According to Webster – Mirrodin Besieged Draft #4

Mirrodin Besieged Draft #4

Pack 1 pick 1:


Vedalken Anatomist and Phyrexian Vatmother are the two best cards. The Vatmother is excellent because it only costs four mana and puts significant pressure on the opponent if it enters the Battlefield early; it’s a great way to start out an infect deck. Vedalken Anatomist is similar to the Vatmother in the sense that it demands attention or else the opposing player is likely to lose to it, although the Anatomist requires a lot more resources to be good. The two are rather close in power (at this point I don’t know which is better), but let’s say for now that the Anatomist is better for the sake of diversity and run with it.

My pick: Vedalken Anatomist

Pack 1 pick 2:


This pick is ideal for infect because Phyrexian Hydra is quite good and similar to Phyrexian Vatmother if it resolves early. Ichor Wellspring is good for metalcraft decks since it acts as free-roll by replacing itself. Outside of metalcraft, Ichor Wellspring works with only a few cards including Throne of Geth, Rusted Slasher, Barrage Ogre, Kuldotha Flamefiend/Forgemaster/Rebirth, Piston Sledge, and some other red creatures for a minor effect. It’s difficult to say that the Wellspring is going to be more than a cantrip this early in the draft because it’s simply unclear where we’re headed. Phyrexian Juggernaut is a solid choice because it acts as a solid plan-B for most decks and carries it out rather quickly.

My pick: Phyrexian Juggernaut

Pack 1 pick 3:


Vivisection is rather mediocre because it takes a lot of time and resources while setting you back on the Battlefield and most decks aren’t going to have a substantial number of creatures to throw away. Pierce Strider and Spin Engine are options, but both aren’t exceptional outside of an aggro deck which is where we’re at right now with Vedalken Anatomist and Phyrexian Juggernaut. The best option is Lumengrid Gargoyle because it’s a reasonably large flyer, and although it’s just a vanilla artifact creature, it’s still going to win games.

My pick: Lumengrid Gargoyle

Pack 1 pick 4:


Nested Ghoul is quite good because it’s a generally a two-for-one if the opponent doesn’t have a removal spell, but the problem is that is requires an extreme color commitment to black. So far we haven’t seen any other indication that black is open, and taking such a color-committing card involves a lot of risk. Another point to consider is the amount of gain from the other pick compared to Nested Ghoul. If the choice were between Burn the Impure and a blue/Artifact card of equivalent value, then the choice would be much easier because both cards have the same value while one has much higher risk. However the value of Nested Ghoul versus Razorfield Rhino/Myr Sire isn’t equivalent and that makes the choice more difficult. Given the amount of late-game already, Razorfield Rhino can be dismissed and Myr Sire compared alone to the Ghoul. The Myr is a lot worse than the Ghoul, but the fact that we’ve seen so little other black up to this point means that we should be cautious and take the Myr.

My pick: Myr Sire

Pack 1 pick 5:


There are multiple decent blue cards to choose from and Serum Raker is the best. Steel Sabotage is a bit overrated and deceptively underwhelming because of its low mana-cost. One mana is really cheap and helps solve the problem of blue decks being unable to curve out while holding counter mana open. Unfortunately the counterspell won’t help you when facing a deck full of Alpha Tyrranaxeseses and Cystbearers. Steel Sabotage is also not the equivalent of Shatter because it doesn’t individually deal with a resolved artifact. Serum Raker is a much better card because it provides a good creature to beat down with that will provide enough offensive mileage to overtake the benefits of Steel Sabotage.

