Welcome to Rathe Sealed Card Rankings

All Common/Rare WTR cards have Blue/Yellow/Red versions. The card ratings indicate this with ratings for each colour.

For example: Sink Below – 1.5/3/4.5 indicates Blue is a 1, Yellow is a 3, and Red is a 4.5.

Rating System

  • 5: Powerful card that you should play every copy you open.
  • 4: Great card that you will generally include most/all copies in your deck.
  • 3: Solid card that will usually make it into your deck.
  • 2: You’ll probably have to play some as filler but try to minimize the amount.
  • 1: Avoid if at all possible.


Equipment are very strong in FAB as they start the game in play. Often you won’t get much choice in Sealed deck, but the more equipment the merrier!

Class Legendaries (Braveforge Bracers, Mask of Momentum, Tectonic Plating, Scabskin Leathers) – 5+

  • Automatic inclusion and strongly consider playing the associated hero if you have a decent Sealed pool for it.
Braveforge BracersMask of MomentumTectonic PlatingScabskin Leathers

Class Equipment (Barkbone Strapping, Breaking Scales, Helm of Isen’s Peak, Refraction Bolters) – 5

  • All the class equipments are extremely good. Getting +1 armor with battleworn and an additional effect is great value in Sealed.

Barkbone StrappingBreaking ScalesHelm of Isen's PeakRefraction Bolters

Heartened Cross Strap – 5

  • This is the premier common equipment and will go in nearly every deck you play. The one exception is possibly Warrior as the effect only applies to Attack Actions.

Heartened Cross Strap

Fyendal’s Spring Tunic – 5

  • You’ll (nearly) always play this in any class that you choose. It generates resources over time, can block for 1 in a pinch, and can give you resources at instant speed (handy for attack/defence reactions!)
  • If you happen to open this AND Heartened Cross Strap (lucky you!), use the one best suited for your deck. HCS can be better in more aggressive decks looking to end the game quickly (Ninja, aggro Guardian).

Fyendal's Spring Tunic

Hope Merchant’s Hood – 3.5

  • Doesn’t generate card advantage but can be great to turn a bad hand into a good one. It’s worth remembering you can choose how many cards from your hand to shuffle back in (maybe you need that last blue card to play a huge Crush attack!)

Hope Merchant's Hood

Goliath Gauntlet – 3/5

  • This is incredible in Brute and Guardian but not so great in Ninja or Warrior. Even in Ninja/Warrior you might play this over an Ironrot Gauntlet if you have good targets such as Surging Strike or Drone of Brutality.

Goliath Gauntlet

Snapdragon Scalers – 3 (5)

  • Amazing card in Ninja (it lets you skip parts of the combo chain) but requires good targets to be useful in other classes.
  • This card is INCREDIBLE in any class if you open a Red copy of Snatch. It forces your opponent to block with 2 cards or let you draw a card. In either situation you can use the Scalers to give it go again and be ahead.

Snapdragon Scalers

Ironrot Helm/Plate/Gauntlet/Legs – 3

  • Any equipment is good equipment in Sealed. Each piece of Ironrot effectively lets you start the game with +1 life due to the armor value.

Ironrot HelmIronrot PlateIronrot GauntletIronrot Legs


Generic cards can be difficult to rate in FAB as their power often depends on the Hero you decide to play. We have done our best to take this into account, but it’s best to consider some of the information in the sealed introduction article when looking at these.

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Majestics[/su_heading]

Enlightened Strike – 5

  • Versatile card with 3 equally good options depending on the game state. The cost can help you hide tech from your opponent too (maybe that 1-of Pummel/Razor Reflex!)

Enlightened Strike

Tome of Fyendal – 1.5 (3.5)

  • The card requires an action point to use so it’s hard to get value out of this. It gets better if you have 1-2 Timesnap Potion as you can set up a fairly strong turn with it.

Tome of Fyendal

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Supers[/su_heading]

Last Ditch Effort – 5

  • With 30ish card decks, it’s not particularly uncommon for Sealed games to go to fatigue. LDE pitches for 3, blocks for 3 and has a potentially game-breaking effect.

Last Ditch Effort

Crazy Brew – 1

  • Fun card but uses an action to get it into play with only a 1 in 3 chance of a powerful effect.

Crazy Brew

Remembrance – 3.5 (4.5)

  • This becomes even better if you have bombs in your deck that can be replayed.


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Rares[/su_heading]

Drone of Brutality – 3.5/4/4.5

  • Being able to block or play this card 2-3 times in a game creates significant value that can help win fatigue battles. A red Drone creates a 2 for 0 trade in terms of cards in deck.

