10 Strongest Pokemon Ever Printed

The Pokemon TCG has been printing power since its very first set, but there are some truly impressive standouts throughout the game’s history. From mega evolutions that demand an answer to special variant Pokemon that are the apex of their species, there are a stunning array of powerful creatures to marvel at.



10. Mega Gengar EX

M Gengar EX (121/119)

Mega Gengar EX is particularly cool, as he is as powerful as your opponent’s make him. Being able to pick and choose from the best abilities that your opponent is running is exceptionally fun and, if your opponent is running anything on this list, potentially wickedly powerful.

9. Mega Aggron EX

M Aggron EX (94/160)

Relying on the flip of a coin is a bit less satisfying than being able to steal your opponent’s most powerful ability, but the damage output from Mega Aggron EX is undeniable. Sure, you may hurt your own bench on occasion, but when the coin flips in your favor things can very quickly go wrong for the opponent.

8. Mega Venusaur EX

M Venusaur EX (2/146)

Mega Venusaur EX has the infamous ability to stack two debuffs on the active Pokemon at once. Being able to both paralyze and poison the opposition, locking them down and slowly getting that coveted knock out, is a satisfying play experience… for the Venusaur player, anyway.

7. Malamar EX

Malamar EX (115/119)

With the ability to inflict sleep or deal a large chunk of coin-flip reliant damage, Malamar EX stands out as a more than solid choice. Unsurprisingly, the ability to negate a threat while still having substantial damage capabilities makes Malamar EX a card that many players won’t ever forget seeing on the table.

6. Mega Gardevoir EX

M Gardevoir EX (156/160)

Dealing mass damage across the board is something that isn’t at all common in Pokemon, and the potential of dealing up to 400 damage with Mega Gardevoir EX is legitimately insane. It take a lot of setup, but if you can get there this card will have a mega-sized impact on any game. 

5. Mega Charizard Y EX

M Charizard EX (107/106)

While it only targets a single Pokemon and has the downside of hurting itself, Mega Charizard Y EX’s Crimson Dive represents a lot of potential Knock Outs before it takes itself out. 300 damage chunks are nearing the maximum of what you’ll see on most Pokemon, though this list is far from “most” at this point.

4. Mega Charizard X EX

M Charizard EX (108/106)

Speaking of something greater than most, Mega Charizard X EX also throws around 300 damage haymakers. However, X has a different downside: discarding five cards as part of the cost for the attack. You’ll find that this cost is worth it surprisingly often, as your hand doesn’t matter if you’ve won the game!

3. Mega Ampharos EX 

M Ampharos EX (88/98)

We talked about the power level of locking down opposing Pokemon already, and Mega Ampharos EX combines paralysis with high damage on top of it. Mega Ampharos hurts itself a little in the process, but keeping the opponent paralyzed practically negates adding some damage to itself. 

2. Shadow Lugia

Shadow Lugia (Jumbo Card)

If we’re talking pure power, there is essentially nothing stronger than Shadow Lugia. Yes, you read that card right, it deals 1000 damage with its attack. Sure, that’s almost certainly overkill, but there are few things more satisfying than a big number. Beyond that strength Shadow Lugia offers no additional utility, but sometimes you just want to deal big damage. 

1. Mega Mewtwo EX

M Mewtwo EX (64/162)

Mega Mewtwo EX tops the chart due to the insane efficiency of its attack compared to its efficacy. For just two energy it throws around damage that’s boosted based on how much energy that both active Pokemon have banked. Even more notably, this is entirely unaffected by weaknesses- Mega Mewtwo EX can equally beat down anyone.

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