5 Build-Around D-Spirits

Picking the most interesting cards to build your deck around is one of the most exciting aspects of up-and-coming TCG D-Spirits. There are a lot of potential aspects to build around in your 15-card, minimum D-Spirit deck. Narrowing your deck’s focus to just synergizing with a handful of spirits is key to success. Here, I’ll recommend some of my favorite D-Spirits to consider building around.


Sound type D-Spirits are a powerful bunch of creatures, and Eurena can easily be the center piece of an archetypical sound deck. Eurena powers out the best sound types that you have available, and once they’re summoned it also boosts their strength. Eurena represents a full package by itself, which makes the card more than worth building around if you have any powerful sound D-Spirits in your collection.


Like Eurena, Harpiejuku does a stellar job of supporting her “tribe.” While she doesn’t summon additional fairies into play, she does protect your powerhouse fairies and gains you a healthy chunk of life in the process. On top of that, she hates on venomous type D-Spirits, which are spirits that can have some downright disastrous effects if left unchecked. That specialized hate, combined with her full defensive package, also makes her a solid pick. 


Diamonite is interesting in that the card itself doesn’t look like all that much. Solid stats are one thing, but why should you care about DIamonite otherwise? The answer is that a lot of other cards care. A number of D-Spirits can be special summoned when Diamonite leaves the field. It turns out diamonds are in-demand in the world of D-spirits, making this card a demanding build around.


My personal favorite D-spirit, Gorgoyle is a very powerful beast that represents a ton of damage all on his own, but when built around he can be nearly indestructible. With the right support he can be hard to beat in combat, but when he does lose you can freely discard earth spirits to keep him around. Sure, you still take the damage from his would-be death, but he’s ready to go in the next round (ideally with some new buffs or combat tricks).


Like Gorgoyle, Treacherous is a huge pile of stats that also has a key advantage if you build around certain types. Gorgoyle wants your hand full of earth types, but Treacherous loves to see a Undead in the D-Zone. It isn’t hard to fill this grave-like zone with relevant D-spirits, so powering out this massive threat is surprisingly easy in the right build. All that build really asks is that you’re running a critical mass of Undead.  That’s not a lot to ask to get 3800 power on the board, and Treacherous thoroughly rewards you for playing to his deck building requirement.

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