My pick: Serum Raker

Pack 1 pick 6:


There are a number of decent red creatures accompanied by some decent artifacts. Ogre Resister and Spin Engine point towards a red-based deck and are both fine which should be something to keep in mind when deciding on a second color. There hasn’t been anything spectacular passed so far in red which seems to indicate that the packs are just moderately heavy with red and that the best cards (Burn the Impure/Blisterstick Shaman) were scooped up before they could get to us. In any case, we should stick with the non-red options and wait to see what the best options are. Vivisection is a good way to make use of Myr Sire, although without the Myr it’s rather clunky and not good unless the opponent has no pressure on you. Flayer Husk and Rusted Slasher are also both good with Myr Sire, although Rusted Slasher is the best card on its own because it attacks well and lets you trade your worst artifact for their best attacker (when on defense); on offense it will generally let you get ahead when not dealing with a horde of 1/1 creatures (because you usually sacrifice artifacts that are cheaper than what is blocking it).

My pick: Rusted Slasher

Pack 1 pick 7:


This pick is rather mediocre for us, and while Rot Wolf is easily the best card in the pack, it doesn’t fit well in the deck. The best options are Oculus and Quicksilver Geyser, and the Oculus is a better choice because it’s difficult to use the Geyser effectively with the current curve of the deck.

My pick: Oculus

Pack 1 pick 8:


My pick: Serum Raker

Pack 1 pick 9:


Razorfield Rhino is unnecessary fat at the moment while Phyrexian Digester helps fill out the deck’s curve where it needs to be.

This pick should have actually been Silverskin Armor because it turns Myr Sire and Oculus into more impactful 2/2 creatures while also turning it (Oculus) into an artifact to utilize with Rusted Slasher.

My pick: Phyrexian Digester

Pack 1 pick 10:


My pick: Oculus

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Distant Memories

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Turn the Tide

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Kembas Legion

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Rally the Forces

Pack 1 pick 15:

The first pack went well, and although we have a bit of filler, we’ll be open to whatever color is most available to also pair with blue.

Pack 2 pick 1:


Iron/Leaden Myr are both fine but worse than actual good cards because the acceleration in non-metalcraft decks is usually only relevant on turn two/three and mediocre afterwards. The only card that is actively good is Heavy Arbalest because it dominates a game that’s anywhere close to parity.

My pick: Heavy Arbalest

Pack 2 pick 2:


This pick presents a situation where we must decide whether it’s worth going into red for Arc Trail or wait for a potentially better option by taking Perilous Myr/Trigon of Thought. Arc Trail is still quite good although the average toughness in MBS is a bit higher which makes the neo-Arc Lightning not as good. Going back to pack one, there were a number of instances of decent red creatures but no good uncommons/top commons which indicates that the color was being cut (but not heavily). However, red did seem more open than the remaining three colors and indicates that taking Arc Trail is a fine choice; it’s much better than Perilous Myr and Trigon of Thought.

My pick: Arc Trail

Pack 2 pick 3:


Soliton is good with Heavy Arbalest, but weak without it and not as good as a real removal spell.

My pick: Turn to Slag

Pack 2 pick 4:


This pick is really bad for us and the options are all mediocre creatures/utility spells. There aren’t any metalcraft cards or good off-color spells to splash yet which makes Horizon Spellbomb bad. Similarly, none of the creatures have synergy with what we have which leaves Disperse as the only choice.

My pick: Disperse

Pack 2 pick 5:


Darksteel Sentinel is decent against non-infect but is rather slow like the rest of the deck. There’s already a reasonable amount of late-game which means that a Copper Myr will be a better card to include because it accelerates to the part of the curve where this deck’s spells start taking over the game.

My pick: Copper Myr

Pack 2 pick 6:


Halt Order is never quite as consistent as desired, and on average it’s underwhelming. Yes, there will be times when you get a Battlesphere with it, but that’s rarely the case. The other option is Thrummingbird which is another inconsistent card (but one that doesn’t rely on being reactive) whose potential is open-ended considering there’s still one pack left to draft. It’s unlikely that we’ll acquire enough charge counter cards to make the Thrummingbird, but if it happens we’ll be happy to have taken it.

