According to Webster – Mirrodin Besieged Draft #1

Mirrodin Besieged Draft #1

Pack 1 pick 1:


Lumengrid Gargoyle isn’t as good as it appears because it’s expensive and an artifact with no significant upsides; it’s fine but not great. Yes, it’s large and flies like Steel Hellkite and Thopter Assembly, but the similarity ends there. Spending six mana on an artifact creature demands getting some real value from it for it to be a windmill slam, and the Gargoyle is simply lacking. The rest of the pack is quite mediocre with the exception of Septic Rats (moderately good) which pigeon-holes us into infect. That’s not to say that going all-in on infect from the get-go is a bad idea, it’s just a strategy that involves more risk. Either pick works, and the direction to go should be based on preference and what you’re trying to do in the draft. If you’re trying to 3-0, then the riskier path is the way to go because the potential rewards are higher.

My pick: Septic Rats

Pack 1 pick 2:


Corrupted Conscience is excellent and one of the best uncommons on the set. Other notables in the pack include Burn the Impure and Blightwidow, although Burn really isn’t an option because Corrupted Conscience is the better of the two that will go into a non-infect deck (almost always an effortless two-for-one). There are a few options to consider:

1. Take Corrupted Conscience and draft blue/black infect.
2. Take Corrupted Conscience, abandon infect, and potentially black.
3. Take Blightwidow and hope that infect will remain open.

The first option is the worst because it’s difficult to acquire enough playables and requires that black is wide open in the last two packs. The second option is fine because nothing amazing was passed in the first pick which leaves us looking at blue and whatever else is open. The third option involves more risk than the second, but sets up the second pack relatively well because it’s much less likely that infect won’t be open. With the rare missing it’s difficult to tell what direction will benefit us the most (blue/x or infect), and we only know that it’s likely that blue is open directly to our right but nothing beyond that. Despite how good Corrupted Conscience is, the rewards for going all-in on infect are substantial. Even if it becomes apparent that it’s not open, Blightwidow is still excellent in many other archetypes.

My pick: Blightwidow

Pack 1 pick 3:


Flensermite isn’t very good without equipment like Copper Carapace to boost its power/toughness which leaves only Pistus Strike. Pistus Strike is pretty good in sealed because most pools have dragons to deal with, but in draft it’s less likely to be as useful; it’s still a strong sideboard card though and much better than Wing Puncture/Ezuri’s Archers.

My pick: Pistus Strike

Pack 1 pick 4:


Creeping Corrosion is a relatively good sign that green is open and a decent card in infect because it’s not difficult to draft a deck with very few artifacts. Virulent Wound is also decent and has more synergy with the deck since it gives the opponent poison counters, but it doesn’t have the amount of raw power that Creeping Corrosion does.

My pick: Creeping Corrosion

Pack 1 pick 5:


Copper Carapace is quite good because it provides a significant bonus making it much harder to kill infect’s small creatures. However, it’s more likely that we’ll be rewarded in pack two if we reduce the number of infect creatures to ensure that fewer people are drafting the archetype. Core Prowler will lead to some pretty sick turns with its proliferate effect, but it’s much more frail on the battlefield compared to Septic Rats (which is also much cheaper).

My pick: Septic Rats

Pack 1 pick 6:


Viridian Emissary is quite weak in infect (except the mirror where you’re more likely to be on the defensive). Mirran Meddle is fine, though minor pump effects are narrow and reduce the consistency of a deck when dealing with mulligans. Flensermite is the best choice because it’s the most likely to end up in the maindeck.

My pick: Flensermite

Pack 1 pick 7:


Glissa’s Courier is a bad sideboard card because it’s not giving the opponent poison counters. Tine Shrike is okay but requires cards to help cast it (Viridian Emissary/Horizon Spellbomb/Gold Myr), and all of those are relatively mediocre in the deck. Still, there aren’t any other good options and it’s likely that the Tine Strike will make someone else want to go into infect.

My pick: Tine Shrike

Pack 1 pick 8:


Fangren Marauder is an excellent plan B because it provides a huge body as well as making it quite difficult for any artifact-heavy deck to successfully race. Morbid Plunder is a better choice though because it provides a source of card advantage that is necessary to grind out the opponent.

