A Prismatic Ending with Modern Mardu Lurrus – Deck Highlight


Modern Mardu Lurrus by Komandos900



I was excited to see Mardu Lurrus reach the semifinals of a recent Magic Online Modern Challenge as an alternative take on the popular Rakdos Midrange strategy. The core of the deck is cheap, efficient creatures, removal, discard spells and Lurrus of the Dream-Den as a companion.


Ragavan, Nimble PilfererDauthi VoidwalkerLurrus of the Dream-DenLightning BoltInquisition of Kozilek

To complement that, Magic Online player Komandos900 added white. There’s no shortage of awesome cards which the Mardu color combination could allow you to access. Here are just a few that interest me.


Lingering Souls (Timeshifted)VindicateDamnWear // TearKor Firewalker

And that’s not even to mention all of the cool stuff you could tap into if you were willing to give up Lurrus as a companion.

All of these possibilities make it even more telling when you realize that Komandos900 splashed white for just two cards, each in four copies. There’s a lot of value in keeping things disciplined, and not muddling your mana base as much as it would take to go deep into a third color. 


Prismatic EndingKaya's Guile

I’ve been singing the praises of Prismatic Ending since before Modern Horizons 2 was released. Having one more way to kill a one-drop creature when on the draw is crucial in the era of Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler. But Prismatic Ending does much more than that. It can tag key noncreature permanents like Aether Vial, Amulet of Vigor, Rest in Peace and even three-mana permanents like planeswalkers and Swords. 

Kaya’s Guile is somewhat less straightforward, but is also a highly valuable card for this strategy. It allows you to build graveyard hate and life gain right into the structure of your deck. These things are incredibly useful in Modern, and yet it’s difficult to devote slots directly to these effects.

Likewise, the sacrifice ability rounds out Mardu’s removal suite, and provides an answer to bigger creatures like Murktide Regent, which Lightning Bolt and Prismatic Ending might miss. That’s not even to mention hating on Bogles. Both white cards help you to answer Auriok Champion and Sanctifier en-Vec, which are nightmares for the plain Rakdos deck. 

I think Rakdos Midrange is a great way to approach Modern. The Lurrus companion forces you into a focus on efficiency that sets you up to spend less mana than your opponents, and profit on every exchange that you make. 

Splashing white gives that little extra pizzazz, and rounds things out nicely. I recommend taking Mardu Lurrus for a spin.


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