Skirmish Meta Call: OTK Viserai

With the Skirmish coming up, Karol’s expected a lot of Iras to dominate the metagame, so why not punish them with an OTK Viserai build?

Playing Aggro in Flesh and Blood

Aggro is a common archetype in games like Magic: the Gathering, but what about Flesh and Blood? Hayden takes a look at how to go red!

Three Decks to Join the Skirmish With

With Skirmish events coming worldwide, LSV is giving you in the inside scoop on what Blitz decks to play in your Skirmish events!

In Defense of Ira

Ira has appeared to be the Blitz boogeyman, but Kieran feels otherwise! Could the Ninja Hero be a good thing for Flesh and Blood in reality?

PTI Tournament Report: ARC Sealed

Karol reports on his run at the PTI Tournament and the Arcane Rising Sealed format, including an analysis of his infamous “Runeblade Pile.”

Session Blood EP28

This week on Session Blood, Karol and Kieran go over the results of The Calling Auckland the dominance of Ira in the meta.

The Calling Auckland 2021 in Review

The Calling Auckland was the first big Blitz tournament for Flesh and Blood, and Hayden’s breaking down some takeaways about the format.

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