My pick: Thrummingbird

Pack 2 pick 7:


Nice pick. Sky-Eel School is quite a good card because of its size, evasion, filtering ability, and dodging artifact removal.

My pick: Sky-Eel School

Pack 2 pick 8:


My pick: Flesh Allergy

Pack 2 pick 9:


My pick: Leaden Myr

Pack 2 pick 10:


My pick: Stoic Rebuttal

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Exsanguinate

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Ogre Geargrabber

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Salvage Scout

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Glimmerpost

Pack 2 pick 15:

The second pack gave us very few picks for the deck, but the average quality of non-myr cards is high. Heavy Arbalest, Arc Trail, Turn to Slag, and Sky-Eel School are all quite good and will benefit the deck a lot. Going into the third pack it looks like we don’t need anything specific for the deck and should just take the best card on a pick-by-pick basis.

Pack 3 pick 1:


Prototype Portal is too slow for most matches and quite vulnerable to hate unless you wait for enough mana to play the Portal and make a copy of whatever is imprinted on it in the same turn. Shatter is the best option for us because it’s a cheap removal spell. Neurok Replica is tempting because it’s a very useful Horned Turtle that fits the curve nicely, but it’s just not as good on average as Shatter.

My pick: Shatter

Pack 3 pick 2:


There’s nothing competing with Sky-Eel School here. Darksteel Juggernaut can be good, but it’s much more difficult for it to be good because of the number of artifacts that if requires.

My pick: Sky-Eel School

Pack 3 pick 3:


Vulshok Replica is good for curve purposes, but like last pack it doesn’t compare to a removal spell.

My pick: Turn to Slag

Pack 3 pick 4:


Strider Harness would be good on the two-drops like Oculus to make them able to handle a wider range of threats, but overall is a weak card because the average spell cost is quite high and it’s unlikely to find time to play the equipment and use it compared to playing something like a Sky-Eel School or Serum Raker. Golem Artisan is the best choice even though it’s another five-drop in a deck chalk full of them because it provides a lot of power and flexibility (it will take over most games by itself).

My pick: Golem Artisan

Pack 3 pick 5:


Lumengrid Drake is an option even though it will only be a vanilla flyer almost every time; the downside is that it’s expensive and not very powerful. Vedalken Certarch isn’t an option because it’s like the Lumengrid Drake and will be a vanilla 1/1 (aka useless). The only other option is Strider Harness.

My pick: Strider Harness

Pack 3 pick 6:


Shatter over nothing.

My pick: Shatter

Pack 3 pick 7:


The deck has almost no three-mana creatures and tons of action at five mana which allows Vulshok Replica to edge out Saberclaw Golem fairly easily.

My pick: Vulshok Replica

Pack 3 pick 8:


Apparently no one at the table is drafting dinosaurs, let alone green, because Acid Web Spider is quite good.

My pick: Acid Web Spider

Pack 3 pick 9:


My pick: Wing Puncture

Pack 3 pick 10:


My pick: Acid Web Spider

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Myr Reservoir

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Kembas Skyguard

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Viridian Revel

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Oxidda Daredevil

Pack 3 pick 15:


The last pack was similar to the second, above average card quality but not enough quantity to fully fill out the deck; the deck will have to include a few bad cards as a result. Overall the draft went alright, although blue wasn’t nearly as open as it was in the first pack.

The core of the deck includes the following nineteen cards:


The remaining cards to fill out the deck include the following:


There are a lot of bad cards in the group that we have to pick from, and the only interesting cards are 2 Oculus, 1 Disperse, 1 Stoic Rebuttal, 1 Strider Harness, and 1 Distant Memories. There’s no synergy with Oxidda Daredevil or Thrummingbird, and both are too small to play as vanilla creatures. Phyrexian Digester is okay as a sideboard card, but it doesn’t mesh well with the bulk of our non-infect creatures. The deck’s curve is quite high, doesn’t have many low-mana threats, and as a result needs to hit every land-drop until turn five which means that seventeen lands will be necessary; that leaves four slots to fill in the meantime.