My pick: Morbid Plunder

Pack 1 pick 9:


My pick: Tangle Hulk

Pack 1 pick 10:


My pick: Tangle Hulk

Pack 1 pick 11:


My pick: Myr Sire

Pack 1 pick 12:


My pick: Unnatural Predation

Pack 1 pick 13:


My pick: Horrifying Revelation

Pack 1 pick 14:


My pick: Koths Courier

Pack 1 pick 15:


Infect wasn’t as open as desired in the pack even though there was a moderate amount of cards midway through the pack (while nothing wheeled from the initial picks like Virulent Wound). Still, the second pack should yield a lot more because of how colors flowed in the first.

Pack 2 pick 1:


Sunblast Angel is pretty awesome but there was no white being passed in the first pack compared to the other colors which means we won’t be able to support it after abandoning green. Additionally, the Arrest in the pack will complicate matters in the third pack by sending a bad signal. Acid Web Spider is quite good but it doesn’t mesh with the archetype’s strategy like Contagion Clasp does. Clasp is excellent in the deck because it doesn’t require other charge counter cards to be useful and works so well with the infect mechanic.

My pick: Contagion Clasp

Pack 2 pick 2:


There are quite a few good cards here, and unfortunately this pack will have a negative effect on our third pack because of how laden it is with infect cards. Skinrender and Putrefax are the most powerful options, though it’s going to be best to take Skinrender because it’s always useful regardless of the game-state. Putrefax is better in aggressive decks when you’re winning but that’s not always going to be the case.

My pick: Skinrender

Pack 2 pick 3:


Flesh Allergy is generally not what the archetype wants to do because there are very few irrelevant creatures that lose their value as the game progresses (unlike myr in metalcraft). We do have a Myr Sire, though it’s unlikely that it will make the cut into the deck. Tel-Jilad Fallen is the only real choice and a fine one.

My pick: Tel-Jilad Fallen

Pack 2 pick 4:


Tainted Strike is good with two Tangle Hulks and Skinrender but is likely to wheel. Blight Mamba and Rust Tick are better options than Fume Spitter because they both have more impact on the game. Between the two cards Rust Tick is a bit more powerful because its ability provides more flexibility on the Battlefield. The format is roughly forty percent artifacts (half of them creatures) and having a Blinding Mage to stop the worst of them is a potent effect. Another important point to consider is the fact that there are two Septic Rats in the deck and maximizing their potential is a crucial component to the deck’s goldfish draws.

My pick: Blight Mamba

Pack 2 pick 5:


Ichorclaw Myr is the clear pick here as there’s nothing else that comes remotely close to accomplishing what it does. Palladium Myr and Moriok Replica are marginal because the archetype isn’t accelerating into anything and isn’t on the defensive more of the time (re: blocking with Replica and sacrificing before damage).

My pick:


Pack 2 pick 6:


There’s no need for more dinosaurs (because of the two Tangle Hulks) which dismisses Alpha Tyrranax as an option. Silver Myr is also unnecessary because there’s nothing to accelerate into and is a bad turn-two play compared to any infect creature. Perilous Myr is also out of place except in the mirror where it’s most likely that we’ll be on defense. Tower of Calamities is another sideboard card for the mirror, although it’s far less consistent because it’s important to have cards that have an immediate impact on the board to ensure that you’re not run over.

My pick: Perilous Myr

Pack 2 pick 7:


Barbed Battlegear is very mediocre because a lot of infect creatures have one-toughness and can’t be equipped without dying. There’s nothing for us in this pick and Vulshok Replica is the most useful card against us since it trades with most of our resilient creatures (Ichorclaw Myr, Septic Rats, and Cystbearer).

My pick: Vulshok Replica

Pack 2 pick 8:


Untamed Might is good especially as the curve of the deck decreases and makes it more likely that the opponent will be behind sooner (and forced to tap out). Instill Infection is going to be better for the other cases where you have an average deck because it helps put you ahead with regards to card advantage. Our deck doesn’t appear to have a curve low enough to take more advantage of Untamed Might compared to simply grinding out the opponent with cards like Morbid Plunder, Contagion Clasp, and Skinrender.

