Top 4 Ways to Play Casual Flesh and Blood

While Flesh and Blood offers an amazing platform for competitive play, the game has potential for some exceptionally fun casual play as well. With the release of Flesh and Blood 2.0 Announcement and many multiplayer-focused cards in Everfest, Ultimate Pit Fight has seen a rework that makes it even more appealing to dive into with a group of friends. Local Gaming Stores have seen amazing examples of creativity, with Sushi Knight introducing the Chaff Goblin format and we have seen Legend Story Studios take an initiative for beginner players with the release of the Classic Battles product. For players who like competitive play, but do not want to fully commit to purchasing top tier cards, the Commoner is a great format to try out what Flesh and Blood is about.



Chaff Goblin is most likely the easiest way to play Flesh and Blood. You pick up a pile of “chaff”, aka a pile of bulk Flesh and Blood cards, take out the tokens, shuffle up and play! This makes Chaff Goblin the barrier-free way to get into the game. Any store can give away some free bulk to new, interested players to give the game a go.

While being a great introductory format, Chaff Goblin is surprisingly fun and skill intensive. It really tests skill in knowing which cards to defend, which to play out and because you’re using different classes, it produces extremely unique play patterns and game situations. Great to learn card evaluation. With enough bulk cards, no Chaff Goblin is the same. I highly recommend this format to any LGS owner or player who wants to introduce the game to completely new players. 


Header - Ultimate Pit Fight

Genis Wotchuneed (Regular)This Round's on Me (Regular)Coax a Commotion (Regular)

Flesh and Blood is a mainly one-on-one combat game, but there’s nothing more fun than getting a group of friends together to fight it out in a big battle royale. Ultimate Pit Fight ideally has between four or five players running Blitz Constructed decks. The main rule of this format is you can only attack players on your direct left and right. The decision to attack either player opens up a lot of room to politics, which gives a unique twist on the format. Are you willing to promise a player favors down the road to not attack you? Are you willing to then break that promise? This twist makes it hard for players to win on pure power and skill alone. The social aspect of bartering, convincing and coaxing is a huge aspect of this format and is the reason Ultimate Pit Fight is unique and a great start to the world of multiplayer games for Flesh and Blood. 

Header - Commoner

Scar for a Scar (Red) (Regular)Sink Below (Red) (Regular)Heartened Cross Strap (Regular)

Commoner recently became an official Flesh and Blood format. Simply put, it’s like Blitz, but players can only run commons in their 40-card main deck and up to two rares in their equipment slots .It’s a great format to play casually because the barrier of entry is so low. Anyone can build a competitive Commoner deck for under $5. While it’s perfect for some casual play, it can also be quite competitive as well. The Pro Tour, Battle Hardened events and even Callings often feature Commoner as a side event format, with some substantial prize support. This is what makes this format great for competitive players who want to dip their toes in Flesh and Blood without investing too much into the pricier cards.


Header - Classic Battles

Rhinar (Cold Foil)Dorinthea, Quicksilver Prodigy (Cold Foil)Glistening Steelblade (Regular)Alpha Rampage (Regular)

The Classic Battles product offers a fully immersive Flesh and Blood experience. The two decks are based on two iconic heroes from the first set of the game – Rhinar and Dorinthea. The decks themselves offer balanced and simple decks that add to the immersive experience. From the shiny equipment, mechanics, through to the cards themselves, it evokes the full RPG experience.

After a couple of games, there is a strong sense of commitment to making the product as balanced as possible. The decks also act as a great basis for competitive Blitz decks for both Rhinar and Dorinthea. I highly recommend this as a starting point for two completely new players that want that roleplaying, board game experience, or as a great product to have handy when trying to introduce a new person to the game. 

Each of these casual formats offers something unique to the table and I encourage you to give the ones that look the most appealing a try. For me personally, the Chaff Goblin format offers the best way to learn new cards and a way to use some bulk or create those unique game situations. The best thing is, you can literally buy two booster packs of any set, shuffle them up and start playing. Ultimate Pit Fight is a great way to spend an evening with some good friends and relax, while Commoner is amazing at getting competitive on a budget. Classic Battles is the go-to product to fully immerse yourself and a friend in the rich lore of Flesh and Blood and immediately enact it! I hope this gives you some ideas on how Flesh and Blood can be enjoyed on a casual level or without a substantial monetary commitment.

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