Drone of Brutality (Red)

Snatch – 2/2/4.5

  • The red version is by far the best as most cards in WTR block for either 2 or 3.

Snatch (Red)

Potions (Energy, Strength, Timesnap) – 2/2/2 (2.5 if going first)

  • In a 20-life format these cards usually don’t justify taking an action to play them. They can be playable if you need additional blues and/or are going first (Turn 1 is often a reset turn as both players draw up to a full hand, so you don’t gain a lot by throwing out attacks).

Energy PotionPotion of StrengthTimesnap Potion

Sigil of Solace – 1/1/3.5 (4)

  • These don’t block so the non-red versions generally aren’t worth playing. Red Sigil can be great on Turn 1 or if you have a spare card in hand during the game. It can also serve as a useful trick from Arsenal to bait your opponent into over-committing if you can then use it to dodge lethal damage.

Sigil of Solace (Red)

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Commons[/su_heading]

Barraging Brawnhide – 2/2/2.5

  • Yellow version is a 3.5 in Brute due to being 6+ power attack.

Barraging Brawnhide (Red)

Demolition Crew – 1/1/2.5 (3.5)

  • Potentially a 3.5 in Guardian or Brute as this can fill the role of a generic finisher. Keep in mind you can’t reveal the card you’re pitching to pay this card’s additional cost.

Demolition Crew (Red)

Flock of the Feather Walkers – 1/2/2 (2.5/3.5/4)

  • Good in Warrior to give Dawnblade ‘go again’ the next turn. Go Again doesn’t stack so it’s not particularly good in Ninja.

Flock of the Feather Walkers (Red)

Nimble Strike – 1/1/2 (2/3.5/4)

  • If you have 2+ Nimblism in a Ninja the deck it’s worth playing 1 copy of the yellow or red version.

Nimble Strike (Red)

Raging Onslaught – 3/2/3

  • Decent triple-threat (pitches + blocks for 3 and can be played as an attack). The blue version is very good in Guardian and is closer to a 4.
  • For Brute, yellow Raging is a 4 as it is a 6+ power card.

Raging Onslaught (Red)

Scar for a Scar – 1/1.5/4

  • Red is great, the rest aren’t worth playing.

Scar for a Scar (Red)

Scour the Battlescape – 1/1/2.5

Scour the Battlescape (Red)

Regurgitating Slog – 1/1.5/2 (1/2.5/3.5)

  • If you have 1-2 Sloggism then it’s generally fine playing 1 red or yellow copy as a generic finisher. This is usually a Brute/Guardian only card.

Regurgitating Slog (Red)

Wounded Bull – 1.5/1.5/2.5

  • Yellow version is a 3.5 in Brute.

Wounded Bull (Red)

Wounding Blow – 3.5/2/3.5

  • Deceptively strong card as a 0-cost generic that can pitch well, block for 3 and attack.

Wounding Blow (Red)

Pummel – 3/3.5/4

  • Only play this in Brute/Guardian and limit to 1-2 copies. This card can lead to huge blowouts if your opponent blocks incorrectly.

Pummel (Red)

Razor Reflex – 1.5/3.5/4

  • Only play this in Ninja/Warrior. You can use it on your attacks or on weapons. Stealing games with Razor Reflex on a Kodachi hit is always good!

Razor Reflex (Red)

Unmovable – 4/4/4

  • Good against every deck except Ninja (it’s worth taking out yellow/red against Ninja). Blue Unmovable is an auto-include in Guardian as a triple-threat card.
  • It’s worth playing all your Unmovables against Guardian and Warrior.

Unmovable (Red)

Sink Below – 1.5/3/4.5

  • Red Sink is the only generic card that blocks for 4 in WTR. These are great to get around attack reactions and dominate attacks (if placed into Arsenal). The secondary ability is also really for both fixing your hand and hiding cards from your opponent.

Sink Below (Red)

Nimblism – 1/1.5/2

  • Not really worth playing outside of Ninja unless you have a very aggressive deck with cards like Nimble Strike that interact well with it.

Nimblism (Red)

Sloggism – 3/2/2.5

  • Blue version is great in Guardian. This is more of a Brute/Guardian only card as it requires a ton of resources to pull off. Gets better if you have Regurgitating Slog as you can get value from either playing or blocking with it.

Sloggism (Red)


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Majestics[/su_heading]

Alpha Rampage – 3 (4.5)

  • If you have enough 6+ power cards this becomes much better but is still decent either way.