My pick: Instill Infection

Pack 2 pick 9:


Nihil Spellbomb is the only card we’d consider playing and it would only be for the mirror when dealing with Corpse Cur and Morbid Plunder shenanigans

My pick: Nihil Spellbomb

Pack 2 pick 10:


Unfortunately both the Putrefax and Plague Stinger didn’t wheel which means that there are at least two other infect drafters, though after what we saw from the first pack that isn’t surprising. Blight Mamba is the only choice for us.

My pick: Blight Mamba

Pack 2 pick 11:


My pick: Ezuris Archers

Pack 2 pick 12:


My pick: Tainted Strike

Pack 2 pick 13:


My pick: Bleak Coven Vampires

Pack 2 pick 14:


My pick: Ferrovore

Pack 2 pick 15:


The second pack was better than the first, although the main reason is from our own doing (cutting infect hard while passing everything else).

Pack 3 pick 1:


Heavy Arbalest is quite a card and passing it is no easy task. Contagion Engine is simply one of the best cards to have (especially in infect where double-proliferating will be game) because it’s a wrath that also kills the opponent within a few turns.

My pick: Contagion Engine

Pack 3 pick 2:


Tine Shrike is the only card that we have to make a splash for which is quite unimpressive and eliminates Horizon Spellbomb. Perilous Myr is also unnecessary because of the nature of the archetype. Tumble Magnet is the best choice because it functions well with Contagion Clasp/Engine while providing effective disruption for little cost while we beat down with Septic Rats and Tel-Jilad Fallen.

My pick: Tumble Magnet

Pack 3 pick 3:


Cystbearer is like Contagious Nim but with a +0/+1 bonus thrown in for free. How could anyone turn down a deal like that?

My pick: Cystbearer

Pack 3 pick 4:


Throne of Geth can be a powerful utility card in a deck because it provides a very inexpensive way (in terms of mana) to proliferate. Generally a deck will want at least eight artifacts to be able to use the Throne continuously and this one is a bit short on good artifacts (four excluding Myr Sire, two Tangle Hulks, and a Perilous Myr). The other option is Asceticism which is not usually a good card because it’s very mana-intensive and not good in the mirror. However, against some decks it can be a powerful way to grind out the opponent and blank the majority of their removal. If we had more artifacts, the Throne would be a better choice, however it’s simply too inconsistent in the deck.

My pick: Asceticism

Pack 3 pick 5:


We’re low on creatures at the moment which makes Blackcleave Goblin and Trigon of Infestation better choices than a second Instill Infection. The Goblin is a better choice in a fast deck (which is not what we’re working with), but in this it will likely be underwhelming in most games. The Trigon is much slower than the Goblin but has a lot more staying power and interacts quite well with Contagion Clasp/Engine and Asceticism.

My pick: Trigon of Infestation

Pack 3 pick 6:


Bladed Pinions is a good way to help get the deck’s three-drops through though it’s underwhelming when dealing with only one-power creatures like Blight Mamba and other two-drops. Unfortunately there aren’t many creatures to equip Bladed Pinions to in the first place. Moriok Replica is the other choice and not directly useful with the deck’s goals. However in games of attrition the Replica can provide another source of card-advantage especially when throwing Morbid Plunder into the mix.

My pick: Moriok Replica

Pack 3 pick 7:


My pick: Instill Infection

Pack 3 pick 8:


My pick: Untamed Might

Pack 3 pick 9:


My pick: Tel-Jilad Fallen

Pack 3 pick 10:

My pick: Inexorable Tide

Pack 3 pick 11:


My pick: Necrogen Scudder

Pack 3 pick 12:


My pick: Moriok Reaver

Pack 3 pick 13:


My pick: Kuldotha Rebirth

Pack 3 pick 14:


My pick: Golems Heart

Pack 3 pick 15:


The third pack wasn’t the worst, and opening a good rare certainly made it much nicer. Overall, the draft had some bumps mainly because there was one person over the limit that infect could support. However, we managed to get enough good cards to build a successful deck and shouldn’t have too much trouble winning.

Building the Deck

There are a few ways to take the deck ranging from including cards that are more proactive like Flensermite, Pistus Strike, Unnatural Predation, and Tainted Strike to playing cards that lock up the board and let us win at our discretion.

