10 Most Valuable Pokemon GO Cards

The small, somewhat odd Pokemon TCG mini-set, Pokemon GO, has far fewer cards than a normal set and features fewer alternate art treatments and collectors pieces than we typically see. Nevertheless, it still features a number of very collectible pieces, especially the rainbow rare secret variants of several popular Pokemon and supporters. I’ve picked out the ten most valuable cards you can currently crack from the mini-set below;

Radiant Blastoise

Radiant Blastoise (018/078)

The radiant Pokemon, complete with their one-of rule, bring an interesting new edge to deck building. Radiant Blastoise has some competition already, with Radiant Greninja serving a similar purpose without having to take a turn off when using its primary damage dealer. Still, the generation one starter, Blastoise, is a popular choice for collectors and is likely to retain its value, so this card is a great addition to your binder.


Spark (085/078)

The secret rainbow variant of Team Instinct’s leader, Spark, fetches a fair price and for a fair reason. Drawing two cards is already a fine enough play, but he also has a decent chance of helping you build up your benches energy while fueling your hand. Any collector on team instinct will want a copy of this shiny trainer, though as the least popular of the teams it’s no surprise that the other leaders are higher up on this list.


Candela (083/078)

Similarly, the secret rainbow version of team Valor’s leader, Candela, is more than worth her weight in gold for collectors that signed up for the red team. Drawing cards and having a chance to juice up your fire types is a solid play, making Candela a solid game piece on top of being a cool (or hot given the typing) item for anyone with a love for Valor.


Blanche (082/078)

As the most popular team in Pokemon GO, it shouldn’t surprise you that their leader, Blanche, is also the most valuable of their trainer cards. The rainbow secret variant is beautiful to look at, and if I’m being honest Blanche also clearly has the most interesting design of the leaders overall. Even if you aren’t familiar with the rivalry between the three, Blanche is a safe inclusion for your trade binder.

Professor’s Research

Professor's Research (084/078)

Professor’s Research is a consistently popular card in the Pokemon TCG, so the newest version featuring GO’s Professor Willow is an excellent game piece to add to your collection. Being able to refill your hand on demand is almost always a useful effect to have in your deck, and the rainbow variant of the Willow version lets you do so with some serious style. Fans of Pokemon GO are likely to keep this version of the card in demand, so you should always be happy to pull this card in a pack.


Melmetal VMAX

Melmetal VMAX (080/078)

The strange, mythic Pokemon, Melmetal, made its first appearance in the mobile Pokemon GO game. It makes a full appearance here for the Pokemon TCG, complete with its gigantic VMAX form. The card itself is solidly playable but not necessarily something to write home about, however its rainbow variant is again something that will stay in demand for fans of the popular mobile phone game.

Dragonite VSTAR

Dragonite VSTAR (081/078)

Dragonite cards tend to retain some value, as it is a popular line of Pokemon from the nostalgic first generation of games. The rainbow secret version of Dragonite VSTAR is no exception, though it helps that it’s an intriguing game piece as well. It’s attack deals a whopping 250 damage, though the downside and energy cost both ding it fairly hard. That said, on a turn it isn’t attacking, it’s VSTAR power can have quite the commanding impact on a game. Being able to throw around so much energy can do some scary things, even if it’s just fueling another 250 shot from Dragonite. 

Radiant Charizard

Radiant Charizard (011/078)

Charizard cards are always popular and, similarly, usually valuable. Radiant Charizard is much the same, as the first generation starter is something that fans are always interested in. A shiny variant that can throw out a ton of damage is more than worth considering for your trade binder, though it does help that he has solid competitive potential as the best fire type you can take your radiant slot up with at the moment. 

Mewtwo VSTAR

Mewtwo VSTAR (079/078)

Speaking of popular first generation Pokemon, the original endgame legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo, continues his own trend of being a well-loved collectors piece. While just about any version of Mewtwo VSTAR is nice to look at, the shiny rainbow variant is by far the most rare. As a game piece, Mewtwo VSTAR represents a strong meta call against opposing Pokemon V, capped by some real knock out potential Psy Surge. Popularity and playability combine into a valuable pull from a pack.

Mewtwo V

Mewtwo V (072/078)

Following continued trends in Pokemon, full art variants often command the greatest price. Mewtwo V’s alternate, full art variant shows Mewtwo hovering over a cityscape, reminiscent of his role in a trailer for the mobile game that got fans really fired up. Highlighting the culture of the mobile game combined with the powerhouse popularity of the gen one legendary is a potent combination if you’re looking for value. The art is cool and the cultural vibes are as strong as they can be, but it also helps that Mewtwo V is, like its VSTAR evolution, a stellar card. Super Psy Bolt’s 50 damage is nothing to scoff at and Transfer Break dealing 150 and letting you set up future plays is a strategic win. Mewtwo V really has it all: popularity, power, and being the pre-evolution for its VSTAR version. 

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