes a lot of mana and is difficult to make useful outside of Infect. Golem Artisan is very powerful and leaves you open to every color and archetype (even Infect) which makes it the best pick.

My pick: Golem Artisan

Pack 1 pick 2:


 Plague Stinger

is an option but taking it greatly reduces our flexibility whereas other cards like Myrsmith and Acid Web Spider are much better choices. Acid Web Spider is quite good but isn’t amazing against some decks because it’s just a 3/5 with reach. A creature of that size is still good and difficult to get through, but it’s not possible to build a deck around it. Myrsmith on the other hand is a very powerful card in a Metalcraft deck because it frees up your other artifacts so you can trade them freely with the opponent’s creatures and still have Metalcraft (that’s one of the biggest problems for the archetype).

My pick: Myrsmith

Pack 1 pick 3:


This pick is really mediocre. Genesis Wave and Flesh Allergy are the most powerful cards but aren’t good enough to justify taking because of the huge color requirements. We don’t know if Green or Black is open and should wait to pick a second color once a stronger signal becomes clear. Vulshok Replica is fine even when it’s off-color but it isn’t great. Clone Shell is also not awesome generally but helps where Metalcraft is weakest, and that’s against decks with a lot of removal.

My pick: Clone Shell

Pack 1 pick 4:


 Trigon of Rage

is good with a lot of flyers or a lot of disposable creatures but mediocre at other times unless your creatures have enough toughness to force two-for-one trades. Kemba’s Skyguard is fine but doesn’t overlap well with the Metalcraft theme. With cards like Golem Artisan and Myrsmith we want to pick up as many artifacts as possible. Darksteel Sentinel and Soliton are fine but expensive, which is not really what Myrsmith needs.

Auriok Sunchaser gets lumped into the group of cards that are good with Metalcraft which you’ll see wheel more often than not (it’s actually a very reliable test to gauge whether a color is open. If Blade-Tribe Berserkers wheels then Red is open and so on). Origin Spellbomb is the best choice because it’s great with the Golem and Myrsmith along with providing an essential effect while they’re not in play. Origin Spellbomb makes getting to Metalcraft so much easier since it puts an artifact into play while replacing itself.

My pick: Origin Spellbomb

Pack 1 pick 5:


Black Metalcraft seems open because we’ve seen Bleak Coven Vampires and now Painsmith, though removal is being sucked up by an Infect drafter. Ghalma’s Warden is fine but overlaps with a lot of cards like Lumengrid Drake. A mana Myr is better at this point because mana Myr are more difficult to get than four-mana creatures. Leaden Myr appears to be the better choice because Black is open. Silver Myr is also a good choice because Blue pairs very well with a White Metalcraft deck. Lumengrid Drake and Neurok Replica set Blue apart from the other colors because they’re so good at generating tempo.

My pick: Silver Myr

Pack 1 pick 6:


Lumengrid Drake, Silver Myr, and Glint Hawk are the best choices. Lumengrid Drake is the best with Metalcraft but Glint Hawk can be abused the most with other cards like Accorder’s Shield, Tumble Magnet, Necrogen Censer, and Contagion Clasp (all cards that we’re looking to play). Silver Myr is fine, but Metalcraft aggro also wants evasive flyers. Glint Hawk will be a Snapsail Glider a lot of the time, but that’s fine because at other times you’ll summon it on turn one with an Accorder’s Shield or use it with a Contagion Clasp, Tumble Magnet, or Necrogen Censer.

My pick: Glint Hawk

Pack 1 pick 7:


Necrogen Censer and Silver Myr are the best picks. Golem Foundry is too reliant on proliferate effects and is inconsistent otherwise. It’s more likely that we’ll see more Necrogen Censers later on whereas a mana Myr is more difficult to get.

My pick: Silver Myr

Pack 1 pick 8:


Blue doesn’t actually seem to be very open which means Flight Spellbomb is liable to end up in the sideboard. Snapsail Glider is a better choice because it fits in with the evasion sub-theme of the deck.

