10 Most Valuable Cards in Brilliant Stars

The latest Pokémon series, Brilliant Stars introduces the VSTAR mechanic. With ultra powerful once-per-game abilities, these Pokémon are the stars of the series in both hype and value. But the most expensive in Brilliant Stars won’t surprise anyone.

Pokémon fans know: any set featuring a new Charizard is bound to have value. More so, with Rainbow Rare and Gold Rare variations of these VSTAR Pokémon, the legendary bird trio and popular Trainer cards returning to Standard, there is a lot of potential for valuable pulls. Here are the 10 most valuable cards of Brilliant Stars, in descending order.

Note: This list reflects the cards with the most value in Brilliant Stars at the time of writing; however, prices are subject to change. This article was last updated on February 25, 2022.

10.  Arceus VSTAR

Arceus VSTAR (123/172)

Every single version of this card made the top 10 most valuable list for Brilliant Stars. This powerful colorless Pokemon is beloved both in lore and gameplay. Its VSTAR ability, Starbirth, permits a player to find any two cards from their deck. Even Arceus VSTAR’s regular attack, Trinity Nova has a special ability. It does 200 damage and allows the Trainer to search their deck and attach two Energy to Pokemon V. This versatile card is going to appear in a lot of Standard decks.

9. Galarian Moltres V – Secret Gold Rare

Galarian Moltres V (183/172)

No surprise here – at least one legendary bird Pokémon was bound to make the list of most expensive cards in any set. In Brilliant Stars, Moltres V is a Darkness-type Pokémon. As an important part of Pokémon lore, this legendary bird will hold its value for years to come. With its Direflame Wings Ability, Moltres V is a fine addition to Dark Energy decks.

8. Charizard V – Full Art

Charizard V (153/172)

Charizard VSTAR evolves from Charizard V. Therefore, the popularity of one is tied to the demand of the other. This powerhouse Fire Pokemon is always a beloved pull. Certain to increase or at least hold its value over-time, Charizard V is welcome addition to any Pokemon collection.

7. Ultra Ball – Secret Gold Rare

Ultra Ball (186/172)

Ultra Ball returning to Standard is highly anticipated. As a staple item, Ultra Balls may rotate out of standard but they are sure to be back. The Gold Rare version of this card is a perfect combination of a common card and the most expensive version of it. 

6. Marnie’s Pride – Full Art

Marnie's Pride (171/172)

The only Trainer Supporter card to make the top 10 list, Marnie’s Pride in Full Art is a surprise hit. But then again, who wouldn’t want the most epic version of this card for their deck? A card that simply attaches one Energy from the player’s discard pile to a Pokemon is always useful. Therefore, this card will appear in many decks as an important staple card.

5. Arceus VSTAR – Secret Rainbow Rare

Arceus VSTAR (176/172)

Arceus VSTAR is the only Pokémon of the set that’s available in three different versions – all of which made our most expensive list. This is no surprise for “The Original One.” Still, it’s impressive when one Pokémon dominates the most valuable pulls in a set.

4. Arceus V – Alt Art

Arceus V (166/172)

Arceus takes the brilliant star concept literally in this valuable Alt Art card. Which is appropriate in Pokémon lore since Arceus is considered the “The Original One.” As the oldest Pokémon, this Alt Art perfectly captures Arceus’ importance in the world of Pokémon – which will likely translate to long-term value. 

3. Arceus VSTAR – Secret Gold Rare

Arceus VSTAR (184/172)

The other new VSTAR Pokémon garnering a lot of attention is Arceus. This redditor examined pull rates for 20 boxes and pulled one Gold Rare in six of the individual boxes. In other words, these are one of the rarest cards to pull from packs, and their value often reflects that. 

2. Charizard V – Alt Art

Charizard V (154/172)

This Alt Art is certain to get a lot of attention for years to come. What do fans love even more than Charizard? Charizard in battle with a Venusaur. From the art alone, this card is immediately a collector’s item. 

1. Charizard VSTAR – Secret Rainbow Rare

Charizard VSTAR (174/172)

The rarest version of any new Charizard in a set is almost always going to be the most expensive card – Brilliant Stars is no exception. This card is likely to hold even more value long-term because it is the first Charizard in the new VSTAR mechanic.

What card are you chasing from Brilliant Stars? There’s certainly plenty in the set! Let us know in the comments below.

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