Winning in Each Stage of the Game

Maximizing your potential in the early, mid and late game is key to Flesh and Blood and LSV has some tips to get the most out of each part.

Session Blood EP30

This week on Session Blood, with Skirmish season in full swing, Karol and Kieran talk about the Hand of Sol herself, Dorinthea!

Dealing with Dorinthea in Blitz

Dorinthea has taken the crown as the Queen of Blitz, but there are still some tips and tricks you can use to fight against her!

Big Boy Bravo is Back in Blitz!

Dorinthea has taken over Blitz recently, and it seems like it’s time for the big boy Bravo himself to push back against Warrior strategies!

Grade School: Welcome to Rathe

Saint takes you through Welcome to Rathe from the collector’s perspective. What to look for and how to evaluate your pulls!

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