Oculus is a good way to get to the late-game without taking much damage while also providing bodies for Heavy Arbalest. Disperse is rather weak because there are very few profitable ETB-triggers to take advantage of (Sky-Eel School). Stoic Rebuttal is good in a deck that plays long games, although this deck won’t be able to cast it and also another spell in the same turn until much later in the game. The deck already has two Shatter and two Turn to Slag to deal with large threats which should be enough against most decks. If there are a lot of expensive threats in the opponent’s deck, then the Stoic Rebuttal can be brought in from the sideboard. Strider Harness is rather mediocre because the deck’s curve is too high to take advantage of it. The Harness does make the Myr Sire, Oculus, and the two mana Myr more effective in combat, but that’s the only major benefit. Distant Memories is fine in the deck because the card quality is rather even towards the high-end and there’s also a moderate amount of redundancy. Either way, drawing three or tutoring is going to be good. The major problem is that Distant Memories is better suited to be played against a deck that’s controlling because it doesn’t affect the board and takes a complete turn to cast it. With the amount of late-game this deck has, including cards that are geared towards the aggro matchup is better because that’s where the deck will need the most help.


Round 1: Black/red metalcraft(ish)

We started off with a mulligan after choosing to draw and stumbled on mana for a turn while Evil developed his board with an Ichor Wellspring and Pierce Strider. We drew into a third Island to throw a Vulshok Replica onto the battlefield to trade, but Evil was ready with Arc Trail to clear a path. The Oculus drew us into a Mountain which let us cast Shatter on the Strider, but Evil wouldn’t relent and replaced it with a Rusted Slasher. The Slasher was going to be a problem with the Wellspring in play, but we had our Vedalken Anatomist ready for it. However, Evil had plans to get rid of the Anatomist and killed it with Turn to Slag after not attacking. At that point the Slasher ate us alive because we had to throw creatures in front of it like Sky-Eel School and Serum Raker; the second attack phase had a Flameborn Hellion also racing towards us. Evil’s last attack brought us within reach of a lethal Concussive Bolt. Game two was similar.


The games that we played in round one didn’t let any specific card in our deck shine.

Serum Raker gets much worse when you need six lands to cast spells because extra lands in your hand have a much higher value than normal.

Both Strider Harness and Disperse would have been quite terrible if we had drawn them.

Oculus and Myr Sire were both mediocre and need other cards to make them function better (Rusted Slasher would have been good with Myr Sire, etc.). Low-impact creatures just aren’t amazing even if they conditionally cycle.

Vedalken Anatomist was awesome until it died (which was very quickly).

The deck never got a chance to get going and was always on its back foot (mainly because of Arc Trail followed by Turn to Slag along with a clock in game one). The game replay for game two can’t be accessed and I don’t remember what happened, but I’m assuming it played out similarly. The deck really wanted to be on the play because it was so slow, and for this deck to have been successful, it needed a better early game involving cards like Neurok Replica.

Happy Drafting.

54 thoughts on “According to Webster – Mirrodin Besieged Draft #4”

  1. I feel you had a decent shot at metalcraft yet you never even thought about going there. With metalcraft you would’ve had access to cards like Rusted Relic, Certarch and Lumengrid Drake. Just something I immediately thought after reading.

    A good article as always. Keep on rolling Web.

  2. Thought ‘mother p1p1 was the better choice, then hydra to rats etc.
    Guess u can’t win em all Web!

  3. bad breaks, would’ve liked to see you play against the nutty poison deck you passed if you made it to the finals.
    keep it up. i always enjoy reading these – best text draft walkthroughs on the web *grin*

  4. I’m not sure why you dislike Vivisection so much. Passing the first one was fine but I would have slammed the second. You already had a Myr Sire and there was a pretty good chance that the Occulus from your second pack would wheel.

