Armageddon Ep. 2 Chane Vs Oldhim

Rob Cygul and Tariq Patel are battling it once more, this time in a battle of defense versus offense in a Chane vs Oldhim showdown!


Oldhim Decklist:
Class: Guardian
Hero: Oldhim, Grandfather of Eternity
Weapons: Sledge of Anvilheim, Winter's Wail
Equipment: Crater Fist, Crown of Seeds, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Heart of Ice, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Rampart of the Ram's Head, Snapdragon Scalers, Stalagmite, Bastion of Isenloft
(3) Command and Conquer (red)
(3) Enlightened Strike (red)
(3) Fate Foreseen (red)
(3) Oaken Old (red)
(3) Pummel (red)
(3) Sink Below (red)
(3) Spinal Crush (red)
(3) Staunch Response (red)
(3) Zealous Belting (red)
(2) Art of War (yellow)
(3) Autumn's Touch (yellow)
(3) Autumn's Touch (blue)
(3) Blizzard (blue)
(2) Break Ground (blue)
(3) Channel Lake Frigid (blue)
(3) Cranial Crush (blue)
(3) Glacial Footsteps (blue)
(3) Icy Encounter (blue)
(3) Macho Grande (blue)
(1) Pulse of Isenloft (blue)
(3) Rouse the Ancients (blue)
(3) Tear Asunder (blue)
(3) Thunder Quake (blue)
(3) Winter's Grasp (blue)
(1) Korshem, Crossroad of Elements (undefined)
Class: Runeblade
Hero: Chane, Bound by Shadow
Weapons: Rosetta Thorn
Equipment: Aether Ironweave, Arcanite Skullcap, Carrion Husk, Crown of Dichotomy, Grasp of the Arknight, Nullrune Robe, Spellbound Creepers, Vexing Quillhand
(3) Belittle (red)
(3) Bounding Demigon (red)
(3) Command and Conquer (red)
(3) Flock of the Feather Walkers (red)
(3) Ghostly Visit (red)
(3) Howl from Beyond (red)
(2) Minnowism (red)
(3) Revel in Runeblood (red)
(3) Rift Bind (red)
(3) Shadow Puppetry (red)
(1) Soul Reaping (red)
(3) Swarming Gloomveil (red)
(3) Unhallowed Rites (red)
(3) Art of War (yellow)
(1) Bounding Demigon (yellow)
(3) Captain's Call (yellow)
(1) Seeping Shadows (yellow)
(3) Bounding Demigon (blue)
(1) Captain's Call (blue)
(1) Eclipse (blue)
(2) Flock of the Feather Walkers (blue)
(2) Invert Existence (blue)
(3) Mauvrion Skies (blue)
(3) Minnowism (blue)
(3) Shadow of Ursur (blue)
(3) Shrill of Skullform (blue)
(2) Timesnap Potion (blue)
(3) Vexing Malice (blue)
(1) Gorganian Tome (undefined)

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