A Look at Gabriel Nassif’s Explorer Boros Fires


Explorer Boros Fires by Gabriel Nassif




I recently tuned to Gabriel Nassif’s stream and got to watch this Explorer Boros Fires deck in action. 

Moon-Blessed Cleric

Normally, Fires of Invention decks have the problem of being super clunky when they don’t draw Fires, but Moon-Blessed Cleric takes care of that problem really nicely. This way, you’re effectively running eight copies of Fires and Cleric even fits perfectly into the curve right before that. 

Fires of InventionCavalier of Flame

Once you have Fires in play, you can start casting multiple big creatures every turn and dump your mana to Cavalier of Flame to give them all haste and even more power.

The mana base could use some work. Needleverge Pathway should be a four-of and Sundown Pass is probably better than Clifftop Retreat. Worth noting is that this is not a deck that’s interested in Inspiring Vantage because you really need your fourth land to come into play untapped. 

Lightning Strike isn’t normally a card you would want to run in a deck like this, but Greasefang makes it a necessary evil. 

If you are looking for a Cavalier + Fires of Invention deck, this list looks like a pretty good starting point to me. 


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