My pick: Snapsail Glider

Pack 1 pick 9:


 Trinket Mage and Neurok Replica are the most powerful cards. Auriok Sunchaser offers the most evasive/aggressive bang for our buck but has a lot of variance attached to it. It’s possible that a Sunchaser will wheel from a later pick and we can take a more consistent card. Neurok Replica is good in any type of deck because it can be used in every situation as well as supporting Metalcraft. Trinket Mage is the best choice because it offers a cheap source of card advantage. Metalcraft decks will easily run out of steam because the average power-level of spells is low compared to non-Metalcraft decks. When a deck is forced to run nonsense like Golden Urn and Necrogen Censer it’s easy to see why they lose after their one big threat (Chrome Steed) dies.

My pick: Trinket Mage

Pack 1 pick 10:


My pick: Loxodon Wayfarer

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Auriok Replica

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Auriok Replica

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Island

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Plains

Pack 1 pick 15:


The first pack was quite good, and despite passing two good Blue/White cards in our initial pack, those colors ended up flowing freely. The next pack isn’t as likely to yield as many playables but that’s only because the first pack was so far above average

Pack 2 pick 1:


Contagion Clasp and True Conviction are the best cards. True Conviction is usually game over but it has such a high cost attached to it that it won’t necessarily enter the Battlefield before it’s too late. Contagion Clasp is the exact opposite in terms of how hard it is to cast. The Clasp has synergy with many different cards like Tumble Magnet and functions quite well even after it’s killed a creature. We also already have a Glint Hawk which is icing on the cake.

My pick: Contagion Clasp

Pack 2 pick 2:


This pick really isn’t close. Dispense Justice just isn’t as good as Tumble Magnet for a few reasons. Namely, Dispense Justice can’t be used on offense. Tumble Magnet is an artifact, works with Glint Hawk and Contagion Clasp, and doesn’t tie up our mana when we want to use it.

My pick: Tumble Magnet

Pack 2 pick 3:


Embersmith is quite good but we saw no Red in the first pack and it would be very unlikely that we see any in pack three. The addition of Embersmith would mean that Trinket Mage leaves and the two Silver Myr lose a lot of value, which isn’t worth the risk of ending up short on playables. Being cut off of Red wouldn’t be the end of the world because we would be mainly artifacts, but we would have to run worse artifacts to cover the losses. Strata Scythe is good but slow. Like most equipment it makes you very vulnerable to Turn to Slag. The Scythe makes Myrsmith a lot better because it turns the Myr tokens into real threats. Chrome Steed is the other option, and while it’s not as powerful as Strata Scythe, it puts pressure on the opponent faster which is what this deck is trying to do.

My pick:

Chrome Steed 

Pack 2 pick 4:


Ratchet Bomb is really bad because the deck has so many permanents at varying costs which makes it difficult to gain an advantage. There’s not much to think about with this pick.

My pick: Chrome Steed

Pack 2 pick 5:


Iron Myr, Accorder’s Shield, and Auriok Sunchaser are the best two options. I dislike giving Auriok Sunchaser a lot of value until the last pack when it’s quite clear exactly what the deck needs, because the card is really weak with less than sixteen artifacts. Iron Myr is fine and makes attacking with a powered Chrome Steed on turn four much more consistent. A problem with the scenario I just described is that the Chrome Steed is going to get double-blocked on turn four/five, and if you’re unable to have ample additional pressure or some sort of trick, then the opponent will have time to fortify their board. Accorder’s Shield makes your attackers like Chrome Steed much harder to kill, turns on Metalcraft a play sooner, and makes Trinket Mage a lot better.

My pick: Accorders Shield

Pack 2 pick 6:


If there were double-colored spells in each color, then Seachrome Coast would be a reasonable pick. At the moment there aren’t any double-colored spells. Snapsail Glider is a better choice because it’s another artifact flyer for the deck.

My pick: Snapsail Glider

Pack 2 pick 7:


Memnite is the only card we’d play from this pack.

My pick: Memnite

Pack 2 pick 8:


Thrummingbird would be fine if we had a few more Necrogen Censers, but it’s rather inconsistent with only one Tumble Magnet. Kemba’s Skyguard is a better pick because it’s larger.

