A New Take on Hammertime – Modern GW Hammertime


Modern Selesnya Hammertime by Evart Moughon



Hammertime is here to stay as one of the top decks in Modern, and if you want to cement yourself as a master of the archetype it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the different variants.

You might be surprised at the number of Hammer variants there are. There’s mono-white, Orzhov, Boros, with and without Lurrus and now this most recent variant, Selensya Hammer.

Ancient Stirrings (Timeshifted)Veil of SummerGaea's Blessing

The green splash here is mostly for Ancient Stirrings, but you also get access to some powerful green sideboard cards. Stirrings adds a lot of consistency and speed to the deck, but lacks the grindy potential of Dark Confidant or Ingenious Smith. I’m excited to see where this variant evolves from here, and if you’re a Hammer pilot its important to familiarize yourself with this version. 


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