Alpha Rampage

Bloodrush Bellow – 3.5 (4.5)

  • Same as above. Played correctly, this will Intimidate and get you the other bonuses. This can set up massive turns where you Intimidate 3-4 cards out of your opponent’s hand and hit for 8+ damage.

Bloodrush Bellow

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Supers[/su_heading]

Bone Head Barrier – 2

  • You feeling lucky? This requires 2 cards (one to pitch + BHB) and leaves you at the mercy of the dice roll. It can help save you in specific situations but is a high-risk card.

Bone Head Barrier

Reckless Swing – 4

  • Often best used as a way to end the game when both players are on low life. 2 damage is 10% of the starting life totals and you’ll be surprised at how effective a finisher this card can be. You can block with all your non-6+ power cards in the initial blocking step then use Reckless in the reaction step to ensure you get the bonus damage.

Reckless Swing

Sand Sketched Plan – 3.5

  • As a blue pitch card you’ll almost always want to include this. The card’s effect can sometimes come through for you but requires a lot of 6+ power cards to make it worth using. Remember you don’t need to reveal the card you search for!

Sand Sketched Plan

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Rares[/su_heading]

Breakneck Battery – 2.5/2/3.5

  • A red Breakneck Battery into a Romping Club attack is a great way to hit for 11 damage.

Breakneck Battery (Red)

Savage Feast – 1.5/1.5/2.5

  • Requires 3 cards to use (itself, pitch, and discard) and the card draw is only useful if you have no arsenal + no cards in hand.

Savage Feast (Red)

Barraging Beatdown – 4.5/4.5/5

  • Barraging Beatdown is pretty much always a good card. Even without the bonus effect you can use it on a weapon attack to force a double block. With multiples you can often Intimidate 3-4 cards and push through 10+ damage in a turn.

Barraging Beatdown (Red)

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Commons[/su_heading]

Savage Swing – 2/4/3
  • Yellow Brute attacks with 6+ power are particularly good as they act as triple-threat cards for the class. They have decent pitch value, can be used as attacks if needed, and can trigger Rhinar’s hero ability when discarded to effects.

Savage Swing (Red)

Pack Hunt – 2/2.5/4.5

  • Red Pack Hunt is a premium attack that you’ll nearly always be happy to run multiple copies of.

Pack Hunt (Red)

Smash Instinct – 2/4/3.5

Smash Instinct (Red)

Wrecker Romp – 4.5/4/3

  • The only 6+ power card that pitches for 3!

Wrecker Romp (Red)

Awakening Bellow – 3/2/2

  • Having blue cards that can be impactful is always a good thing.

Awakening Bellow (Red)

Primeval Bellow – 2.5/2/2.5

  • Discarding your pitch card to Primeval Bellow is sad times.

Primeval Bellow (Red)


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Majestics[/su_heading]

Crippling Crush – 5+

  • This is a devastating attack when combined with Bravo’s hero ability to give it Dominate. If your pool has enough blue cards, this should point you in the direction of Guardian

Crippling Crush

Spinal Crush – 5

  • 9 power with a strong on-hit effect? Sign me up. This restricts your opponent to only 1 action on their turn which shuts down the ability for a strong counterattack.

Spinal Crush

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Supers[/su_heading]

Cranial Crush – 5

  • Guardian wants to play as many blues as possible. A triple-threat blue card (pitches + blocks for 3 + activates Anothos’ secondary ability on pitch) that is also a powerful attack in its own right is extremely strong.

Cranial Crush

Forged for War – 3 (4)

  • This card gets better the more equipment you have. Keep in mind that it makes 0 armor equipment (Heartened Cross Strap, Goliath Gauntlet etc) block for 1.

Forged for War

Show Time! – 5

  • Another triple-threat Guardian card with a powerful tutor + draw effect attached. This can be particularly busted if you have a threat like Crippling or Spinal Crush to search up.

Show Time!

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Rares[/su_heading]

Disable – 4/3.5/4.5

  • Powerful attack with an impactful on-hit effect.

Disable (Red)

Staunch Response – 3/2.5/3.5

  • Decent defence reaction but be wary of running too many non-blue copies. At its best against Guardian and Warrior.

Staunch Response (Red)

Blessing of Deliverance – 3/2.5/3

  • The card ratings assume you have enough (15+) 3+ cost cards to make both the conditions work. BoD is deceptively powerful. With 1 card in hand you can play it, draw, and pitch another card to attack with Anothos for 6. The life gain is stronger than it may appear in a 20-life format.