My pick: Kembas Skyguard

Pack 2 pick 9:


Sylvok Lifestaff makes Glint Hawk, Myr tokens, and Trinket Mage a lot better but fails to beat [card]Neurok Replica[/card]. The Replica does so much more on the Battlefield and has amazing utility.

My pick: Neurok Replica

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Golems Heart

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Vulshok Heartstoker

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Twisted Image

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Bloodshot Trainee

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Forest

Pack 2 pick 15:


The second pack was quite good although not as deep as the first pack. Oddly there wasn’t as much Blue as I had anticipated. Granted, we did pass a few flyers in the first pack. There are potentially sixteen artifacts (including Memnite and Clone Shell) that we could run which means that we can afford to give colored spells more value. We could use a third mana Myr but aren’t desperate for one since the deck has a lot of three-mana spells. More removal would be nice because we don’t want to be cold to an Embersmith.

Pack 3 pick 1:


Heavy Arbalest isn’t exactly the best artifact for an aggressive deck but it provides a way to finish the opponent off once they’ve been bashed to a pulp by our initial onslaught. Heavy Arbalest doubles as both removal and a finisher. The other cards like Origin Spellbomb, Leaden Myr, and Ghalma’s Warden are all fine, but they just aren’t on the same level as the Arbalest.

My pick: Heavy Arbalest

Pack 3 pick 2:


This pick is rather bleak with Sylvok Lifestaff and Flight Spellbomb being the top contenders. They’re both similar cards because they’ll add four-six damage over the course of a game, but the Spellbomb draws a card in the process.

My pick: Flight Spellbomb

Pack 3 pick 3:


Again we’ve got a bad pack. Halt Order, Disperse, and Neurok Invisimancer are the best three cards. The Invisimancer would fit into our deck the best but makes our mana bad. Disperse and Halt Order are more of sideboard cards than anything else. Leaving mana open for Halt Order is really awkward because the deck wants to tap out every turn of the game until it has no hand left. Disperse is just a low-impact card and is very narrow in its uses; it sits in your hand and doesn’t help Metalcraft. Halt Order is the best card because we have very little removal and if we encounter a matchup where we need to stop an artifact we won’t have anything otherwise.

My pick: Halt Order

Pack 3 pick 4:


Necrogen Censer and Volition Reins are the two cards we’re interested in. Volition Reins is obviously the most powerful and best when a game gets out of hand because stealing their best permanent is going to turn the game around. The problem with Volition Reins is that it is really expensive (like True Conviction) and wrecks our mana. Necrogen Censer works a lot better with our Metalcraft cards and Glint Hawk but won’t win as many games by itself as Volition Reins.

My pick: Volition Reins

Pack 3 pick 5:


Origin Spellbomb is the only choice here.

My pick: Origin Spellbomb

Pack 3 pick 6:


Generally I don’t like Bladed Pinions because it’s so expensive, but it’s pretty good with Chrome Steed. If we had more Glint Hawks and Auriok Sunchasers then a second Memnite would be good, but we only have one Hawk.

I took the Memnite but it was a mistake and I should have taken the Bladed Pinions.

My pick: Memnite

Pack 3 pick 7:


Abuna Acolyte is a good sideboard card against Infect because their creatures are so small.

My pick: Abuna Acolyte

Pack 3 pick 8:


There’s not much else going on here except Lumengrid Drake.

My pick: Lumengrid Drake

Pack 3 pick 9:


Ghalma’s Warden is the only pick.

My pick: Ghalmas Warden

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Kuldotha Rebirth

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Kuldotha Rebirth

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Loxodon Wayfarer

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Vigil for the Lost

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Razorfield Thresher

Pack 3 pick 15:


The last pack was pretty bad, which was likely caused by passing True Conviction in pack two, but that couldn’t really be avoided because Contagion Clasp was a much better pick for us. Overall, the draft was a success and we should be able to construct a decent Metalcraft deck. Had we picked up some additional removal, then our deck would be above average. As it turned out, our deck is only fine.

