A Look at Historic Rakdos Arcanist from the Set Championship


Historic Rakdos Arcanist by Jan Moritz Merkel




I thought Jan Moritz Merkel absolutely nailed his deck for the Historic portion of the New Capenna championship last weekend. When I tried Rakdos Arcanist during our testing, I was a bit unhappy about Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger being such a big part of my game plan in a format where most people were definitely going to show up with Unlicensed Hearse, some even in their main decks. 

At the same time, you still need a finisher, so you need to replace Kroxa with something else that can win you the game. With Phoenix, Food and Arcanist being so popular as well, I actually wanted to have access to some graveyard hate cards myself. So how do you fit that all into the deck? 

JMM realized a very simple thing – Unlicensed Hearse can be your graveyard hate card and win condition at the same time and decided to run a full playset! 

Unlicensed HearseFable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-JikiSeasoned Pyromancer

Thanks to Fable of the Mirror-Breaker and Seasoned Pyromancer, this deck is really good at crewing the Hearse and you don’t mind drawing multiple copies because both of those cards also allow you to cycle it away for something else.

This plan turned out really effective in this field and on top of that you still have access to the 16 one-mana spells with four Arcanist. Congrats to JMM for winning the tournament and coming up with a very innovative version of Arcanist!


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