Instant Speed 25: Bryan Gottlieb

This week on Instant Speed, Flake invites Bryan Gottlieb on the show to talk about a noticeable skill cap raise at The Calling Indianapolis.

Kano Blitz Deck Tech with Everfest

DMArmada’s taking a look at Flesh and Blood’s favorite Wizard, Kano, in his latest Blitz deck tech with some new Everfest inclusions!

An Introduction to Bravo, Showstopper

Like chonky attacks, massive swings and an unbeatable defense? Check out Flesh and Blood’s Bravo, the Showstopper with his mighty hammer!

Armageddon Ep. 4 Viserai Vs. Prism

Rob and Tariq are duking it out once more with some of Flesh and Blood’s best decks, this time pitting Viserai against Prism!

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