The core of the deck is the following nineteen cards:


The remaining cards include:


Flensermite won’t be great unless we also include Unnatural Predation to help ensure that Septic Rats is always attacking as a 3/3. However, there’s nothing else to support Flensermite and make it better than a 1/1 (which is bad).

There are a lot of creatures to make Tainted Strike good: Moriok Reaver, Necrogen Scudder, Moriok Replica, and Tangle Hulk especially. However, none of these creatures directly help the deck’s strategy with the exception of Moriok Replica because the deck is slow and has could benefit from the pseudo-Sakura-Tribe Elder. Necrogen Scudder and Tangle Hulk are completely out of place in the deck and the only creature that is going to be auto-included that’s good with Tainted Strike is Skinrender. Including a bunch of vanilla non-infect creatures to make Tainted Strike better is going to compromise the deck’s focus.

Pistus Strike is generally too weak for draft, although if we saw enough fliers during the draft, there would be enough reason to justify playing it main.

Asceticism is quite slow but lets us get more mileage from our low number of creatures in addition to making our Tel-Jilad Fallen much better.

Myr Sire is quite bad except maybe in the mirror against specific creatures like Blackcleave Goblin and Phyrexian Digester.

Perilous Myr doesn’t directly help with the deck’s strategy, but does buy time which normally wouldn’t be good in an infect deck. However, the composition of the deck’s spells favors a long game which means that Perilous Myr likely has a place in the deck.

Moriok Replica is another slow card and not directly tied with the deck’s strategy with the exception of gaining card advantage in certain matchups. It’s unlikely that the Replica is going to be able to be used before turn five/six because of the number of four-mana spells in the deck.

Nihil Spellbomb offers little utility in the deck other than for playing a thirty-nine card deck. There’s no synergy with cards like Painsmith or other cards than benefit us for playing artifact spells.

The high curve of the deck suggests that eighteen lands is appropriate which means that only three of the other cards can be included in the deck. The front-runners include Perilous Myr, Asceticism, Moriok Replica, Unnatural Predation, and Flensermite. The Myr and Asceticism are the strongest of the five which means that it’s unlikely that Flensermite will have a place without the inclusion of Unnatural Predation. Unnatural Predation is fine without Flensermite and an awesome combination with Untamed Might in the late-game. However, of all the candidates for the final slots, Unnatural Predation is one of the most narrow with the least amount of power; it’s the most likely to be a mulligan.


Round 1: black/white infect

We played defensively dealing with Evil’s threats at he played them; Plague Stinger got killed by Contagion Clasp and so on. Evil tried to utilize an Accorder’s Shield to get extra value from his creatures, but the Clasp trumped his attempts. For example, he summoned a Phyrexian Digester and equipped it with the Shield before running it into our Blight Mamba. Later on, he tried to attack with the Digester again, but we proliferated to neutralize it. The Clasp kept working while we played spells like Skinrender and Instill Infection to control the board while using Cystbearer and Blightwidow to give Evil a poison counter. The advantage overtook Evil quite rapidly and it became apparent as his hand and board disintegrated compared to ours which was cluttered with creatures and unused spells.


Round 2: black/green infect
Perilous Myr was huge in the first game because Evil didn’t want to trade his Cystbearer for it while an Ichor Rats with Livewire Lash ran into our Blight Mamba. We bunkered down with Trigon of Infestation and Asceticism (to turn off his removal) while matching Evil’s creatures (Cystbearer vs. Scourge Servant, etc.). The Asceticism prevented our Tel-Jilad Fallen from being killed by Evil’s Fume Spitter and Plaguemaw Beast. The game wouldn’t have been close, but Evil had a Putrefax in addition to Livewire Lash to give us four extra poison counters. However, we were able to grind out the win with the Trigon and Contagion Clasp while holding Contagion Engine and Skinrender.


Round 3: blue/red metalcraft
Evil had a heavy-artifact deck and a few non-artifact creatures like Blisterstick Shaman, Lumengrid Drake, Darkslick Drake, and Argent Sphinx in addition to Corrupted Conscience. We were on the defensive both games simply because of the portion of spells that were drawn. Evil ran out of gas in the first while we had multiple four-drops like Trigon of Infestation and both Tel-Jilad Fallen. Not even Corrupted Conscience was enough to turn the tide in his favor thanks to Untamed Might.