  5. I dont know that I disagree on Anatomist over Vatmother (Especially since it basically guarantees you are putting the person next to you in poison) but it sucks that you ended up shipping the nuts in infect.

  6. I love having the written draft reports from Ochoa. But I’m just as excited to hear that he may be possibly doing some videos soon too. Hopefully the rumors are true.

  7. You say that deck really wants to be on the play and then G1 “We started off with a mulligan after choosing to draw(?)” Wrong decision?

  8. Anatomist is very good but Vatmother is clearly the better card and would have been the correct pick. There is a sense that infect decks are boring to draft, so many people doing videos or commentaries go out of their way not to draft it, but that’s not really helping. If I sit down for a tournament with something on the line, I want to draft to win and if that means infect, then that’s what I’ll draft. It’s very obvious in this draft that you would have had the nuts infect deck. Even being cut completely pack 2, you have Vatmother, Hydra, 2x Rot Wolf, 2x Cystbearer, Sceptic Rats, Digester, Flensermite, Fallen, Corpse Cur… the lot.

  9. Could you explain a bit on the anatomist vs. Vatmother Pick, Vatmother seems to be the more powerful card to me in a vacuum. Anatomist is very mana demanding and vatmother flat out wins games really quick…, and p1p1 ist more or less a vacuum. The only thing goin for anatomist would be a pack full of infect, forcing you to pass good stuff, which was not the case. Or the fact that it is less colour demanding or do you just think that Infect is not the go-to archetype (to me, blue seems rather week, even after the addition of MBS)

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trolling or trying to make myself smarter than a player that is much better than I am, I just would love to get more insight in why you consider those cards on equal powerlevel…

  10. Hypocritical Forum Trolls

    Ok people, every week you whine that Web drafts Infect and then you say that his articles are boring because he drafts Infect all the time. I’m guessing that he chose the Anatomist to please all of you trolls because he didn’t want to draft Infect again and write an interesting article. I learned a lot, so everyone who’s whined in the past about his repetitive infect drafts, and are now whining about the Vatmother vs. Anatomist can go chop off their you-know-what!

  11. Kenny McCormick

    Anatomist over Varmother is probably the worst pick you have made so far. It is not even remotely close. Vatmother is just on a completely different level.

  12. Guys he said with his first pick he was doing it for variety. Every week he hears complaints about him forcing poison. This time he forced non-poison and got shipped the nuts. It happens. The only real problem I see is that he chooses to force non-poison when he cracks a p1 bomb in poison. There are definitely better opportunities to go non-poison.

  13. Noticed there was a lot of second-guessing on his first pick of Anatomist vs. Vatmother; he already addressed it in his explanation…

    “The two are rather close in power (at this point I don’t know which is better), but let’s say for now that the Anatomist is better for the sake of diversity and run with it.”

    When there’s relatively little on the line, going out of your way to draft a different archetype actually helps your game in the long run. Now we know with slightly more confidence that if faced with that same first pack, Vatmother is the better pick than Anatomist.

  14. I think that p1p1 should have been vatmother. It is playable in both infect and non-infect, and in my experiences anatomist has often been a little too slow. In hindsight of course that pick would set you up for the nuts infect deck of vatmother, hydra, double rot wolf, double cystbear etc…

    However, once you decide to avoid infect I’m not sure what you could have done differently. . You were stuck in a bad spot with few good options.

  15. @Modred
    And the only reason he was cut from infect pack 2 was because he didn’t take any of them in pack 1! He would probably would have received more goodness in pack 2…. 🙁

  16. This was a bad, bad draft. You could have had a crazy ridiculous awesome infect deck, and should have gone into it after you got one of the best infect rares ever, then another one. Shit, pack 3 had a 5th pick cystbearer.
    Frown town.

