14 Infinite or Game-Winning Baldur’s Gate Combos

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate contains a plethora of combo enablers, which provide inspiration for fun Commander brews. This article collects 14 infinite or game-winning Baldur’s Gate combos involving one or more new cards (ordered by collector number).



Header - Abdel Adrian

Abdel Adrian, Gorion's WardEldrazi Displacer

Abdel Adrian, the canonical name of the protagonist in the Baldur’s Gate CRPGs, can easily set up infinite blinks. One way to accomplish this is with Animate Dead or Necromancy: You exile the enchantment with Abdel Adrian’s enters-the-battlefield ability, creating a 1/1. As the enchantment leaves the battlefield, you’re forced to sacrifice Abdel Adrian, which in turn brings back Animate Dead or Necromancy. You can keep looping this as often as you like. However, black cards are off the table if you’d like to use Abdel Adrian as your commander.

Fortunately, there are white options. With a few mana rocks and Eldrazi Displacer or Emiel the Blessed, you could tap the mana rocks for at least three mana, blink Abdel Adrian and exile all of them. Each time Abdel Adrian enters the battlefield, you tap the mana rocks in response to Abdel Adrian’s enters-the-battlefield ability, and you can loop to create infinite 1/1 tokens.


Header - Icewind Stalwart

Icewind StalwartKiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker (Timeshifted)

There are already many cards that go infinite with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, such as Village Bell-Ringer, but if you’d like more redundancy, then Icewind Stalwart has you covered. Just blink Kiki-Jiki, make a copy of Icewind Stalwart, and attack with infinite 3/3 creatures! This combo may fit well in a deck with Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer as your commander.


Header - Blur

BlurNaru Meha, Master Wizard

This is not the first infinite combo with Naru Meha. For example, together with Ghostly Flicker, you could already generate infinite mana or infinite enters-the-battlefield triggers. But redundancy is always nice. If you cast Blur, copy it with Naru Meha, and then keep copying Naru Meha, you get to draw your entire deck right away.


Header - Displacer Kitten

Displacer KittenTeferi, Time RavelerMox Amber

Displacer Kitten has “combo” written all over it. One way to go infinite is by casting Mox Amber and blinking Teferi, Time Raveler. You then tap Mox Amber for mana, activate Teferi’s -3 to return it to your hand, and repeat for near-infinite mana and cards.

If Displacer Kitten is included in Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate, then this combo would become legal in Historic on MTG Arena. It could be something to consider adding to Clément Riviere’s Mox Amber deck from the New Capenna Championship.


Header - Vhal

Vhal, Candlekeep ResearcherUmbral Mantle

I’m always on the lookout for cards that tap for a lot of mana, especially when they can be your commander. Creatures like Vhal can easily go infinite with untap effects, and one way to accomplish that is with Umbral Mantle. By repeatedly tapping and untapping Vhal, you create an infinitely large Vhal, which is sweet. Unfortunately, this huge attacker just gets blocked.

To get around blockers, you can pair Vhal with Clan Crafter as your background, sacrifice artifacts to turn it into a 4/5 creature, and then go infinite with Staff of Domination: each iteration, you tap Vhal for five mana, spend three mana to untap Vhal and one mana to untap Staff of Domination, and have one mana as profit. You can loop for infinite mana and then use Staff of Domination for infinite life and infinite cards.


Header - Inspired Tinkering

Inspired TinkeringGoldspan DragonNivix Guildmage

When you have access to nine mana, you start by casting Inspired Tinkering and copying it with Nivix Guildmage. Then, with the original Inspired Tinkering still on the stack, you feed three Treasures to Goldspan Dragon, copy the spell once more, and keep going for infinite mana and the ability to play your entire deck.


Header - Reckless Barbarian

Reckless BarbarianEnduring RenewalImpact Tremors

This is just another take on the classic Enduring Renewal + Goblin Bombardment + Ornithopter combo from ancient past. The difference is that Reckless Barbarian already sacrifices itself, so Impact Tremors (or any other permanent that triggers whenever a creature enters or dies) is enough to deal infinite damage.


Header - Wrathful Red Dragon

Wrathful Red DragonIll-Tempered Loner // Howlpack AvengerBoros Charm

This one is wacky, but it’s a fun way to win. Suppose you control Wrathful Red Dragon and Howlpack Avenger. Howlpack Avenger is the other side of Ill-Tempered Loner and reads “Whenever a permanent you control is dealt damage, Howlpack Avenger deals that much damage to any target.” You then give both indestructible with Boros Charm.

If Howlpack Avenger is dealt damage somehow, say via your own Lightning Bolt, then it will ping three damage to Wrathful Red Dragon. When this Dragon takes the damage, Howlpack Avenger will ping an opponent for three and Wrathful Red Dragon will ping Howlpack Avenger for three. Since both creatures are indestructible, you can loop this arbitrarily often for infinite damage.


Header - Jaheira

Jaheira, Friend of the ForestAnt QueenConcordant CrossroadsHeartstone

Jaheira was a valuable party member in many of my Baldur’s Gate playthroughs, and she also seems like a powerful Magic card.

One way to go infinite is to create a 1/1 token with Ant Queen, which thanks to Heartstone costs only one green mana. Thanks to Concordant Crossroads, that token can immediately use the mana ability granted by Jaheira, which means that you can create infinite Insects for the win.


Header - Silvanus's Invoker

Silvanus's InvokerGaea's Cradle

Just like Wakeroot Elemental, Silvanus’s Invoker can go infinite if you have a land that taps for enough mana. My first thought was pile some absurd number of Auras (Wild Growth, Fertile Ground, Overgrowth, etc.) onto a land, but it’s a lot easier to just use Gaea’s Cradle along with eight other creatures. You’ll generate infinite mana and then use that mana to turn all your lands into 8/8 tramplers. The Oak Father will be pleased.


