80-Card Control at the Set Championship – Historic Azorius Yorion


Historic Azorius Yorion by Shuhei Nakamura

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Do you ever feel like there are just too many good cards you want to put into your Historic Azorius Control deck? Too hard to make the last few cuts? What if you didn’t have to? This Azorius Yorion control deck was played by Hall of Famer Shuhei Nakamura who finished in 14th place in the Neon Dynasty Set Championship past weekend. 

I really like playing the full set of The Wandering Emperors. This card has been amazing in every format I have played it in so far and I believe we’re still not fully appreciating how good it is. Replacing Teferi, Time Raveler on the four mana slot makes a lot of sense to me, because it’s equally good, if not better, against control, and a lot better against creature decks. 

I also like that Shuhei is playing zero copies of Divine Purge. I’ve been very disappointed by the card and definitely like playing cards like March of Otherworldly Light or Portable Hole over it. Omen of the Sea also makes sense with Yorion, especially considering the two-mana slot is usually pretty weak in this deck. 

The only thing that looks a bit shaky to me is the mana base, specifically the playset of Glacial Fortresses. There are only four Hallowed Fountains, two Triomes and six basics to make them come into play untapped, which I’m not sure is enough in an 80-card deck that already plays a lot of other come into play tapped lands like Jwari Disruption, Irrigated Farmland, Triomes and possibly the Hall of Storm Giants. I’m not sure if there’s another dual you can play instead, but I’d consider looking for a replacement.


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