The second game involved a quick Argent Sphinx, but we kept it in check with Contagion Clasp and were able to proliferate it away before Evil could phase it out. In the meantime Evil had managed to beat us down with various artifact creatures and threatened to kill us, but we drew the land necessary to wrath him with Contagion Engine, which provided us enough time to take over the game.


Asceticism proved to be quite useful despite playing against two infect decks mainly because it gave our creatures shroud. There were games with multiple Fume Spitters/Virulent Wounds in addition to Trigon of Corruption and Plaguemaw Beast.

Trigon of Infestation also gave us a lot of mileage with the help of Contagion Clasp. The Trigon has always been a good card for the mirror and it’s yet to disappoint.

Morbid Plunder would have been quite good in any of the games but we never drew it.

Creeping Corrosion would have been good in either of the games that we drew it, however the games played out such that we didn’t need it. In round one we could have used it to destroy a Phyrexian Digester and Accorder’s Shield, but we also had Contagion Clasp which seemed like it would be better to keep in play (it was). In round three, we could have destroyed most of the opponent’s board (which was mostly irrelevant small creatures), but we were on low life and had Contagion Clasp, Tumble Magnet, Contagion Engine, and Trigon of Infestation. Despite having a deck with very few artifacts, there was much more symmetry associated with Creeping Corrosion than was desired because all of our artifacts were essential.

The draft could have gone down two main paths: Septic Rats and Lumengrid Gargoyle. I won’t recommend either way always, but the safer choice is generally better because drafting reactively will lead towards a higher success rate. Going all-in on extreme archetypes like infect and white-weenie aggro (both of which are quite good) from the beginning of the draft will work out at times, but will also lead towards trainwrecks much more often than had you drafted reactively and took what was passed to you. This draft illustrated one of the possible outcomes of forcing an archetype; yes, it worked out somewhat. However, had we not opened Clasp and Engine as well as been passed Skinrender we wouldn’t have won and would have ended up with a mediocre deck. Forcing an archetype will produce 3-0 decks a moderate amount of the time, but the same is true with 1-2/0-3 decks. Sometimes the cards just aren’t available.

Happy Drafting.

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  1. Your pack 2 open made me go O.O

    And then all the stuff you got passed was insane.

    And then you opened insane pack 3.

  2. @Dan It doesn’t. There’s not even a situation it would matter, since with one counter the Fallen would be bad. I assume his opponent had a Necropede or something to sac to the Beast. That or this is the third example since the MSS drafts have started going up of CFB pros totally failing to read the main mechanics of the block properly (the other two being the Battle cry “giving” +1/+1 from two separate YouTube drafts).

  3. I’m confused about pack 1 pick 2. Corrupted Conscience is one of the best cards in the set, and all we have is an okay infect guy. If Blightwidow is the pick here, doesn’t that suggest that we should force infect every time we see an infect creature in the first two packs? To put it a different way: if you want to go infect here, when DON’T you want to go infect?

  4. @ Jason, How is regeneration relevant when you’re against infect decks for two rounds? And more to the point why would proliferating a fallen ever be a factor in anything? I’m not following your logic.

  5. @ mesti

    I think you need to reevaluate the situation. The interaction here is pretty clear: Asceticism lets Tel-Jilad Fallen regenerate, and therefore survive combat with the Plaguemaw Beast. Mystery solved.

  6. as much as i like your evaluations i will not be reading any of your future drafts unless there is a void of others. i prefer the vids where i cam be multitasking. please consider video commentary.

  7. plaguemaw beast can block the fallen but since the fallen can regenerate, the beast is not a problem. pretty sure that was the point.

  8. I REALLY dislike the instill infection over untamed might pick but i agree with almost everything else.

  9. I really like the written format draft report, was really looking forward to this, and hope for more to come, thanks.

  10. @Nate: You don’t know how good Blightwidow is then. Did you ever play with or against Cystbearer? Blightwidow is at least twice as good as that. The card is absolutely bonkers, and Web is absolutely correct in his analysis of the pick. Personally, Blue/Black is my favourite deck in the set, so I probably would have taken the Mind Control as a signal and jumped on it hard, but that’s more due to personal preference rather than sound logic.

