A Legendary Showing – Pioneer Bard Class – Deck Highlight


Pioneer Bard Class by Michael Boland



I’ll be honest, I haven’t played Pioneer in a while, but this looks like exactly the type of deck I would start on without knowing much of the format. We’ve seen Bard Class decks in Standard perform decently, but a Pioneer Bard Class deck offers even better support.


Mox AmberBirgi, God of Storytelling // Harnfel, Horn of BountyBard Class

Mox Amber is the biggest upgrade. With the number of legendary cards in the deck, it should pretty much always act like a Mox with no downside, other than being legendary. 

This version from Michael Boland takes advantage of Birgi, God of Storytelling and I suspect you can sometimes just win games out of nowhere on turns three or four by going through your deck with Bard Class and Birgi


Oath of NissaAnger of the Gods

Oath of Nissa makes this deck more consistent while giving you another legendary card for your Mox. Don’t forget that Bard Class makes all legendary cards cheaper, not just creatures.

Anger of the Gods in the sideboard seems a little suspicious to me in this deck full of small creatures, but if there are enough small aggro decks in the format, it’s probably fine to sandbag your creatures a bit and try to get a lot of value from the Angers.

This deck looks good and I definitely recommend trying it out.


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