A Thrilling Discovery for Modern Dredge – Deck Highlight

Thrilling Discovery for Modern Dredge


Modern Dredge by kefka27


Dredge has been a solid deck in Modern for quite some time, and Strixhaven improved it much more than most sets. The addition of Thrilling Discovery for Modern Dredge is fantastic for the deck, and well worth adding another color of mana. Cathartic Reunion was the best card in the deck, so adding four more copies of it is unsurprisingly great.


Header - The Game Plan

Dump dredge cards into the graveyard and tear through your deck, milling Prized Amalgams, Narcomoebas and Creeping Chills. Finish with Life from the Loam-powered Conflagrates.

This is one of the most extreme Magic decks in any format where it’s legal, as it has the single-minded goal of trying to put as much of its deck into its graveyard. Once it does, it profits wildly, and this deck forces the opponent to have hate or a very fast win in order to compete.


Header - Key Cards

Cathartic ReunionThrilling Discovery


These are the most powerful enablers in the deck, as they allow you to discard two dredge cards and then draw three, leading to giant amounts of mill. They’re what you want to see most in your opener, and resolving one on turn two will often give you the tools to win by turn four or so.




This is your backup mill card and it still does the job admirably well.


Stinkweed Imp (Timeshifted)Life from the LoamGolgari Thug


These are your actual dredgers, and are key in getting as many cards into the graveyard as possible.


Prized Amalgam (Timeshifted)NarcomoebaCreeping ChillBloodghast


These are what pay you for all the milling. Narcomoeba and Bloodghast trigger the Prized Amalgams, and Creeping Chill nugs the opponent for nine to 12 damage per game (and gives you some extra life to play with).


Ox of Agonas


Another relatively recent addition, Ox of Agonas gives you a threat and another draw engine.




This is one of the scariest cards in the deck. Thanks to Life from the Loam, you can often cast it for giant amounts, and it gives the deck a viable burn path when combined with Creeping Chill.


Header - What Thrilling Discovery Means

Because this is an established deck that just picked up a new card, let’s look at what Thrilling Discovery for Modern Dredge means.

  • With Thrilling Discovery, the deck mulligans a meaningful amount less. Having another top tier enabler gives the deck way more good opening hands.
  • Discovery also leads to more explosive hands. Cathartic Reunion was responsible for all the really busted dredge hands, and this more than doubles those. Not only do you have the first draw three more often, you also have the double Reunion/Discovery hands way more often, and those can easily kill on turn four (or turn three if you’re really lucky).
  • Adding white mana as a requirement is a drawback, but this deck is lean enough on colors that it isn’t a big one. Plus, it can play five-color lands without much issue, since it plans on ending the game so quickly.
  • Thrilling Discovery is better against counterspells for normal decks, but funnily enough, worse for dredge. Discarding isn’t part of the cost, but you’d probably rather discard even if it gets countered, given how the deck is built.

Overall, this is a thrilling addition for Dredge, and definitely makes the deck one of the better ones in Modern (which is scary, since it already was quite good).



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