A Look at Alchemy Golgari Midrange from the Set Championship


Alchemy Golgari Midrange by Leandro Meili




I just played Round 2 of the Neon Dynasty Championship against this Golgari Midrange deck from Leandro Meili and thought it looked really good. 

The Meathook MassacreInvoke DespairBinding the Old Gods

The name of the game is two-for-one’ing your opponent with cards like The Meathook Massacre, Citystalker Connoisseur, Invoke Despair and Binding the Old Gods. There is plenty of removal to stop the aggressive decks from hitting you early and once you stabilize, you should have no problem winning the long game with all the card advantage. 

Sorin the MirthlessWrenn and SevenReckoner Bankbuster

One thing I think the deck was a bit lacking were cards that you can board against midrange or control that give you continuous card advantage without having to invest anything more into them. Planeswalkers like Sorin the Mirthless or Wrenn and Seven or even just more Reckoner Bankbusters which work nicely as a Mazemind Tome early and then turn into a 4/4 threat later on. 

For the same reasons, I think I would like an extra creature-land and perhaps the full four copies of Forsaken Crossroads because the scry is really valuable and we don’t have much else to play on turn one anyway. 

If the metagame continues developing with venture decks, White Weenie and a little bit of control, I think this deck could be a very good answer for it. Just make sure you have enough ways to kill Thalia and Adeline out of White Weenie so you don’t get rolled over quickly before you can play your expensive cards!


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