There’s actually not too much room for maneuvering in deck construction with what we’ve got to work with. It’s not worth running Memnite because we lack Sunchasers and Glint Hawks.

We want to run sixteen lands because the curve is low and we’ll get flooded with so many Myr/Spellbombs. There are three Blue cards (in addition to Neurok Replica/Flight Spellbomb) compared to four White spells (in addition to the two Auriok Replicas and two Origin Spellbombs). The main difference between White and Blue is that the Blue spells are going to be used in the late-game whereas the opposite is true concerning White. Therefore, a higher amount of White mana is needed. With two Silver Myr, a nine/seven split is appropriate.

Round 1: Red/Green Metalcraft

Game 1: Evil threatened to control the board with an Embersmith but we killed it with Contagion Clasp and then played a tempo game afterwards. Evil had Carapace Forger and Vulshok Replica but was waiting to develop his board before attacking with them. We bounced a Golem Artisan with Lumengrid Drake and then used Glint Hawk to return the Clasp and kill the Replica after Evil tapped down to summon the Golem for a second time. All the while we were attacking and forced a concession after Volition Reins stole the Artisan.

Game 2: This replay was lost. We won and it probably involved a lot of masterful plays.


Round 2: Black/Green Infect

Game 1: Evil opened up with a Carapace Forger and tricked us into trading it with our Auriok Replica only to have him summon a Cystbearer. We were slightly behind on the board but he stalled for a turn without finding land and was forced to cycle a Nihil Spellbomb. We summoned a [card]Myrsmith[/card] and then made an army with a Chrome Steed. We took another hit before we locked the ground up with another Chrome Steed and three Myr tokens thanks to the Accorder’s Shield that we also played. Evil conceded shortly afterwards.

Game 2: We were setting up a sizable air force of two Snapsail Gliders and a Lumengrid Drake but Evil destroyed our board after using Wing Puncture to kill a Glider followed by summoning a Blackcleave Goblin to go along and attack with his Tel-Jilad Fallen and Necropede. We took a huge hit on that turn and were forced to stay on defense the rest of the game. We went to eight poison while Evil summoned a Corpse Cur to raise his [card]Blackcleave Goblin[/card]. At that point we were stuck against the wall and eventually died when a Tumble Magnet cleared the way for the Fallen.

Game 3: We had a more controlling hand involving Abuna Acolyte and Trinket Mage (Accorder’s Shield) against a weak draw on Evil’s part. Contagion Clasp killed a Contagious Nim and Evil summoned an Ichor Rats and Tumble Magnet while we had two Origin Spellbombs. Evil summoned a Cystbearer and Blackcleave Goblin but was outclassed by the Magnet/Clasp combo in addition to the Myrsmith/Chrome Steed that we played afterwards. Evil slowed us down with a Tumble Magnet that he had to use defensively but we broke through eventually and got Heavy Arbalest online.


Round 3: Blue/Red control

Game 1: Evil had a lot of removal, including Oxidda Scrapmelter, three Shatters, Galvanic Blast, Arc Trail, and two Turn to Slags in his deck. We got a Myr and a Snapsail Glider Arc Trailed but kept playing flyers and made a 2/2 Lumengrid Drake. Evil had two Walls of Tanglecord which were gumming up the ground but we still had the Drake chipping away. We got the two-for-one back when Volition Reins traded for Scrapdiver Serpent and Turn to Slag, but not before a Galvanic Blast killed our Drake. Evil summoned an Embersmith but it died promptly to Contagion Clasp and left Evil with just the two Walls, which we were powering through. Oxidda Scrapmelter killed off an Auriok Replica and stopped our attack but we drew into Glint Hawk two turns later to get back the Clasp and shrink down the Scrapmelter to a reasonable size. We won a few turns later.

Game 2: Evil Arc Trailed our Myrsmith and Snapsail Glider before summoning a Neurok Invisimancer. We summoned a Glint Hawk and started racing but the Invisimancer was joined by another the turn afterwards. From that point we played through a loop involving us summoning a creature and Evil killing it, all the while trading two damage against his four. We had to stop attacking eventually and died to the Invisimancers after using Neurok/Auriok Replica to buy time.