    @Web: I agree with Ryan’s post 2 above this one (well, 2 as I’m writing, might not be 2 at time of posting). I’ve never been impressed with Instill Infection, but Untamed Might seems like a card you really want to have in Infect. What’s the deal?

  11. I prefer the written articles, and really enjoy this newer format of writing! Keep up the good work Web -_-

  12. I appreciate this draft coverage. The analysis is succint but sizable. I also prefer it because in China youtube is blocked and I haven’t the nous to get around it yet!

  13. What Lyle said, Blightwidow is far better than “okay”, it’s the best common infect guy in MBS, and second or third best common in the block after Cystbearer and Plague Stinger. Four toughness makes it very hard to kill either in combat or with burn.

  14. Web is absolutely correct in taking instill infection with clasp and beast and even more so with Contagion Engine. His deck wasn’t built to rush the opponent he had Trigon, Engine, Plaguemaw etc… the narrow-minded card evaluations such as taking might over instill infection is why Web crushes and many of you lose tight matches to better players. Please attempt to look at picks as part of whole and not on individual or in this case archetypical merrit.

  15. DUDE… WE NEED A VID FROM YOU… I would like to see you play for once. You dont even have to talk much but consider it please. Thanks.

  16. Am I wrong in assuming that MBS packs are split 2-2 faction wise in the U/R slot, meaning you knew the guy to your right first picked a Phyrexian Rare? Not sure if it matters, but if I’m right it is worth considering.

  17. @armix it is not like that, look at his first pack, 8 mirran 6 phyrexian. That would be interesting if the packs were like that though.

  18. I hate to say this but I quit reading after I found out it’s yet another infect force draft. I like your reports but it’s been the same type of deck too many times now.

    I get the fact that you like drafting infect, now please do something different once. The repetition makes for a rather dissappointing read.

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  20. nice write up. I understand the instill infection over might but I wouldn’t be able to resist. Keep writing it up like this, there are plenty of vids to be seen.

  21. moderation1185

    @armix As far as I know, the only official split in the packs is that the rare and uncommons are of different factions (excepting opening Tezzy).

    @ Web – excellent analysis and explanation of your thought process, as usual. I happen to disagree with pack 1, pick 2, as I think taking Corrupted Conscience leaves you pretty wide open for a controlling deck as well. Judging from the first pack, it looks like you would have ended up heavily blue, with potential to be either black or red as the second color (blisterstick shaman and morbid plunder stick out here). Judging from the first 2 picks of that archetype in pack 2 (Arc trail, then skinrender), it looks like a solid UBr control deck. I think that’s a more consistent approach, since septic rats is good, but not a first pick that you can’t consider throwing away.

  22. I highly value this type of draft analysis and appreciate Web’s clarity and conciseness which this article demonstrates. As a casual Magician who plays limited almost exclusively, I consider Web’s in-context card/pick decisions, deck construction choices, and post-draft evaluations to be both critical (to the overall efficacy of this article as a teaching tool) and edifying. I, for one, look forward to and encourage future articles of this type.

    RE: requests for a video … Clearly, CF’s draft videos provide a novel and educational (and often entertaining) perspective on both drafting and game-play. The relative absence of a detailed match play-by-play in this article doesn’t detract from its usefulness. However, going 3-0 in this draft without a doubt required solid play. Thus, a companion video of the matches – perhaps without the typical drafting and deck-building segments (since you accomplish that is these articles) – would be the icing on the cake (the cake of Magical strategy, of course).

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  24. Just want to add another voice to say that I greatly appreciate the well thought out and careful analysis that can only come from these *written* reports.

    I’m not knocking the videos. If they are what works for you, great, but Web’s reports are my favorite content on the site.

    Also, based on reputation, I think a video might consist of a good hour+ of silence.

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  26. It’s pretty ironic that the infect giving mind control doesn’t really lend itself to an infect strategy.

  27. I really liked your analysis of this entire draft: it was sharp, interesting and objective.

    Even though it pained me to see you pick Blightwidow over Corrupted Conscience, since I take an unhealthy pleasure in drafting Blue/Black decks in this set, I think this was one of your better draft reports.