  17. I would have picked anatomist over vatmathoer anytime, I dislike going infect and anatomist is really SUCH a strong card. Passing that and afterwards not being passed enough infect would suck

  18. I like infect but still would have taken anatomist. Every time it hits play 1 of 2 things happens – either it draws immediate removal or it starts controlling the game. If it were just 2U put a -1-1 on a creature that would make vatmother clearly better but since it also taps their threat, it saves damage this turn while moving toward getting rid of a creature. It really does control the board.

    Oh and you will never lose to your own creature facing arrest or another infect deck 🙂

    Oh and even if you take vatmother p1p1, surely the juggernaut is better than the hydra in my view.

  19. I think he made the right choice p1p1. Vatmother is a great card in general, but it’s not dominating (possibly excepting the t2 Plague Myr into t3 Vatmother), and is actively bad in an infect mirror. Most decks do have an answer to it somewhere in their 40, and until then can either chump block it or trade a couple of early drops for it. It’s pressure, sure, but it gives your opponent many valid avenues of escape.

    On the other hand, Anatomist demands immediate removal. It kills X/1s stone cold, whittles down larger things while preventing them from having an effect on the game, messes up creature combat for the opponent, and blows out stalemates, and fills mana holes in your hand’s curve. It’s actually comparable to a t2 Lotus Cobra in Standard in that if you don’t kill it immediately, exceedingly nasty things will start happening to you.

  20. If I’m not drafting infect – and in particular if I’m passing insane infect cards (no mention of Septic Rats p1p3?) – I try to think, “Which cards will stop me losing to infect”? Cards like Neurok Replica over Shatter, Bladed Pinions over Shatter, Plated Seastrider over Ogre Geargrabber, Ogre Resister over Rusted Slasher…

  21. I don’t much care about Anatomist vs. Vatmother because I’m tired of poison in general. The problem I have is Ogre Geargrabber over Plated Seastrider. You acknowledged that your deck had problems vs. aggro, so why not take a decent card against aggro?

  22. Not taking the Plated Seastrider is an “Obvisious” mistake.

    Even Neurok Replica should be a better pick over shatter aswell.

    But in the end you got tons of red stuff for whatever reason.

  23. It seems to me you went out of your way to not be infect, cause vatmother is much better than anatomist, she is very hard to kill (Damn you Arrest!) and inpacts the board as soon as you play her. After p1p1 it’s very akward to go into infect after passing a signal like that. I’m all for keeping your options open in pack 1 but thats so you can take the bomb you might open in pack 2. So in this format, when in doubt, take the bomb rare.
    Side note: taking vatmother even cut (good) infect from that pack.

  24. Some really strange pics in this draft… First pick shatter? You can almost always get one of those later, and it may even table.

  25. Based on the card distribution, Web should’ve obviously been playing Million-Tyrranaxeseses.dec. The players at this table were obvious garbage (I mean, 14th pick Seize the Initiative? Do people just not realize how good 7/5 first-striking Tyrranaxeseses are? Come on!), yet Web still managed to find a way to lose to an obviously terrible player with an obviously terrible deck. David Ochoa needs to be hung by his thumbs because that was obviously just the worst draft ever. Obviously.

  26. Anatomist is like trigon of corruption…but 10x better. The card is unreal, I’d snap take it over vatmother.

  27. It is srsly funny how no one on this site ever drafts infect (sans PV) even when it is clearly open and clearly the best choice. Anatomist over vat mother = fail

  28. Anatomist, which is reusable removal which works on almost every target in the block (and still taps down Melira’s Keepers, though it can’t kill it) is a much better first pick than Vatmother. Vatmother only looks better than Anatomist in this specific draft because pack two had Hydra; there’s no way to know the guy next to you is going to pass you Hydra. Once he does, if you’ve already passed Vatmother you don’t jump into poison, since you’ve already ‘poisoned’ the drafters downstream of you.

    Anyway, I look forward to drafting against you scrubs who are calling Web out for not snap-picking the Vatmother; I will happily tap your Vatmother down with my Anatomist until you lose.

