Session Blood EP29

In this week’s episode we round off our coverage of events held as part The Calling weekend with a look at Arcane Rising sealed.

We discuss our experience at the PTI qualifier event, talking about what class we decided to play and the strategy we had going in to the tournament.

The episode then moves to an overview of Arcane Rising from the perspective of each of the Heroes. We start with our go-to strategy, the infamous Runeblade pile, analysing its strengths and giving some tips on how to build the deck (doable in roughly 30 seconds lol!) and more importantly how to play it. We also look at Dash, Azalea and Kano, giving our thoughts on cards to look out for, powerful interactions, and general strategies for playing these classes.

We also discuss the dreaded Induction Chamber at points throughout the episode and offer up some ideas on how to combat it!

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