The First Exclusive Monarch Preview Card – Eclipse

Today we get our first look at a wild new preview card from Monarch, the eagerly-anticipated next Flesh and Blood set. It’s more of a mystery than a reveal, which you’ll see in a second. Feast your eyes on Eclipse!



Okay, there’s a lot going on here. First of all, this shows us that we’ve got a new hero coming – Chane. I’m excited to find out what Chane does, especially since you have to be Chane to play Eclipse.

Second, this introduces “blood debt,” which is presumably a class of card (likely specific to whatever type of hero Chane is). Since you need to have played a massive six blood debt cards to play Eclipse, we can make a couple guesses: blood debt cards are often cheap to play, and Eclipse is exceedingly powerful.

Lastly, what this does is make Ursur, the Soul Reaper. That’s also a mystery, but I’d bet that it’s a massive weapon, and one that’s way more powerful than something you’d have access to normally.

We’ll soon find answers to all these questions, and Eclipse gives us a lot to think about. Check back soon for more new preview cards from Monarch, as I bet the set is going to be a sweet one!

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