  28. I like that you write your drafts since it is fast to go through, and there are an abundance of video draft-viewing options already. The depth of your analysis is appreciated so if you keep doing what you are doing, I will be of the happy campers. Thank you.

  29. Just wondering if your pack 1, pick 10 of a 2nd Tangle Hulk over a Mirran Mettle was a mistake? Do you not value boosts at all in infect decks, or was it just not a good fit for this particular infect deck?

  30. “Heavy Arbalest is quite a card and passing it is no easy task…” Oh, Web..
    Did you really have to make that comment with Contagion Engine in the pack?xD

  31. Web I’ve read all of your drafts going back the last few releases. They are my favorite format as they are fast and easy to read, plus the showing of the cards allows for an easy ‘what if I played’ picking game as you read. I enjoy the vids from time to time, but mostly for the comic flavor. Webs are never to be missed.

  32. you simply cannot lose slinging a deck like that.
    contagion engine + random infect critter = brutal

    good job mr web, next please 🙂

  33. @Web When you were running through your Tainted Strike targets, you forgot that Perilous Myr is a pretty good one since its death trigger can be infected.

  34. I would have gone with Gargoyle 1st pick. Septic Rats is way too much of a commitment to take 1st with something decent like Lumengrid Gargoyle also in the pack. When the choice is down to two cards I always take the artifact in this format. You never know when someone is going to pass you a Corrupted Consicience (or Flamefiend or whatever).

    The picks I really don’t understand are Pistus Strike over Flensermite and Tangle Hulk over Mirran Mettle. Flensermite is pretty mediocre but it’s harder to pick up two drop infecters with one less pack of Scars. I don’t see how taking a sideboard card is even an option here. Mirran Mettle isn’t the greatest but it’s insurance if you don’t get any untamed might in Scars plus you already had a Tangle Hulk and you don’t really want to play one in infect, let alone two.

  35. Good to see some MBS SOM SOM drafts, but why are the games so brief? I liked the longer turn-for-turn plays.

  36. @ Nate says: February 28, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

    I wouldn’t always default to going infect, but if I pick a reasonable creature pick one and have the choice between an excellent infect pick and an excellent non-infect pick, there’s value in staying the course. The decision isn’t cut and dry and depends on what else is in the two packs. For example, if there were a lot of other infect cards then I’d be more likely to take Corrupted Conscience because I know it’s less likely that pack two will be wide open.

    @ Lyle says: February 28, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

    Untamed Might was awesome in the more aggro versions of infect during tripple-SOM, but now it’s harder to draft that archetype because you’re minus one pack of good two-drops. In the mid-range/controlling builds of infect, it’s more likely that you have to play real magic and use card advantage to win. Untamed Might is going to be a one-for-one when it’s not used to kill the opponent and not something that you can use to kill a problematic creature like Embersmith (unlike Instill Infection). Instill Infection is far less flashy than Untamed Might, but it’s far from underwhelming.

    @ abdallah says: March 1, 2011 @ 10:52 am

    Rust Tick is generally better than Blight Mamba, but there was already some artifact removal in the deck. I felt that maximizing the potential of Septic Rats on turn four was more important because it would be more likely that the additional pressure from having the Rats as a 3/3 attacker would generate enough leverage to make the deck play out much better. For example, Instill Infection would be much more amazing because it’d be more likely that the opponent would be forced to block without being able to play around a combat trick.

    @ greg says: March 1, 2011 @ 12:09 pm

    I generally don’t like lwo-impact combat tricks like Mirran Mettle because they’re useful in only a few situations and only with aggro versions of infect.

    @ Fox Murdoch says: March 2, 2011 @ 1:11 am

    It’s hard to find enough time to devote to everything, and sadly these game replays eat up a lot of my schedule.

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  38. I like a lot your writing for several reason and I hope this format (writen summary of key point including post play analysis) for a number aof reason:

    1) I can read it behind this strict (no vids from youtube) filtering of my lient’s network
    2) It’s faster than the full video
    3) It contains more information because you write it with a kind of second tough instead of commenting in the rush of decision

    Not only I like your work but I will also be happy to have another columnist writing same format of report

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