Blessing of Deliverance (Red)

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Commons[/su_heading]

Buckling Blow – 4/2.5/4

  • The effect is less powerful in Sealed as your opponent will likely block their equipment if they can’t stop the effect.

Buckling Blow (Red)

Cartilage Crush – 4/2.5/4

  • 7 is a magic number with Dominate as it ensures a Crush effect on a 1 card block. The effect will often throw off your opponent’s math for planning their turn.

Cartilage Crush (Red)

Crush Confidence – 4/2.5/4

Crush Confidence (Red)

Debilitate – 4/3/4

  • Stronger effect than Bucking Blow with the same cost. This card is better the more blues you have as pitching 2 blues is enough to give it Dominate.

Debilitate (Red)

Emerging Power – 2.5/2/2.5

  • The effect often requires you to take a lot of damage to make use of and the blue version doesn’t turn on Anothos. Can be better if you have a lot of powerful Guardian attacks.

Emerging Power (Red)

Stonewall Confidence – 2/2.5/3

  • Non-blue cards need to be powerful enough to justify their inclusion. The blue version is usually good enough to play with enough 3+ cost cards.

Stonewall Confidence (Red)


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Majestics[/su_heading]

Ancestral Empowerment – 5

  • A zero cost +1 that draws you a card is the ultimate value play. This can help trigger Katsu to line up your next combo piece while also drawing you the card to discard to it. Plus it’s a Majestic so your opponent probably won’t be playing around it!

Ancestral Empowerment

Lord of Wind – 3

  • More of a constructed card. It’s a Ninja triple-threat card (0 cost for Katsu/Kodachi, blue, and blocks for 3) but it’s primarily filler if you need more 0 cost blues.

Lord of Wind

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Supers[/su_heading]

Hurricane Technique – 2.5 (4)

  • If you have 2-3 copies of both Leg Tap and Rising Knee Thrust this is a great card. If not, it’s still a decently costed yellow pitch card that hits for 4 but is more filler than fantastic.

Hurricane Technique

Mugenshi: RELEASE – 2.5 (3.5)

  • You’re almost never going to get value out of the secondary effect, but it’s still a good way to continue a combo chain if you have enough Surging Strikes and Whelming Gustwaves.

Mugenshi: RELEASE

Pounding Gale – 4 (4.5)

  • PG has a better floor than the other two as it’s very efficient damage-wise (1 cost, 5 damage, blocks 3). You can use Katsu’s ability to fetch this up to finish off a turn even if you’re not running the Head Jab line.

Pounding Gale

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Rares[/su_heading]

Fluster Fist – 3/2/4 (3.5/2.5/4.5)

  • Blue is a triple-threat. Red is solid as a combat chain finisher much like Pounding Gale, with the additional benefit of costing 0. Bonus points if you have the Head Jab line.

Fluster Fist (Red)

Blackout Kick – 1.5/1.5/2.5 (2/3/4)

  • Only worth running if you’re heavy into the Leg Tap line.

Blackout Kick (Red)

Flic Flak – 2/2.5/4.5

  • Blue/Yellow is good against Ninja, or Warrior/Guardian if you are very low on Defence Reactions. Otherwise the red version is the main one worth playing.

Flic Flak (Red)

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Commons[/su_heading]

Head Jab – 3.5/2/3 (4/3/4 with Open the Center)

  • Blue and red Head Jabs are decent in their own right as 0 cost ‘go again’ attacks. The blue version can be useful to get off a sneaky Katsu trigger, or otherwise to pitch to Kodachis. Only play the yellow version if you have Open the Centre. The 2 defence on this card is often more relevant than you might think!

Head Jab (Red)

Open the Center 1/2/2.5 (2/3.5/4.5 with Head Jabs)

  • This is the only Ninja card with Dominate, which can come in extremely handy for pushing damage or finishing the game. The red version can be decent filler if you need it and is worth playing even if you only have 1 Head Jab.

Open the Center (Red)

Leg Tap – 1/2.5/4 (2/3.5/5 with Rising Knee Thrust)

  • Red Leg Tap is very strong in any deck, even without Rising Knee Thrust. A 1 cost 4 damage go again attack is extremely efficient and useful in triggering Katsu. The blue versions are pretty bad unless you have multiple Razor Reflex.

Leg Tap (Red)

Rising Knee Thrust – 3/2/2 (3.5/3.5/4.5 with Leg Tap)

  • Blue Rising Knee is a solid resource card. The other versions are fairly weak without Leg Tap, but very strong with it.

