Which Draconic Hero from Uprising is Right for You?

With many Uprising spoilers now out, we have a solid idea as to what the heroes of the new set are going to look and play like. Although they may retain some of the base ideas/design values of the processors in their classes, it looks like each of these heroes will play out substantially differently in style and in deck construction than anything we’ve seen before. Fai and Dromai are entirely new heroes to the game and present many interesting interaction between their classes and the draconic talent. Let’s look at what we know so far and which hero might be the right one for you. 



Header - Fai, Rising Rebellion

Fai is the newest Ninja to come into Flesh and Blood and comes equipped with the Draconic talent to attack his opponents. In an overall view, Fai seems to want to push the limits of your table space by extending his chain links far beyond any reasonable number. In doing so, he has been balanced by having a poor rate of return on most of his attack in terms of their sheer offensive output.

However, the main kicker around Fai’s ability to go wide on the combat chain will revolve around Phoenix Flame, a new card in Uprising which can be targeted and put into hand with many other card effects and from many zones. To put the cherry on top, Fai himself has an ability printed on him to recur Phoenix Flame from the graveyard every turn. 

Phoenix Flame (Cold Foil)

In a vacuum, Phoenix Flame is relatively weak. However, as with the rest of this hero, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper to find the offensive firepower. Although they will be hitting for anywhere from zero to two damage depending what the rest of your turn looked like, Phoenix Flame is an important combat chain extender and can be an easy way to push multiple instances of Mask of Momentum triggers over the scope of a turn rather than simply presenting only one. Similarly, many cards in Fai’s Draconic and Draconic Ninja card pool reference Draconic chain links, chain link length, and Phoenix Flame in specific. Check out a few of the following below for an idea of the big payoffs in Fai. 

Rise Up (Regular)Phoenix Form (Regular)Lava Vein Loyalty (Red) (Regular)

However, being low to the ground and super aggro isn’t all sunshine and flowers either. To extend his combat chains to the length at which he can activate Rupture (chain link four or higher), Fai will be extremely card hungry and absolutely terrified of Frostbites. Cards like Thaw are going to be very important pieces for him as will be a strong variety of quality blues. Alongside this, Fai also must battle the Ninja curse of poor blocking ability, making him especially vulnerable to on-hit effects in game. While in an ideal world Fai is always on offense, he’s going to need to earn his tempo through careful deckbuilding and balance between his reds and blues, alongside tight gameplay, and timely activation of his very powerful ability. I would put notable cards for him as Tome of Firebrand, Spreading Flames and the set’s namesake card, Uprising. If you’re looking to play a hero who can go ultra wide, has complex gameplay patterns on offense and love the access of the extensive card draw across the Ninja class, then Fai might be right at home for you. 

Tome of Firebrand (Regular)Uprising (Regular)Spreading Flames (Regular)


Header - Dromai, Ash Artist

Dromai is likely going to be the most memorable hero of this set due to her ability to generate the first true creature/ally army in Flesh and Blood. Fans of MTG or Yu-Gi-Oh who have moved into FAB may feel some familiarity here due to this mechanic. However, Ash still operates in her own uniquely Flesh and Blood way.

First and foremost, these dragons aren’t always the easiest to cast, as they require a combination of Ash, the correct resources to pay for their invocation/casting, and subsequently won’t gain go again on their attack unless you’ve already played a red card on the turn you’ve cast them. This means casting a larger size dragon is many times a huge tempo cost but can have large payoffs when done at the right time. Check out some of the powerhouse abilities of the three largest dragons available to Dromai. 

Invoke Tomeltai // Tomeltai (Regular)Invoke Dracona Optimai // Dracona Optimai (Regular)Invoke Dominia // Dominia (Regular)

Although these are huge allies, they all have Phantasm due to them being made with Ash, the new material which Dromai can create through her ability and other card effects, and the material that is the basis of all her dragons. 

Since each dragon is going to be attached to an Ash, this means they just as easily pop with Phantasm as easily as they came in with the invocation. Attack with your big dragons at the right time, since should you forget they are illusions, a big Brute or Guardian may just knock you down into place! Since the opportunity to cost to attack with a big dragon is so huge, I’m more interested in the smaller ones. Her Aether Ashwings and other zero-cost large dragons are going to important pieces to building a more commanding board state. Finally, Dromai will want to be using some of other Illusionist tools like Spears of Surreality, Burn Them All and Billowing Mirage as solid ways to activate go-again on her dragons through her ability, and put pressure on the opponent in ways outside of her dragons. 

Burn Them All (Regular)Spears of Surreality (Red) (Regular)Billowing Mirage (Red) (Regular)

This is going to be the key to Dromai. Although she can surely manage to create overwhelming board states with Ashwings and a variety of dragons, other classes can equally pop them with Phantasm of use them as a bouncing board for their on-hit effects while they kill them on their turn. Managing a solid board state, balancing attack actions and dragons and timing up your invocations will be key to each matchup gameplay wise. As a deck builder, balancing out her extreme demand for reds while simultaneously keeping the resources needed to keep up with Illusionist’s resource demands is going to be a great challenge. I think many who enjoy Prism will equally enjoy Dromai, as will those coming from MTG. However, if you’re completely new to card games, I might initially guide you to stay away, as she may be one of the more complex decks to make and pilot in FAB.

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