Game 3: We had a slow hand and used Clasp to kill an Invisimancer before summoning a Chrome Steed, which died to a Shatter. Golem Artisan died to Turn to Slag, but our Chrome Steed stuck on the next turn. Evil had just a Sky-Eel School and we started beating down with the Steed and Silver Myr while using Tumble Magnet and Contagion Clasp to neutralize the Sky-Eel School.

Soon, a Saberclaw Golem joined Evil’s side and we stole the School with Volition Reins. However, Evil was ready with Liquimetal Coating plus Shatter to destroy the Reins. We got Evil to seven and drew Heavy Arbalest and Myrsmith to break through Evil’s board, which had been cluttered further by a Scrapdiver Serpent. We made an attack based on the assumption that Evil was out of gas and he ended up having Arc Trail to nearly clear our board, which meant we had to topdeck.

We drew nothing and were on the defensive until we drew Trinket Mage into Origin Spellbomb. It seemed like we were going to win because Evil was effectively at one life but he played Shatter and Blade-Tribe Berserkers (with Metalcraft) to force us to chump with everything. We cycled into Neurok Replica and Snapsail Glider and suddenly we were going to win again. We just needed Evil to brick on his turn; he did.


Myrsmith was excellent when it wasn’t getting Arc Trailed. It quickly powered up our Chrome Steeds and Ghalma’s Warden while taking the pressure off from our other artifacts (letting us freely trade them away).

Golem Artisan was also quite good because we had so many cheap artifact creatures that turned into monsters with the Golem on the Battlefield.

Contagion Clasp was amazing, not only because it was a removal spell, but because it made multiple cards a lot better than they normally would have. Glint Hawk turned into Flametongue Kavu and Tumble Magnet turned into Icy Manipulator. Both cards were fine without the Clasp and amazing with.

Happy Drafting.

39 thoughts on “According to Webster – Scars of Mirrodin Draft #13”

  1. I would definitely have picked True Conviction over clasp, but it looks like I was wrong. Blue/white really needs removal, and the clasp seemed to be far more useful in your games.

  2. I’m not sure about remaining open for so long. In my experiences, if I let other players dictate my colors, it goes pear-shaped.

  3. @Dank It’s not really the matter of being right or wrong, but rather adjusting your game plan accordingly.

    Truth be told, he only had two cards to make it really “go off” and picking true convictions by itself wouldn’t really have influenced any other card choices he made. The only difference is that one is removal – which gets immediate effects – and the other is a win condition.

    I honestly think it would’ve been slightly more correct to go with true convictions there – just because it makes everything in your deck better.

  4. The problem with True Conviction is that it’s a 6-drop that doesn’t do anything by itself. Not that it’s a bad card, but I’d definitely take premium removal first every time. I’ve made the mistake of overestimating it in the past.

  5. Also, I think you make the mistake of overestimating both signaling and mana requirements in this format. Obviously signaling is important for going infect/metalcraft, but which color of metalcraft is something you can just force sometimes. You’re only playing 5-8 colored spells in a good metalcraft deck, so if you get two good spells in one of your colors, you’re hardly screwed. Let alone the fact that the guy to your right could easily be cemented in one color, but then pass it in favor of good artifacts.

    As for mana requirements, again, you’re playing 5-8 colored spells, or ~25% of the spells in your deck. If you somehow draw only one type of land, ~85% of your deck is still live! I say go pick those Invisimancers and Volition Reins whether they “put a strain on your mana” or not!

    Signaling and managing mana requirements are very important for most formats, but you know as well as anyone that every format is different.

  6. True conviction is definetly the right pick, those who disagree have not played with it enough. The risk vs reward puts it way over clasp.

  7. Interesting draft idea. A couple issues:

    1) P3P1 Heavy Arbalest: REALLY? I understand last week when you took P1P1 Arbalest; you didn’t have a deck, you could easily long-range some Solitons, and the pack was overall quite weak. However, in a hyperaggressive deck such as this one, that pick seems really really loose. The pack was weak, but I would have taken a Culling Dais, mana Myr, or Origin Spellbomb over the Arbalest.

