A New Mutation Emerges! – Standard Simic Mutate – Deck Highlight


Standard Simic Mutate by MCX3



If you thought Standard was solved with the usual Adventure decks, Sultai, Mono-Red, Izzet Dragons and maybe some Rogues, well, then you’d be right, but there are still other decks that can do well. MCX3 went 5-0 in a Standard League with this version of Simic Mutate.

This isn’t the first time a mutate deck has broken through in Standard. Jeskai Mutate has had some good performances recently with a 56.1 percent win rate according to Untapped.gg.


Umori, the CollectorPollywog SymbioteIlysian Caryatid

We normally see Umori, the Collector as a companion, but here it’s a four-of in the main deck, although, unless I’m missing something, I’m not quite sure why there isn’t one in the companion slot anyway. It would cost three more mana, but it’s essentially a free card. 

 A playset of Pollywog Symbiotes help reduce the cost of your mutate cards and dig deeper in your deck. 

20 lands seems a little bit low to me, but there are also four Ilysian Caryatids to help you with the mana.



Out of the mutate creatures, I’m a big fan of Gemrazer right now, especially if some of the Class enchantments become popular. 

Overall, I’m not quite sure how powerful this deck really is, but I did want to highlight the fact that you can still do well in this format with other decks then the ones from Tier 1. 


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