  29. And you didn’t draft and run the following deck, because the pros continue to vigorously resist the card themselves screaming at them to get into Infect…

    Ph. Juggernaut
    Tangle Angler
    Corpse Cur
    2 TJ the Fallen
    2 Cystbearer
    Septic Rats
    2 Rot Wolf
    Contagious Nim
    Ph. Digester
    Blight Mamba

    14 infect creatures

    Alpha Tyrannax
    Bellowing Tanglewurm
    2 Acid Web Spider
    Perilous Myr
    Copper Myr
    Wall of Tanglecord

    7 other creatures

    Unnatural Predation
    Strider Harness

    2 pump

    10 Forest, 7 Swamp

    Sideboard and alternatives –

    Nested Ghoul (not used main to understress black)
    Flayer Husk (might swap out green dinos for this for speed)
    Signal Pest (ditto)
    Horizon Spellbomb
    Wing Puncture (side in vs. flyers)
    Ezuri’s Archers (ditto)
    V. Revel

    That deck might seem light on removal and interaction, but look at the threat density compared to what you actually took. Your deck had 6 flying creatures of 3 power to try to win with. You have 6-7 removal to subtract from enemy threats. The deck above has 12 infect and 4 life threats, 2 effective removal (Perilous and Angler), and against flyers like yours more like 4 after board. There are about 50% more relevant cards for a faster kill clock.

    Anatomist over Vatmother? The train went off the rails at the first pick…

  30. @Jim Storrie
    Although I agree that the Vatmother vs Anatomist pick is very close (for what it’s worth, I’d have gone Vatmother, because it’s much harder to kill, requires less mana investment, and can win games by itself), I take some objection to the claim that you “will happily tap your Vatmother down with my Anatomist until you lose.” I don’t really think Anatomist trumps Vatmother. You’re spending three mana a turn to tap down (and shrink) a guy, but you’re probably falling way behind on the board as you do so. And unless you’re infect/proliferate yourself, Vatmother won’t be killing its controller anytime soon. Well, I guess you could shrink it down to 0/1 (after spending 15 mana to the opponent’s 4) and then not attack for five-six turns, but that doesn’t seem like a very likely path to victory.

    tl;dr: Anatomist doesn’t trump Vatmother.

  31. Wow, your infect would have been pretty busted, even without a whole pack 2’s worth (it’s pretty easy to assume the guy to your left ended up in it after being given p2 vatmother p3 hydra and thereafter cut it furiously). Also, I can only assume getting back Vatmother and Hydra with a pair of Corpse Curs is as bah-roken as it sounds. Infect draft picks aren’t as fun to read about, though, so thank you for the diversity choice.

  32. @JasonC:

    The infect deck would have been even more broken than that cause you’d get a pack 2. We only didn’t see it cause Web shipped it all

  33. I’m not really sure how Anatomist over Vatmother is the 1st pick. Anatomist is good and can slowly grind out games if left alone but when they are playing threats and you tap most of you mana everyturn to stall them… doesnt seem as amazing as throwing down vatmother and off to the chump races they go.

    You really love heavy Arbalest dont you? Is this like the 3rd draft of the last 4 where you had it in?
    Not saying the pick is wrong here (it was more questionable in other drafts) but man, you really go for it.

    There is something to be said about picking infect cards early and man, vatmother into hydra into rats with multiple pumps seems pretty decent.

  34. @GRF: We are talking Limited, here. It’s not like you can count on drawing a threat every turn to overwhelm the guy who has Anatomist on the board. Anatomist will win you a game, easily, if your opponent doesn’t have removal on hand right away. You could say that for Vatmother, as well, but Vatmother fails against creature stall, loses to Fangren Marauder & co., costs more, is double-black, might actually kill you, and locks you into infect, whereas Anatomist is cheap, splashable, and fits in every possible archetype in MSS draft, from poison to dinos to mill. It’s the better first pick.