    2) Can you write Web’s Quick Guide to Longranging? I noticed you longranged a lot in this draft: you longranged a Tumble Magnet or Necro Censer when you took the Glint Hawk, you longranged a counter card for Proliferate when you took the Contagion Clasp, you longranged cheap playable artifacts when you took the Trinket Mage, and so on. Much of it worked out, but some of it didn’t. You also could have done some more longranging which you chose not to do: P1P4 Soliton, P2P8 Thurmmingbird, etc. Under what conditions do you think it’s OK to longrange and under what conditions is it not? I think the ability to longrange is one of my biggest weak points in draft, particularly with this format.

  8. edit: True conviction won me the draft portion of a ptq top 8, it was blowout everytime. Clasp cannot do that.

  9. Nice article. As I said before, but I feel it is important enough to say again, I really appreciate the more detailed play by play and game reviews that you are now doing and these are quite enjoyable to read again. Thanks David!

  10. Sometimes it bothers me you guys do not commit to colors ealier when the signs are obvious. You could have easily been in white/red.

  11. It showed in LSV’s recent draft that true conviction is a bomb. I’m not saying you made the wrong pick but I don’t think you can ever know when it’s worth passing up a bomb for a card that fills the curve better

  12. I agree with those who would pick True Conviction over the clasp. I have often been miles behind and every single time I have cast true conviction I have won even if it only stayed in play a single turn. One alpha strike with it will reset the game for you even if you lose all of your creatures during the strike. Even 1-2 creatures with true conviction in play can hold back an army.

    I just watched a draft where a guy was at 2 life before casting a true conviction with only a hoard-smelter dragon in play. The other drafter had 4 guys in play and a burn spell in hand (tapped out) and obviously he then lost brutally.

    I wouldn’t have chosen the clasp, but it seemed to be an all-star for you.
    Nice drafting.

  13. Seems like in every game he played the clasp, True Conviction would have been better, except maybe against the Infect deck, but even then having a couple dudes on D with first strike is nuts. My vote also goes to the bomb enchantment.

  14. My vote is for clasp. Yes, True Conviction can save you in games you have no business winning, but I find that is often a reason a card will be over-valued. You play a true conviction and it can turn around a game. My problem is that
    a) It doesn’t always change the tide of a game, I have found games with hyper-aggressive or infect decks, where a player has to attrition off many of their guys so that true conviction is greatly diminished or even a blank.
    b) People forget the games where it is marooned in their hand or where they had to mulligan and subsequently lost as a result b/c they couldn’t keep the zero plains and true conviction starter, or the land light high casting cost spell hand. On the other hand it is less likely that contagion clasp will be marooned in your hand or that you will have to mulligan hands with contagion clasp in them. Yes True Conviction may be better in games where you can play it, but Contagion clasp gets in the game so much more!

  15. Less of the True Convinction debate and more of the Strata Scythe pick, in my opinion. Worrying about a single red common when choosing to not take a very powerful equipment, especially in a deck with evasive creatures, seems very wrong to me.

  16. Chances are that if he didn’t pick up the glint hawk in pack one, he would have taken the true conviction.

  17. I always like clasp while I have been alternately amazed and disappointed by conviction – usually of course when I cannot play it or when it comes too late. That was a tough pick and likely would have meant no volition pick later cause uuu and www in the same deck is just asking for trouble.

    At the time of the pick there was a ways to go and it certainly is reasonable to think you may get another glint hawk in that time.

    The only question I have is myr over censer. I read the explanation but after just picking hawk, I’d probabaly have taken censer.

    Nice article as always but can we talk you into doing a video?

  18. Having loved true conviction and drafted it way more than usual and won many many games off of it… I choose the clasp.

    Clasp and glint hawk is just sickening, I have never lost with both in my opening hand, and while it is a shame you didn’t get more hawks you easily could have.

