Three Decks to Join the Skirmish With

Recently, LSS announced the Skirmish series, a new organized play program. This is awesome news for FAB fans around the world. Due to the current state of things, this program is launching primarily with online play (unless you’re in the APAC region), which gives folks around the world the competitive outlet for FAB that I know they’ve been waiting for.

You can read full details of the Skirmish announcement above, but today I want to give some recommendations on decks to play. The format is Blitz, either online or in-person (with Sealed if you’re in the APAC region) and that’s the format I’ve been jamming on.

First of all, you can take a look at the first of the guides I wrote on which Heroes you might enjoy.

More specifically, here are some decks I’d recommend trying right now.




Ira Blitz by Matt Rogers

Class: Ninja
Hero: Ira, Crimson Haze
Equipment: Breaking Scales ,Fyendal’s Spring Tunic ,Harmonized Kodachi ,Mask of Momentum ,Nullrune Boots ,Nullrune Gloves ,Nullrune Hood ,Nullrune Robe ,Snapdragon Scalers ,Zephyr Needle

2 x Command and Conquer (Red)
2 x Drone of Brutality (Red)
2 x Enlightened Strike (Red)
2 x Flic Flak (Red)
2 x Flying Kick (Red)
2 x Life for a Life (Red)
2 x Pounding Gale (Red)
1 x Razor Reflex (Red)
2 x Sigil of Solace (Red)
1 x Soulbead Strike (Red)
2 x Torrent of Tempo (Red)

2 x Crane Dance (Blue)
2 x Find Center (Blue)
2 x Flic Flak (Blue)
2 x Fluster Fist (Blue)
2 x Rising Knee Thrust (Blue)
2 x Rushing River (Blue)
2 x Soulbead Strike (Blue)
2 x Whelming Gustwave (Blue)
1 x Wounding Blow (Blue)

2 x Flic Flak (Yellow)
1 x Sigil of Solace (Yellow)



Ira, Crimson Haze


This Ira deck is the most dominant deck right now, with six copies in the Top 8 of the recent Calling tournament in Auckland. This deck takes full advantage of Ira’s powerful Hero ability, which basically gives you an extra free damage per turn. With the extra damage, it can focus more on defense, allowing it to play an effective control game while still threatening the opponent every turn.

This appears to be the best deck at the moment, and is one that will reward you for practicing with it. Knowing when to put more resources into attacking, when to defend and how to make the best use of your hero power is critical. The deck also has a lot of on-hit rewards, like Mask of Momentum or Snatch (in some builds), so knowing how to sequence attacks to get max value is important.




Kano Bltiz by Jasin Long

Class: Wizard
Hero: Kano, Dracai of Aether
Weapons: Crucible of Aetherweave
Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Bracers of Belief, Fyendal's Spring Tunic, Ironrot Gauntlet, Ironrot Helm, Ironrot Legs, Metacarpus Node, Robe of Rapture, Storm Striders, Talismanic Lens

(1) Aether Flare (red)
(2) Aether Spindle (red)
(2) Blazing Aether (red)
(2) Forked Lightning (red)
(2) Snapback (red)
(2) Stir the Aetherwinds (red)
(2) Tome of Aetherwind (red)
(2) Voltic Bolt (red)
(1) Chain Lightning (yellow)
(2) Lesson in Lava (yellow)
(2) Sonic Boom (yellow)
(2) Tome of Fyendal (yellow)
(2) Aether Flare (blue)
(2) Aether Spindle (blue)
(2) Energy Potion (blue)
(1) Eye of Ophidia (blue)
(2) Gaze the Ages (blue)
(1) Rousing Aether (blue)
(2) Snapback (blue)
(2) Unmovable (blue)
(2) Voltic Bolt (blue)
(2) Whisper of the Oracle (blue)



Kano, Dracai of Aether


Kano is hands-down my favorite hero in FAB. The ability to play at instant speed, combined with the unique angle of attack, really makes playing Kano a blast. Kano has a few strong advantages:

  • Eats up item slots. The opponent is forced to play some amount of Nullrune items in order to be able to defend against Arcane damage, which can often make it harder for them to enact their ideal plan.
  • Gets around traditional defenses. When facing a hero (like, say, Ira) who has a lot of good defense reactions, it’s powerful to be able to essentially blank them by attacking via Kano’s alternate method.
  • Gets an extra half-turn or so for free. By playing at instant speed, Kano can kill the opponent before they can kill you in the endgame, allowing you to empty your hand on your turn, redraw and hit them with another powerful sequence of Arcane attacks.

Kano plays so differently than the rest of the Heroes that I highly recommend getting good practice time in. The reward is certainly there, but I know it was an adjustment for me the first few times I played him.




Viserai Blitz by Karol Ruszkiewicz

Class: Runeblade
Hero: Viserai, Rune Blood
Weapons: Nebula Blade, Reaping Blade
Equipment: Arcanite Skullcap, Bloodsheath Skeleta, Crown of Dichotomy, Grasp of the Arknight, Ironrot Legs, Mage Master Boots, Nullrune Boots, Nullrune Gloves, Nullrune Robe

(1) Arknight Ascendancy (red)
(2) Chains of Eminence (red)
(2) Command and Conquer (red)
(2) Enchanting Melody (red)
(2) Enlightened Strike (red)
(2) Mordred Tide (red)
(2) Oath of the Arknight (red)
(1) Rattle Bones (red)
(2) Read the Runes (red)
(2) Sink Below (red)
(2) Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath (yellow)
(2) Runeblood Barrier (yellow)
(2) Sink Below (yellow)
(1) Tome of Fyendal (yellow)
(1) Arknight Shard (blue)
(2) Become the Arknight (blue)
(2) Dread Triptych (blue)
(2) Lead the Charge (blue)
(2) Meat and Greet (blue)
(2) Oath of the Arknight (blue)
(2) Rune Flash (blue)
(2) Tome of the Arknight (blue)



Viserai, Rune Blood


Viserai is another Hero I quite enjoy playing. The goal is to build up a bunch of Runechants, which besides pinging the opponent on your next attack, make many of Viserai’s cards cheaper and more potent.

The play pattern of spending a turn or two building up Runechants and then unleashing them all in a devastating attack like Become the Arknight or Ninth Blade of the Blood Oath is a fun one. It also does a great job at overwhelming the opponent’s defenses, as you essentially get to take some turns off of attacking to make your big turn two or three times as big as a normal one. What that does best is make it so the opponent can’t defend effectively because they’re still limited to their hand of four cards (plus maybe one in the arsenal). Instead of three turns of attacks, all defended by a full hand, one huge attack will often be more effective, and Viserai does that better than any other Hero.

Viserai is the Hero that rewards planning ahead and aiming for a future payoff more than any other, so if that’s your jam, this is a great choice. Sometimes you’ll even decline to make attacks that would essentially be free, just to preserve your Runechant count, and as long as you know that going in, you should do well.

Best of luck with whatever you take into battle – the Skirmish is starting soon!



If you’re interested in playing a Skirmish event, they kick off on February 20th and the format online will be Blitz, and in person it’s Blitz or Sealed Deck. You can find out more here, and find an event near you here.

ChannelFireball are hosting our own online Skirmish on March 13th, stay tuned to channelfireball.com for more details coming soon!

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