Rising Knee Thrust (Red)


[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Majestics[/su_heading]

Glint the Quicksilver – 5

  • Giving your weapon ‘go again’ + drawing a card for 0 is amazing. Ideally you want to try ensuring you get the Reprise trigger on this. Also a great resource card as an additional bonus.

Glint the Quicksilver

Steelblade Supremacy – 3.5 (4.5)

  • Supremacy is an interesting card to rate. It has a powerful effect, but you really need a way to give your weapon ‘go again’ (and ideally evasion) to get maximum utility. You really want to combine this with something like Driving Blade/Warrior’s Valor and a red Attack Reaction to try push damage through and get Go Again. The ability lasts for your TURN, not just 1 attack, so attacking twice with Supremacy is a massive advantage.
  • If you have cards like Refraction Bolters/Glint/Ironsong Determination/Flock of the Feather Walkers, it also becomes a lot better. Your opponent will likely do everything in their power to triple or quadruple block this when combined with a Go Again trigger.

Steelblade Supremacy

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Supers[/su_heading]

Ironsong Determination – 4 (5)

  • Another effect that lasts until end of turn. You really want to play this with an effect that gives your weapon Go Again. Combining this with Driving Blade/Warrior’s Valor is a great way to push through damage and get a counter on Dawnblade. Ideally try to play this when your opponent doesn’t have a card in Arsenal to avoid Defence Reactions!

Ironsong Determination

Rout – 4.5

  • This is one of Warrior’s best tools to finish a game. This can effectively give your weapon +6 for 2 resources (+3 damage and bounce a 3-defence blocking card to their hand). Be wary of bouncing Defence Reactions as your opponent can play them again from hand to block damage!


Singing Steelblade – 4 (5 with cards like Glint/Rout)

  • Powerful card but very weak without Reprise. It gets much better if you have premium attack reactions to search up. Combos well with Ironsong Response to give +4 attack for 1 resource.

Singing Steelblade

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Rares[/su_heading]

Warrior’s Valor – 5/5/5

  • This is the bread and butter Warrior card, and you should play every copy that you open. These generally require a certain number of Attack Reactions to get full value out, but that applies to the Warrior class generally. At the very least, these generally force a 2 for 1 trade as your opponent has to block your weapon attack with 2 cards. Fatigue is relevant in Sealed so this can really begin to bite over multiple turns.

Warrior's Valor (Red)

Overpower – 3.5/3/3

  • Expensive card to play and not ideal if your opponent chooses not to block from hand. Blue version is great as a resource card that doubles as a decent pump in the mid-late game.

Overpower (Red)

Steelblade Shunt – 3.5/3/3

  • Keep in mind using Shunt requires 2 cards (pitch + play). Every class in WTR attacks with weapons and these can be great for snatching a win from the jaws of defeat with a cheeky ping for 1 damage in the late game.

Steelblade Shunt (Red)

[su_heading size=”15″ align=”left” margin=”0″]Commons[/su_heading]

Ironsong Response – 3.5/2/4

  • This becomes weaker when playing behind on life as it does nothing without Reprise. In saying that, a 0-cost reaction is great for getting through a Driving Blade/Warrior’s Valor attack or simply catching your opponent out when you have no cards to pitch.

Ironsong Response (Red)

Biting Blade – 2/2/2

  • Pretty costly for what it does.

Biting Blade (Red)

Stroke of Foresight – 2/2.5/4.5

  • As a general rule, red attack reacts that give +3 are very good in Warrior. The Reprise effect is a nice bonus.

Stroke of Foresight (Red)

Sharpen Steel – 2/2/3.5

  • Another card that can help force 2 for 1 blocks but the lack of effect allows your opponent to pick their spot.

Sharpen Steel (Red)

Driving Blade – 3.5/3.5/4

  • This does give guaranteed Go Again compared to Warrior’s Valor, but your weapon still needs to hit to trigger Dorinthea’s ability. Without cheap follow up Attack Actions, it’s just a more expensive Valor. You’ll generally play most copies of this card in Sealed regardless, but it’s worth keeping in mind. This does pair extremely well with cards like Snatch/Wounding Blow/Scar for a Scar.

Driving Blade (Red)

Nature’s Path Pilgrimage – 2.5/2/3

  • Situational card as you need both an empty Arsenal and a non-Attack Action on top of your deck to gain the on-hit effect. Does get better the more of those cards you have in your deck.
Nature's Path Pilgrimage (Red)
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