  19. True Conviction is a bomb. A 6 CC bomb. Clasp is a utility card that makes the rest of his deck better. True Conviction relies on drawing it, having 6 mana, and having creatures to make your bomb work. Clasp relies on the rest of your deck already being good and getting better if you happen to draw it.

    BTW: LSV lost his draft because his opponent had a 5/5 flier that could kill his artifacts at will, and his opponent still almost lost. The true conviction bomb relied upon another bomb (the dragon) to win, otherwise LSV wins with little difficulty. (Given board position and removal spell in hand)

  20. Clasp is premium removal and 6 mana is a lot for an aggresive tempo based UW metalcraft deck. picking the clasp was sollid.

    Scyth and chrome steed were pretty close and scythe isn’t as slow as you make it out to be since giving a guy +4/+4 is a pretty fast clock. I’m only happy to see my opponents play a scyth if I already have the turn to slag and the mana, chrome steed is often less of a problem.

  21. True Conviction and Strata Scythe are both game-changing bombs. I would have taken them both over the Clasp and Chrome Steed. I don’t understand the love for Heavy Arbalest either…

  22. I have never lost after having played True Conviction and the only time I beat True Conviction was when I played one of my own. It’s impossible to race and turns even the most mediocre creatures into bombs. The deck was also mono-white at this point so colour was not looking to be an issue and this format isn’t so fast that you’ll usually die before you get to six mana.

    Clasp is a quality card but premium removal? Hardly. A -1/-1 counter doesn’t kill much and in order to kill something bigger, you have to pump tons of mana into it. The Glint Hawk interaction is cute but hardly back breaking even when it comes up.

    There is no way that pick was correct.

  23. I’m with those who would take True Conviction over the Contagion Clasp here, and for different reasons:

    Passing that type of white really screwed over his pack 3. Who knows what better cards he would have gotten if he hadn’t put his neighbor into white with True Conviction? Signaling matters.

  24. @Web
    Couple points:
    Heavy arbalest is barely playable` in a deck like this. I d take the origin spellbomb all day over it. You want to win quick by evasion and metalcraft, you need metalcraft and consistency, you don’t need multiple shocks for seven mana assuming that your opponent does not have disruption. I guess u spend too much time with Josh who fell in love with it. 🙂

    True conviction is ridicoulous, hard to remove, and it was very easy to build around a deck at that point. Clasp is as well a very easy first pick but true conviction is almost hoardsmelter dragon type of material and I bet you would not take the clasp over dragon. Still I don’t disagree with your pick, you can justify taking the clasp for your own preference of decks to play with, but saying it was not even close for clasp is just outrageous. 🙂

  25. I feel like you are currently the best SOM drafter. The games report are awesome too.

    Can you please make a limited evaluation of Mirrodin Besieged?

  26. I really apreciate your effort to improve your article. I really liked the after-draft comments.

  27. Not picking the scythe is madness,the contagion clasp pick is somewhat explainable but the strata wins games very fast AND it’s a cheap artifact,also it takes out a land from the deck …shame

  28. Wow really nice drafting, I’ve read a lot of your articles and have always been not extremely impressed but really well done.
    Clasp is definitely the right pick in the deck you had, you just hate it because it screws up signaling so badly and you probably would have gotten better white pack 3. Steed over scythe could go either way and its pretty even id say especially with all the mana myrs and ability to hit metal craft so easily.
    Really well done drafting.

  29. ochoa still completely overestimates staying open and reading signals in this format. Some of this assumptions he makes that a certain color is open or not because of 1 card is not reliable of all, there are so many things that screw up waiting for signals like that such as a player opening multiple good cards in a pack, raregrabbing etc.
    This draft it was easy to stay open as artifacts were the near best pack / best pack about every time early on. That doesn’t mean staying open is super important. Anytime when a card with easy color requirements is close in power to a color intensive card in draft you start with the open one, regardless of what set you’re drafting. But waiting so long for signals all the time is just bad.. especially in the 8-4 quee where you have to win your first 2 games at least for prizes (thus it’s better to take a slightly riskier strategy then the average one.)

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