80-Card Control? Modern Yorion UW Control – Deck Highlight


Modern UW Yorion Control by Curryvore



UW Control has been doing well in Modern for a while now since Guillame Wafo-Tapa revitalized it by adding Chalice of the Void to the main deck and using Prismatic Ending and Solitude as removal spells over Path to Exile. The list I have for you today won Saturday’s Modern Challenge in the hands of Curryvore and takes a bit from that and adds the blink package of Restoration Angel and Yorion, Sky Nomad, reviving a card that I haven’t seen played in years: Vendilion Clique.


Yorion, Sky NomadSolitudeVendilion Clique

Having Yorion as a companion means that you have to play with 80 cards, but that’s a problem of the past. With so many good and redundant cards, the benefit of having Yorion as a free card to cast or pitch to your Solitude or Force of Negation is often a plus.

This deck certainly makes good use of Yorion with an abundance of good blink targets. Wall of Omens, Vendilion Clique, Omen of the Sea and Spreading Seas will all give you some nice little value whenever they get blinked.

I’m a bit surprised to see three copies of Elspeth, Sun’s Nemesis in the sideboard, a card I’ve never seen before in Modern. They mainly serve to gain life against aggressive and Burn decks. Curryvore chose them over something cheaper like Blossoming Calm or Sunset Revelry and I think it’s a good change.


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