Session Blood EP28


The Calling: Auckland has come and gone.

In this week’s episode, we break down the results and discuss our thoughts on the dominating performance of Ira and the metagame of the tournament itself.

We start off by focusing on Ira, talking about why the deck did so well, looking at how the deck has evolved over the course of the Blitz season, and some of the key card choices that emerged in the successful decks.

We then move on to looking at the other two most-played decks at the tournament, Kano and Dorinthea, with a focus on some innovative card choices and why Kano wasn’t quite as prevalent at the tournament as we expected.

Finally, we take a look at some of the other decks played at the tournament and talk about why they might have struggled in The Calling meta.

We also sprinkle some thoughts and opinions on the Blitz format in general throughout the episode as well as a few tips and tricks about certain matchups and game states that we picked up during testing and in the tournament.

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