80-Card Kiki Combo! Modern Jeskai Kiki Yorion


Modern Jeskai Kiki Yorion by idhnag

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People are always up to some wild stuff in Modern, and this Jeskai Kiki Yorion deck is firm proof of that. It combines Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Yorion and Imperial Recruiter to get up to all sorts of hijinks, powered by Aether Vial.


Header - The Game Plan

Tutor up the right combination of creatures and Equipment to handle whatever the opponent plays, using Aether Vial for mana efficiency.

This is a classic toolbox strategy, with tons of silver bullets that you can fetch with Stoneforge Mystic and Imperial Recruiter. It’s even got a bunch of blink effects to re-use the tutors and the targets, making it easy to snowball your advantage. It is also most certainly midrange, able to play controlling or assertive, depending on what it’s facing.


Header - Key Cards

Aether Vial

As usual, decks with Aether Vial tend to care more about opening on Vial than anything else. This deck is basically all creatures, making a turn one Vial pretty close to a Sol Ring. It also helps you trigger ETB effects at instant speed, leading to some pretty sweet combos.

Imperial Recruiter

In a shocking twist, the card I mentioned five times before this is a key card. Recruiter finds just about everything you could ever need, and does so for a cheap cost. It’s great with Ephemerate, great to Vial in and just great in general.


New Modern all-star Solitude is critical in making this somewhat slow deck able to match fast aggro starts. It’s also obviously fantastic with blink effects – there’s a reason it’s so pricey right now.

Stoneforge MysticBatterskullKaldra CompleatMaul of the Skyclaves

The Equipment package is another nice one. Batterskull is the most defensive, Maul is the most aggressive and Kaldra is somewhere in the middle.


Header - Tips and Tricks

  • If you expect your Stoneforge Mystic to die, getting Maul makes it so you are left with something easily castable.
  • Kiki-Jiki is a force multiplier on any ETB effects, though note that it can’t copy anything legendary.
  • Watcher for Tomorrow triggers whenever it leaves play, which makes it a prime blink target.


Header - Blink and You'll Miss It

Despite this deck being 80 cards, it’s as consistent as you need it to be, thanks to all the tutor effects. It’s a fun choice, and the games play out in a variety of interesting ways.


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