Header - Jan Jansen

Jan Jansen, Chaos CrafterClock of OmensLiquimetal Coating

Jan Jansen had the best banter out of all Baldur’s Gate II party members, but the illusionist/thief also brings his nifty innovations and incoherent stories to the game of Magic.

You know, Jan’s abilities remind me of that time, way back. Have I ever told you the story about Jan Jansen’s great-grandfather slaying the dragon? Or at least, he thought it was a dragon. He was experimenting with glass, grinding it down to make prisms and lenses, you see, because his daughter, Jan’s grandmother, was so cross-eyed that, until she was 12 years old, all she ever saw of the world was the nose in the center of her face. So Jan’s great-grandfather had put together a great series of lenses and prisms, I think 12 in all, and attached them to a leather helm he had, the strap of which always chafed under the chin. Then, all of a sudden, a cloud passed in front of the sun. Jan’s great-grandfather looked up from his work so quickly that a dragonfly got caught between two of the prisms over his left eye and clung there for dear life. You can’t imagine the hullabaloo this caused! There he was, throwing all his tools and turnips into the distance where he assumed his greatly magnified adversary to be, and he was running and hollering and telling everyone to get in the house while he tried to lure the ravaging beast into the backyard of his southside neighbors against whom he had always held a grudge. What do you expect happened? Everyone just assumed that he hadn’t been taking his herbs and berries again and all wrestled him to the ground, ruining his precious lens-helm in the process, I’m afraid. It took a good hour to calm him down and figure out what the truth of the whole matter had been. As to Jan’s grandmother, the lens-hat idea was doomed to fail, but two years later she lost her nose in a bizarre harvest accident and she’s been seeing just fine ever since.

In any case, similar to how his great-uncle Hans Jansen could turn donkey dung into gold – a great alchemist, he was – Jan Jansen, Chaos Crafter can turn creatures into Treasures, and vice versa. So if you turn Jan into an artifact creature and sacrifice Liquimetal Coating to activate Jan’s second ability, you’re set to go infinite. With Clock of Omens, tap both Construct tokens to untap Jan Jansen; use Jan’s first ability to create two Treasures; tap both Treasures to untap him again; use Jan’s second ability to create two Constructs; and repeat to create infinite tapped creatures and Treasures. I haven’t been this pleased with a combo since the price of turnips shot through the roof during the potato famine!


Header - Mirrym, Sentinel Wyrm

Miirym, Sentinel WyrmWorldgorger Dragon

When Miirym, Sentinel Wyrm and Worldgorger Dragon enter the battlefield, two triggers will go on the stack. The first to resolve is the creation of a copy of Worldgorger Dragon, which promptly exiles all other permanents. The second to resolve belongs to the original Worldgorger Dragon, which (even though it’s currently not on the battlefield anymore) exiles all other permanents. As a result, the token copy returns all exiled permanents to the battlefield, which brings you right back to the starting point.

This turns into an inescapable infinite loop, but if you have any card to exploit infinite mana or infinite enters-the-battlefield triggers, then the game will be yours.


Header - Raggadragga

Raggadragga, Goreguts BossMarwyn, the NurturerFanning the Flames

Raggadragga is a fun commander to build around. You can create powerful board states with Citanul Hierophants or Cryptolith Rite, but infinite combos are possible as well. 

For example, if you control Raggadragga and either Marwyn, the Nurturer or Viridian Joiner, then you can cast Fanning the Flames for X=2 (or Wurmcalling for X=3) with buyback on turn five. Since you spent seven mana to cast it, you’ll untap your mana creature, boost its power and toughness, tap it for at least 10 mana, recast your buyback spell and repeat infinitely often to win the game. For Fanning the Flames, you may need Prismite to get red mana.


Header - Marut

MarutGoldspan DragonTemur Sabertooth

The trick with Marut is to net two mana with each Treasure created. Goldspan Dragon achieves that cleanly, but Parallel Lives or Anointed Procession would work just as well.

One you have these elements in place, you bounce Marut with Temur Sabertooth, replay it with mana from Treasures, and net six mana every loop. Infinite mana, which Temur Sabertooth then turns into infinite enters-the-battlefield triggers, is now at your fingertips!


Bonus combo: Myrkul

Devoted DruidMyrkul, Lord of Bones

This combo was not included in the original version of the article, but I saw it elsewhere and after re-reading Myrkul three times, I found what I had missed initially. When you put several -1/-1 counters on Devoted Druid, it dies and then Myrkul, Lord of Bones returns it as an enchantment, not a creature.

Enchantments don’t care how many -1/-1 counters they have on them, so you can tap and untap this enchantment version of Devoted Druid ad infinitum. The end result is infinite green mana!

8 thoughts on “14 Infinite or Game-Winning Baldur’s Gate Combos”

  1. Abdel Adrian’s black combos still work with him as the commander as long as you pick a black background.

  2. Raggadragga isn’t infinite with Fanning the Flames because you don’t have an infinite red source in the combo. Still a cool combo thigh

  3. I’m not entirely sure what kind of combo you are suggesting, but Silas Renn reads “Whenever Silas Renn, Seeker Adept deals combat damage” whereas Street Urchin deals non-combat damage.

  4. Hm, I see that the card image shown in the article is of Ill-Tempered Loner, not of Howlpack Avenger, for some reason. Howlpack Avenger, the other side of Ill-Tempered Loner, reads “Whenever a permanent you control is dealt damage, Howlpack Avenger deals that much damage to any target.”

  5. You’re right, my bad! It does work with Wurmcalling, but for Fanning the Flames you need to add Prismite. I’ve added that to the article.

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