  35. Grgur Petric Maretic

    I think the first pick is very close. The second pick is the only one that makes sense after the first one.
    I like the Anatomist here because he is highly splashable and deals with a lot of the format’s bombs. Vatmother is an excellent card but requires you to devote to drafting black and infect, and isn’t so good when drawn later in the game as Anatomist. I can see myself taking any one of them – it just turned out that you were passed infect insanity later, and it could’ve easily been the other way around.

    Basically the only thing I didn’t like was not taking the Seastrider

  36. How is Anatomist close to Vatmother. Anatomist is a 6 mana -1/-1 counter that gets killed by anything in the format. Vat mother will probably kill the opponent in 2 hits, or leave him in a horrible situation. It will also beat the crap out of any creature with the same CC, and dodges things like burn the impure, grasp, etc.
    I don’t get it. Yes, Anatomist is good when it gets going, but come on, that’s not going to happen.

  37. To all the people complaing about Anatomist: You cannot make this comparison always assuming both cards are played on the earliest possible turn. Vatmother is amazing on turn four but much less amazing on turn eight, whereas Anatomist will often completely take over a game which is otherwise deadlocked or involves a race.

  38. @bateleur
    How is a 4/5 infect not good in later turns? How is a 1/2 better in turns where the actual board sweepers are online, or where you can just bounce it/shoot it with arbalest/ping it/whatever?
    Even if the Vatmother is doing literally nothing but chump blocking, it’s just about the best chump blocker ever.

  39. @ fabisco says: March 14, 2011 @ 4:00 am

    I actually prefer Vatmother because it’s much easier to slam down and bash with while playing other spells compared to the Anatomist. Vatmother is going to be better at almost every stage of the game except the very late when both boards are cluttered and players are in topdeck mode because the Anatomist is so demanding on your mana (I don’t think the pick is close at all).

    @ troublestarts says: March 14, 2011 @ 11:04 am

    I figured it would be much easier to get a Seastrider/Wall of Tanglecord-type creature in pack three than a random giant like a Geargrabber.

    @ Sub1982 says: March 14, 2011 @ 1:19 pm

    Yes, that’s right; first-pick Shatter. Anyone who knows how I draft is aware of how much I like Neurok Replica and how much I dislike Shatter, but the two cards really aren’t that close at that point.

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  41. I was completely baffled by your comment that Raker is worse when you need six lands to play. What are you talking about there? Why would you need six lands when it costs four mana? Was there something I missed concerning mana issues?

  42. Anatomist over vatmother is close but I really hate geargrabber over seastrider. I mean, is the geargrabber even playable? By that point you even had 2 good 6 drops. It’s your 12th pick so who cares I guess.

  43. I don’t think passing the Hydra pick 2 after passing the Vatmother pick 1 is “terrible” .. do you really wanna go Infect after passing the best Infect creatures in the set? So the real question is, Vatmother pick 1 or not? Looking at the rest of the pack in P1P1, I think the Vatmother would have been a very reasonable choice. But then again, I can’t fault the author for going with the Anatomist. An easy-to-cast dude that taps and kills things? Not bad.

    I did think, though, that the deck was shaping up to be mediocre on early defense, and that’s exactly what happened. Lots of late game, but if you can’t get there, then it doesn’t do any good. I wonder if picking Wall of Tanglecord and Neurok Replica more highly would have helped?

  44. @ArK> Obviously a 4/5 is still good in later turns, but it no longer has the same impact because your opponent can just sometimes just throw random irrelevant stuff in the way.

    I don’t really know what you mean by “sweepers”.

  45. p2p4, when you already know you’re the slow blue deck, why would you take a disperse over plated seastrider? Even darksteel myr would have made sense, to plug up the ground in time for you to make your land drops and then cast your fatties. But disperse? Really?

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