The (Semi) Infinite Combo of Flesh and Blood

There’s a lot of people out there who simply live to break games. They want to find the combinations of cards that absolutely assure victory once played out and make everyone within a 10-table radius stop playing and watch. As the new year clocks over to 2022, I thought this would hence be a fun piece to write up, wanting to highlight a specific semi-infinite combo of cards that, while isn’t the brightest competitive option, brings about a lot of laughs and fun times at the casual table.



Header - Briar 'o' Briar

For all the attention the lady in green gets, she does have some incredibly fun play sequences to fool around with. The one I’ll be speaking of today mainly involves the combination of Force of Nature alongside Amulet of Earth

Force of Nature (Regular)Amulet of Earth (Regular)

Now just like any OTK build, this combo does require a little love and affection in set up before you can make it go boom. The Amulet of Earth needs to have been played from a turn before, and ideally you have an attack action with go-again available to you in Arsenal. To really get the combo buzzing, you’ll be needing two Force of Natures in hand/one in Arsenal and one in hand. The other two slots in hand should ideally be a two-cost attack action that you can fuse with and an attack action with go-again. Ball Lightnings are particularly good candidates for the built-in go-again attack action, as is a Lightning Surge, should it be in Arsenal. For your equipment slot, you’ll be needing a Heartened Cross Strap for this one, since the two resources are necessary for the combo to go off. Snapdragon Scalers is also an incredibly useful piece for this sort of combo. 

Ideally then, our hand and board state involves something close to these cards: 

Force of Nature (Regular)Force of Nature (Regular)Ball Lightning (Red) (Regular)Burgeoning (Red) (Regular)Lightning Surge (Red) (Regular)

Amulet of Earth (Regular)

This is an almost ideal set-up for the combination. For it to absolutely knock your opponent off the stage, you could have a Channel Mount Heroic floating around from the turn before, although it isn’t really required for the combination to work.


Header - The Order of Operations

Once you’ve got the setup, the sequencing is simple. You’ll start by playing out both Force of Natures, fusing them both with your Burgeoning and gaining an Embodiment of Lightning token from Briar’s triggered ability. Popping the Heartened Cross Strap is now required to play out your Burgeoning from hand. Assuming it’s a red pitch, you’ll be coming in for eight damage attack, and can simultaneously pop the Amulet of Earth at this point to push the attack to nine. Even if your opponent has a miraculous blocking hand, this will surely take three cards to block.

You can now follow up with a Ball Lightning (Red) from hand, coming in for four. This again presents a breakpoint. Assuming your opponent is still able to block this, you can now present a card such as Lightning Surge to present a third breakpoint of five. Usually by this point, you’ll have already triggered or will be triggering the Force of Nature ability on a hit. Since there are two in play, you get to draw twice! This is huge since a double draw in Briar will almost always result in drawing up one more attack actions with or without go-again.

Snapdragon Scalers (Regular)

This is where Snapdragon Scalers is crucial. If you happen to draw a non-go again attack such as Snatch or Arcanic Shockwave, then you need a way to give the card go-again to so that the combo continues. Snapdragon is hence a key piece to have so that you can keep the chain going. In the fair chance you end up drawing a Snatch or Enlightened Strike, both of which allow you to draw a card, you’ll be able to pop the Snapdragon Scalers and draw three on your next attack! Remember, Amulet of Earth is still active, and will be buffing every attack action you play this turn. This means from now onwards, you’ll be constantly drawing two with every attack you play, essentially replacing cards faster then you can play them!

Once you have this going, from experience the combination doesn’t stop; you’ll end up continuing to attack by finding various ways to gain go-again naturally in your deck and whittling your opponent’s life out far before your deck runs out of cards (which it very well can with this amount of draw power). 

Although it sounds dream like on paper, the combination isn’t extremely difficult to pull off. Compared to a Viserai CC OTK deck or a triple Lumina Ascension and Cintari Saber build, a lot of the cards are interchangeable outside of Force of Nature and Amulet of Earth. In addition, if you happen to need to pull off the combo with only one Force of Nature, it can still work as well, barring the caveat that you do draw the second one soon in the turn. As you can imagine, Channel Mount Heroic breaks this combination wide open as well, although I have found it difficult to keep the Channel Mount Heroic around simultaneously as I find two Force of Natures. The Amulet of Earth provides a similar benefit, but simply is easier to control as it is an item and doesn’t really leave the battlefield until you use it.


Header - Wrapping Up

That about finishes my piece on this incredibly fun combo build with Briar. Although it isn’t meant for competitive play, this sort of calmer point in the game’s timeframe has opened space for a lot of fun casual builds to take over the scene. Enjoy deckbuilding and playing out with this combination, and comment down below all the destruction you’ve caused with it!

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