A Classic Combo – Rain Lands with Modern Seismic Loam!

Modern Seismic Loam by TVigs



Seismic Assault and Life from the Loam is a classic combo, and one of the first decks I played at a Grand Prix. For just two mana a turn, you get to deal six damage, divided as you please, which is enough to beat most opposition. Seismic Loam is looking to combine those two cards, and has more sweet stuff going on as well.


Header - The Game Plan

Pressure the opponent with aggressive creatures, and finish things off with Seismic Assault plus Life from the Loam.

This is an aggressive midrange deck, and of course uses everyone’s favorite Monkey. This deck plays both sides of the court well, with fast draws backed by burn being the aggressive side and Tireless Tracker plus Assault-Loam killing all their stuff as the controlling side.


Header - Key Cards

Seismic AssaultLife from the Loam

This combo is the centerpiece of the deck, as it serves as board control and a finisher all in one. Both cards also work independently, with Loam serving as a card draw engine via Forgotten Cave, and Assault giving you some extra damage (especially with Wrenn and Six).


Ignoble HierarchRagavan, Nimble Pilferer

The one-drops help get the plan going faster, and both of these provide decent value even later in the game. Ragavan is a Modern all-star, and it’s hard not to include him in any red deck.


Bloodbraid Elf (Timeshifted)

It feels good to see a deck playing cascade cards that aren’t deterministic (ie, that don’t always hit Living End or Crashing Footfalls or whatever). BBE in this deck is just a good value card, and when you spike an Assault or Pyromancer it feels awesome.


Wrenn and Six

It’s worth noting that W6 is great here, even if it’s not quite the headliner. It also gets back cycling lands, Field of Ruin and fuels Assault, while pinging Ragavans and Memnites alike. There’s a reason blue decks effectively splash W6, and playing it here is a great call.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • Be on the lookout for burn wins. Sometimes you can just 20 them out of nowhere with Assault/Loam, especially with a cycling land to dredge Loam multiple times a turn.
  • You can cast Loam with zero targets to start dredging it, which can help kickstart the engine.
  • Try and avoid playing your cycling lands if at all possible, since having them to cycle post-Loam is key.


Header - A Brutal Assault

Seismic Assault and Life from the Loam are among the best cards that aren’t seeing much play right now, and it’s sweet seeing a deck change that. Good luck Loaming, and hopefully you dredge up something good.


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