Must-Have Flesh and Blood Staples

What cards do you need in your arsenal? Red Zone Rogue looks at some of the biggest must-have Flesh and Blood staples out there!

Instant Speed 24: Drew Cordell

This week on Instant Speed, Matt invites Drew Cordell on to discuss his upcoming Master Class for aspiring ProQuest champions.

NO Shackle Chane UPF Deck Tech

DMArmada’s breaking the shackles off Chane for Flesh and Blood’s multiplayer format in his latest Chane UPF deck tech!

Knick Knack OTK Deck Tech

DMArmada’s looking for a sweet one-turn kill in Blitz with Genis Wotchuneed from Everfest in his Knick Knack OTK Blitz deck tech!

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