Instant Speed 28: Joshua Scott

This week on Instant Speed, Flake talks to Flesh and Blood head judge and rules guru Joshua Scott to discuss the ins and outs of judging.

Armageddon Ep. 5 Chane vs. Starvo

On this episode of Armageddon, Rob and Tariq try different strategies and approaches to two of the strongest heroes – Starvo and Chane.

Everfest Prism Commoner Deck Tech

Looking to bring some Illusions to Flesh and Blood’s Pauper? Try out Red Zone Rogue’s Prism Commoner deck with some Everfest spice!

Instant Speed 27: MajiinBae

This week on Instant Speed, Flake welcomes TCG content creator MajiinBae onto the show to discuss the switch from Runeterra to FAB.

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