5 Recommended D-Spirit Signal and Sign Cards

After selecting the D-Spirits that you want to build around and constructing your D-Squad deck, the next step in playing D-Spirits is building a support deck that helps your Squad. The core of that deck are Signal and Sign cards, and I want to highlight some of the best of these options to fill your support deck with. You can’t go wrong with any of the cards recommended here.

No Way Out

In most trading card games, the ability to outright negate (or “counter”) the opponents plays is one of the most powerful things you can do. D-Spirits is no different, with No Way Out acting as a powerful way to stop your opponent from playing out their own signal and sign cards. Since these cards can make all the difference in a game, this ia almost a must-play effect if you want to ensure that the game goes your way.

Call for Home

A lot of decks want to ensure that they have the best thing on the board, and as soon as that isn’t happening, Call for Home is the catch-all answer. Using one card to take out multiple D-Spirits on the opponent’s side feels good, and Call for Home will get you there if you play around it. Mass removal effects are in short supply in D-Spirits, so this is an easy recommendation if your goal is to control the game. 

Spirit Break

Being able to effect combat is particularly important in D-Spirits, as the game can only really be won through damage. Shrinking your opponent’s best would-be-defender is great, and few things feel better than squaring up your key spirit against theirs and knowing that you will come away with the victory. Spirit Break all but guarantees that you can get there, which means design out that much more damage directly to the opponent.


Speaking of effecting combat, Stance-Change is very often going to be a straight upgrade over spirit break. Many D-Spirits have much lower defensive stats than their offense, and being able to swap them before crashing in can make all the difference in the world. Interestingly, this can also be used very well defensively, making your opponent think they have a safe attack before flipping the situation on its head.


My favorite support card due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Pro-tip: drawing cards is good. That’s just the way of things in any card game, and in D-Spirits you very much want to draw into your key cards. Greediness gets you closer to your best D-Spirits or the support cards you need to push yourself into a winning situation. While there is always some amount of randomness to factor in when you’re drawing cards, there are very few things that feel better than getting you more of what you want.

It’s a Sign

Just about every Signal and Sign card in the game has a use-case, but the above (with the possible exception of Call for Home) can safely go in just about any deck. You don’t have to wait for a sign from on high to start building the best support deck around, and this will help you get a great start.

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